MK3 driveshaft spacer

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  1. Does anyone have one of these for sale? Also my car is sat on RSC Comp Pro with -2 deg I need this?
  2. Regardless of which spring/perch youve choosen its the overall ride height that decides if need a spacer, also note the more camber you run the more you push the shaft back into gearbox so less likley to need spacer.
  3. So is there any way of assessing whether it's needed? I'd rather not fuck about with stuff unless I need to. I'll be decating (well replacing the sport cat) next week, so when it's on the ramp..what angle am I looking at?
  4. No idea a re angles etc, if youve done the usual 2” lowering then shouldn't need the px side spacer, can also cause damage fitting when no needed
  5. That was my worry, just fitting a spacer without good reason. The car isn't meant to be super low as I'm focused on handling/track performance (although I don't seem to make it to the track). Car is going to Raeder soon for a proper geo setup before a Ring track day. I can't see camber being less than -2 and can't see ride height being super low because the Ring hates low cars.
  6. from what you say should all be good with bit lowering and more that 2 deg around and with Reader reputation should come away with a great handling car
  7. Hope so. Raeder Thursday, track day Friday..just don't want to leave things to chance. So what sort of setup causes this issue?
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    Raeder setup cars are fairly low tbf
  9. Wouldn’t Raeder supply and fit spacer if needed, a simple conversation regarding ride height and camber angles before hand so everyone knows what to expect and no surprise outcomes should be had
  10. When i had mine setup by them , i asked about spacer & was advised it wasn`t needed.
  11. My car is low, but not as low as i have seen some.
  12. I would take the word of Raeder over forum noise. I mailed them my current geo setup last week to ask what they had planned (wondering if they would shim the rear etc). It would be good to know from the Megane boys over there, what fails as if anyone would know with that track, they should.
  13. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    I spoke to a few running Raeder spec setups last year and they all ran stock rear ends, said the extra camber made the rear end snappy, not what I've found in mine but my setup is quite different to theirs.

    As for failures, polybushs fail rapidly their. Majority run Kirfel spec lower arms but they are abiut a grand.
  14. Do i need spacer on only the left side or both? (LHD car)
  15. Only on the left hand side and if your lowering a lot, think around 50+mm
  16. Thanks, any benefits to fit it on both sides?
  17. None at all, its because lhd drive shaft is longer, that's what i was told.

    Mine is lowered and has BC coilovers with 3deg camber, was told i didn't need one
  18. as I said way back in this thread you dont need spacer unless going silly lo plus if you have adjustable top mounts when you induce negative camber you're actually pushing the drive shaft part way back into gearbox anyway.
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  19. What's silly low... 17" and ring setup? Dont know how it can be lower than that.
  20. rusty! - and it cannot be older than 10 years ? - I guess it must be the grit / salt they tip on the roads in the UK (?)
  21. could I get vibrations because I lowered the car and left the standard camber?
  22. Does anyone know what material is the spacer made of?
  23. ive just bought two from ktec.only need one.if you need only one a tenner delivered..but im away till sat morn now
  24. one one question about vibration because of lowering (((
    I still have not found the vibration answer
  25. don't work... testd by myself with no results, same vibrations

  26. it is to bad (((
  27. Guys, to me it seems completely strange the need of these kind of spacers. If a stock suspension is compressed down to the stop it´s no difference to a lowered car whats down at the stop. Renault would have made a lumpy job if the design of the susp./driveshaft layout was wrong that way that a driveshaft can pop out if the susp. is compressed all the way, no matter if the car is lowered or not. It seems to me that there are any different unknown conditions which are causing these issues, The bottom line is, that all the way down of suspension travel the driveshafts have to keep their position with an adequate safety margin. If your car is 40 mm lowered and the susp. travels down for adding 30 mm, it´s the same Situation as once a stock susp. with no lowering would travel 70 mm over a bump. Even in this situation, a driveshaft shouldn´t leave the gearbox. Supposedly, their are any different unknown conditions which cause the driveshafts to pop out the gearbox.
  28. This is off course if aftermarket coilovers only travel as low as std when they hit the bump stops.what if aftermarket coilovers compress lower than factory on the are correct but renault didnt plan on joe bloggs ripping the factory stuff off and fitting the likes of its lowest travel std suspension might only equate to a half way of travel on a kw or similar.just saying
  29. I can´t believe that popping out of the driveshaft just happens once the compression is lower than the maximum of the stock travel. These conditions are very rare. Even with fast cornering the suspensions doesn´t compress tight to the bumpstops.
  30. To investigate these issues, one should lift the car off and remove the left front spring and hook off the linkage of the anti roll bar. Loosening the control arm bolts at the chassis would be appreciated to relax the bushes. Then lifting high enough the car to get access to the driveshaft and jacking the LH wheel with an hydraulik garage car jacker (maybe with a vertical wooden bar or sth, taking care that it not pops out once the wheel starts to turn) all over the susp. travel to the bumpstop.

    Then you can watch how the conditions are with the driveshaft, as well once rotating the steering all the way left and right, however it will add the movement of the driveshaft. It will be an easy job without applying violence to compress the springs, what wouldn´t be possible in fact cause the car would lift off either. Then you will state really if a spacer would be required or not or if Renault did it wrong with ignoring basic construction demands. Please take care to figure out the travel once the STOCK bumpstop travel is achieved, and after maybe check out what happens if aftermerket coilovers are mounted with probably lower bumpstop.
  31. Did you loosen the control arm bolts front and rear once you put back the car down to the ground after fitting your coilovers? If not, you can do it now, put the car over a mounting pit and loosen them, rock the car up and down and retorque the bolts when the car is relaxed on drive height. Warped bushes of the control arms are causing strange behaviour and last a fracture of time.
  32. Its not popping the driveshaft as far as im.aware.its spliting the cv.because its running out of travel.

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