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  1. Few things that need a good home as I’m updating my RS cup MK3 ring tool.
    PM for details enquiries or offers. Pics of items as is to be followed but also have pics of applicable parts on the car . All parts will eventually go on eBay.

    1- Full cat/downpipe back CGR 304 stainless steel exhaust. Entirely V-banded which makes it easy to install and no leaks. The flange to the oem cat/downpipe is oem style so fits both castles and catted cars. It’s has custom v-banded 200cell cats section just after the flexi so MOT is not an issue. The cats section was added June 2022. Comes with all the v-band clamps and hanger brackets. Best sounding and constructed exhaust only bettered by the Akrapovic. Just nabbed one for good price Installed in 2019 and done almost 6k miles. In 8/10 condition. For pick up preferably but I’m asking £800 delivered within UK. Combined value over £1k new. Pics to follow by tomorrow as partly off the car.

    2- Maxton design rear diffuser. Still on the car but coming off. Installed 2019. Replace all the nuts and bolts with stainless steel nyloc as the original rusted to hell. Pics to follow. Pm for pics on my car or refer to maxton design website if you want to see what they look like. In good condition. £110 delivered.

    3- OEM RS cup turbo with factory upgraded wastegate actuator (green dot). Everything in full working condition with no issues. 50k miles. Car is stage 2 since 2019 pushing 310bhp but not for long hence sale. Still on the car but off this weekend weather permitting and pics to follow. £300 delivered.

    4- Aftermarket black aluminium intercooler. Not sure of brand. I was informed by KTR it was an airtek stg 1 when I bought the car Nov 2019 but it doesn’t have the side fins like Airtek pics. It was fitted in 2018 and was on the car when I bought it in 2019 and was good for stg 2/3 when tuned by RST but I’m going a custom route so not required. Still on the car but got pics without the bumper. Will be off this weekend weather permitting. The black paint has stone chipping but fins all in good condition. I’ll retouch paint with Eastwood radiator black paint which works perfect and durable. Looking for £280 delivered.

    5-Cup RS/Trophy/Trophy R front antiroll bar with like new Powerflex bushes. Bar was blasted and re-powdercoated black like new and ready for dispatch. Upgrade from std Mk3 non-cup chassis car. £70 delivered.

    I’m willing to consider stg 2 hybrid turbo or half cage or G25-550 for swap +/- cash.
    Direct contact on 07764221057
  2. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    What does the diffuser look like?
  3. From last year.

    Unfitted. (Generic pic)

  4. 0E292054-057A-4D0C-B512-DC0A6371158A.jpeg
    9F0DC331-70CD-4987-85B7-6DD6E39D6159.jpeg EEEB875F-FDAF-4A8F-A524-EFDE24ADD7E2.jpeg 7796F309-B368-4520-89ED-F675A2822EFD.jpeg 9F0DC331-70CD-4987-85B7-6DD6E39D6159.jpeg EEEB875F-FDAF-4A8F-A524-EFDE24ADD7E2.jpeg 7796F309-B368-4520-89ED-F675A2822EFD.jpeg B1617334-2BCA-4591-88DD-BB8C3B353F90.jpeg 33AC8543-136F-44E3-A5E0-CBD8A4D66B0D.jpeg
  5. FB771ACA-5F70-4AB4-8958-1F938622C37E.jpeg E63B36F8-4B02-494B-B52C-75B0BB7574AF.jpeg 2778AA53-6E66-459B-BFF5-1A0403F47ED5.jpeg
  6. Pics of intercooler. Will give the front a tidy up with Earls radiator black spray paint after cleaning it up.




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