Mk3 red front blade (trophy)

Discussion in 'Exterior & Bodywork' started by Tex, Jun 9, 2020.

  1. Tex


    My new car apparently has a trophy blade as pics. Doesn't look painted (and great job if so as zero orange peel) with the whole thing red even bits you do not see.

    I prefer black so how do I go about changing it? are they worth much to sell?? It is in perfect condition.

    p.s. Excuse the filth/bugs! Only picked it up yesterday and can't wait to give it a full detail this weekend.




  2. Its just a standard blade painted red mate
  3. Tex


    Can you not buy them red from renault?
  4. The only red one im aware of is the 275 trophy r, but that is a different blade to the 250
  5. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Mmm, some 265 have red/black blade I think. Maybe I´m wrong!
  6. It was a red strip, on diffuser, door edges and front blade
  7. Paddy80

    Paddy80 RSM Club Member

    Think you're right. Also red decals on the sills and diffuser.
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  8. Paddy80

    Paddy80 RSM Club Member

  9. I had the red & black blade fitted to my 265. Was a simple enough job though the bumper does need to come off.

    That does look like a Trophy R blade just minus the decals.
  10. Tex


    It's also not been painted aftermarket. I can't see a single bit of texture to the lacquer. Its smooth like glass which makes me think its either 1) red ABS plastic or 2) a perfect spray job which was then wet sanded compounded etc until all lacquer texture had gone.

    Latter seems a bit OTT for a part like this!
  11. Yeah I would say it’s the Trophy R blade which has been fitted then.

    Certainly wouldn’t think it had been painted, wet sanded etc.

    There is probably a part number on it somewhere and you could check it out.
  12. Tex


    Also if the back side is red that may confirm it :smile:
  13. Wont be a trophy r blade, the drl are longer
  14. The blade was painted red...I had the black blade and had it painted red, and I noticed a part of it that only after being painted can you notice it!

  15. If you look closely, the original red doesn't go to the corner, like in your blade...
    Ok, the blades are not the same, but I think the painting process will be the same for all!
  16. Just some info on that topic. I have 2015 Mk3 275, S&S. The car was originally sold in Belgium and the person who order it, checked the box with “Pack Red Design R.S.”
    So that means that this one is not a Trophy-R but still got red decals all around (front blade, door strips and back spoiler) and it is painted red, that I checked.
    Maybe there was no option like that for UK, but EU got them.
    Pictures below:
    651ED5B5-E703-4868-9440-599E5E137865.jpeg 1F13B106-1A03-4D2F-8835-893C91DB1F18.jpeg 9C67AE53-D888-45A1-AAC6-AB3DCAE2EC88.jpeg
  17. F03E0F11-132E-4048-9C3E-CB504ABA4A86.jpeg
    forgot front end picture
  18. In your it's like that, painted in red, but in the oldest models it's just stickers on the front blade, side scurts and rear bumper! It was an "extra" in that time, and not many cars come out like that, and to be honest, it was too expensive just for some stickers :confused::confused:

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