Mk3 RS coilovers and intercooler

Discussion in 'Car Parts For Sale' started by ChrisA, Jan 14, 2020.

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  1. Megane 250/265/275

    For sale AIRTEC stage 1 intercooler - pro series black with white AIRTEC logo. Straight fit and 2 bolts which retain it in place on crash bar. Will cope with up top 350bhp or just a simple remap.

    Gaz Gold coilovers with coilover rear set up. 550lb spring rate front , 450lb rear. Damper 20 click adjustment and fully adjustable top mounts. Ideal for Track use but can still be used on road. Been gaz gold means built much better for trackday use over the GHAs as motorsport type damper.

    These items are now 6 month old but been off since November \ Decemeber. Couldnt see point advertising them so close before christmas. Mileage use is under 4k. Would like to sell together if I can.

    Originally had interest for both items.

    £1200 ovno

    Located in Staffordshire

    If intersted please get in touch via PM. No silly offers or replies

    IMG_3780.jpg IMG_3779.jpg FB_IMG_1579028293052.jpg Screenshot_20200114-194701_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20200114-194727_WhatsApp.jpg Thanks Chris
  2. Screenshot_20200114-195023_WhatsApp.jpg Screenshot_20200114-195013_WhatsApp.jpg
  3. 20200115_190307.jpg 20200115_190301.jpg 20200115_190254.jpg 20200115_190248.jpg
  4. 20200115_185611.jpg
  5. Right I've had lot intersted in both but the cooler is sold now pending payment.

    So coilovers are now for sale on there own. They are 1200 new to buy.

    I'm looking for 850ono
  6. W
    What about 600€ fot the coilovers?
  7. €600? Or do mean £?
  8. 600€ more less 508£
  9. No sorry

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