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  1. The only real gripe I have with my recently bought 250 Cup is the feel and throw of the gear-shift, Ktec sell the M-tech Short Shifter and state its “One of the must have modifications to your Megane RS !”.

    Has anyone fitted this or an alternative?

    Any views would be appreciate, thanks.
  2. My solution is going to cost you around 2£, one hour of work, one drilling machine of some kind and basic tools. Let me know if you are up to the job.

  3. Thanks, for the relatively cheap cost of the aftermarket kit though I'd rather save myself the pain of cocking it up and also the time in doing it. I was after any thoughts from anyone who has fitted one....??
  4. Anyone fitted a short-shifter to their MK3?.......
  5. One of the best mode I've done
  6. It's a love it or hate it mod

    Best thing to do is ask someone to try theirs
  7. Oh, whats not to like about it?
    I really want to try one with it done, I can't see any downside.
  8. I really don't know who would say a negative thing about it. My mates got a Cayman GT4 and the feel and throw isn't far off that at all. Happy days
  9. Anyone's more than welcome to come to Manchester and try mine. No joy riders please :tonguewink:
  10. Very tempting!
    Did you go the M-tech or DIY route?
  11. Some say it doesn't feel like the gear is properly engaged - there's a less "positive" gear selection feeling
  12. DIY
  13. Thanks, any cons?
  14. I have the Mtech on both my RS275R & my RS200.
    Great mod that definitely improves the driving experience.
    Do it & you wont be disappointed.
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  15. I obviously have the DIY version on my car and it feels great. Is the most bang for the buck in terms of driver feeling I did to my car. I would do it any second to my second car, as long as is done properly.

    My car is in Warwickshire if Manchester is too far.
  16. None
  17. Great, thanks.
  18. Doing the ball stud for £1.50 gives the exact same results as the mtec shifter. And is actually much less work and is easy to put back to standard if it's not for you.

    Ive had mine fitted for over a year on my 265. Slightly shorter throw and much more solid knotchy feel. I certainly wouldn't pay £130+ standard is still a decent shift a slightly shorter throw than on the dci pk4 box
  19. Never knew there was a diy mod for this, if someone could make a guide I would apreciate it alot.
    How hard is it to do?
  20. What's involved in this mod?

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  21. ianplymouth

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    I am sure there is a "how to do" on here somewhere it'll be for a mk2 but the principle is the same, goes like this, lift off cable from the ball, mark a point 20mm closer to the selector rod, drill a hole and tap to 8mm, screw in ball stud, refit cable to new ball, nearly that easy :sunglasses:
  22. I don’t disagree that the guide looks fairly easy to follow, but is it worth £130 to me going to the trouble and the potential risk of fcuking up the standard part?! I have two very young boys now and getting an hour off to swap the m-tech kit over will be hard enough let alone finding the time to be able to take my time and not mess up drilling and tapping the hole for the DIY kit and also sourcing the parts.

    Honestly hats off to you for being able to do it yourself. I will take the easier, but more expensive, way out.
  23. It will take you longer than an hour to swap the mechism over. Its a ballache. Sounds like the diy is better option. Even if you mess up the drilling, the part will not be useless.
  24. Thanks, it’s a job for another day now anyway as I’ve raided the piggy-bank this week/month on other bits for the car. Definitely something for next month then, I’d feel more comfortable getting the kit but will try and find a time then when I can dedicate a few hours to it (probably therefore in 2025!).
  25. No offence but if you can't drill a hole and screw a ball stud inplace please don't even attempt the mtec shifter there is a lot more involved in fitting it. I seen a lad fit one on a 275 and he made a right mess of the standard unit getting it off.

    As said before it is totally reversible. I can put mine back on the standard stud within 2 minutes. Well worth a hours time and £1.50. seriously not worth over £130 and a few hours labour.

    I have a spare stud if anyone's interested
  26. Well I’ve been called-out haven’t I and obviously therefore need to man-up. My days of ‘building’ track-cars and motorbikes are gone and now I just constantly repair broken toys and books.

    Any reason why the hole can’t be drilled in-situ? (Obviously being careful to collect all the swarf below and around the hole)
  27. it doesnt need taking off to be drilled, can be done in place.
  28. Thanks, will PM you regards postage and payment please for your Stud.
  29. So, in the end you got to my DIY proposal anyway. You owe me 147.5£ difference from the MTEC kit to the stud one. Good spend of 30 posts.

  30. Its peer-pressure, I’m just weak!
  31. but to be fair there is a little bit more to fitting one to the petrol than the dci. I made a bracket to hold the clutch slave cylinder pipe inplace. Going off the pictures of the mtec kit the pipe is just zip tied to the red live wires under the battery. Rough imo asking for trouble down the line
  32. I knew it wasn’t just going to be that easy – it never is. I don’t have the time to faff anymore, or a tool-shop to make up brackets, I barely get minutes to myself in-between work and family. At least the kit would have everything the designers deem necessary. Noted regarding the bracket though, I will look and see if I think its necessary and if so possibly not get a kit at all.
  33. You really are over complicating things. It simply is not a difficult job. Same end product. Easier to fit, easily reversible if needed and costs £138.49 less. But by all means by the m-tech if it makes you (or anybody) feel better.
    M tech shifter Mtech-PK4018-Shortshifter-for-Renault-Megane-20-RS-250bhp-322017004517-3.jpg

    Diy ball stud £1.50[​IMG]

    Studs are in the same place giving the exact same shift.
    Remove battery and tray
    Keep in nutral and remove shifter cable by pulling or levering off
    Drill 10mm hole 15mm- 20mm away from original stud (see pic)
    Bolt 10mm m8 stud inplace
    Remove 18mm bolt holding slave cylinder pipe bracket
    push gear lever cable onto stud
    (optional) Small bracket to hold the slave cylinder pipe instead of zip tieing (my choice but may well be ok zip tied)

    Job done 1 hour tops. It would probably take me 30 mins having done a couple now.
  34. How does the ball stud stay in place? As it won't screw in because of no thread as such? Is there a nut on the underside to hold it in place?
  35. ianplymouth

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    If you drill and then tap the hole, you can then screw in the ball stud, i did mine this way and i also locked it off with a nut underneath.
  36. Just ordered the ball stud so I'll hopefully get this fitted through the week

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  37. exactly. If you look at my project thread there's more pictures of the stud.
  38. This sounds like something I would completely F'up. I have no mechanical/engineering knowledge how do you "tap" it?

    I'm being serious by the way.

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