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  1. Being sold by Revitup uk near Chester. Very professional dealer specialising in performance cars. This was my car and is in amazing condition, low mileage, and has H&R springs and PF brake kit upgrade with two piece discs, PFZ front pads, and upgraded rear discs. All discs and pads are almost new. Nearly new PS4 tyres. All the nice trophy extras incl Akrapovic exhaust, Alcantara Recaro CS interior, etc.
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    Nice car :smile:

    They need to tweak their advert a bit :tongueout:

  3. Ha yes it’s not the best written spec list is it.
  4. Decent money as well, which is good...i'm still wobbling about selling mine in next few months. Values of these are all over the place right now, Some sell on strong money and an equal spec and condition one goes for 2k less.

    When does the M2 land? I'm sure you mentioned thats what you were upgrading to.
  5. Already got the M2. It’s amazing!
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    Please stick a thread up, any plans for it?
  7. That’s the reason I stuck with mine. Done being massively undersold making the “correctly” priced cars look expensive.
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  8. In what way? I drove one and it was very nice, it's a 50k BMW after all, but it was VERY heavy and drove well but nothing special. Yes it was fast but it's got a lot of power which it needs to over come the weight. However that was the M2 Competition and you be talking about the M2.
  9. Yes it’s the M2 non comp model. I understand totally what you’re saying here. I test drove a 2016 manual and wasn’t blown away. But I kept goi g back to the M2, and so drive a facelifted 2018 DCT on my local roads in the best setting (sport+) and it just felt alive and exciting.

    Is it as light and super nimble as the meg. No. Is it the all out race car for the road that the meg is. No. Can I plant my foot mid corner and feel the diff drag me round like the meg. No would spin!

    But once I relearned how to drive in the M2 it all started to make sense. The chassis balance is amazing even compared to the meg which is the Megane real party piece. And in sport+ the throttle response is so direct you can balance the whole car through a corner and start to rotate the car gently and controllably through the corner and exit, feeling the diff help you out. And as you straighten up the wheel you can pile on the power and you feel those big rear wheels push you down the road. When you get it right it’s a brilliant feeling. I drove the Megane briefly a few days ago before it went and it felt amazing as always but a bit flat and lacking a bit of excitement and drama. All relative I know. The meg is an epic car.

    So I totally understand being underwhelmed by the M2 on a test drive. It takes some time in the car to really start to realise what all the hype was about.

    Now it feels like I have a serious car. It’s like owning a little supercar I can still afford to run and I can do the school run in. I can’t wait to gets it out on track. Although for a while I imagine I’ll be seeing lots of Megane RS’s whizzing by me!
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  10. I had a drive round in the first M2C in the UK (and privately owned, not a dealer car) and so I was a bit careful and probably didn't get anything like the real driving experience. I had the same in a FRS. Unless you start to get on it properly these very competent cars can feel a bit flat (although somehow the Meganes don't).

    I was very tempted though.....enjoy.
  11. I guess at least with the M2 you have rear wheel drive. As good as the meg is, real wheel drive always feels good.
  12. Well to begin with I thought RWD was a mistake. Mid corner on a damp cold surface, plant your foot in the meg and the diff works miracles, the chassis stays composed, and the steering tells you exactly what’s going on. It’s amazing. Do the same in the M2 and you’re sideways and swearing.

    But once you figure out that your accelerator isnt just the fast pedal anymore it all starts to work.

    (BTW This isn’t me telling people how to drive RWD cars, I’m sure many people on here know how to do that much more than me, this is just how I’ve found the last few weeks owning my first ever, I very much consider myself a very average driver and certainly no RWD expert)

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