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  1. Fitted a spacer to the nearside driveshaft today to cure the common problem of the MK3 eating shafts when it's lowered more than 30mm. fe5151d3b56c0c574000556339cba537.jpg f5e93b7f7d1c77cca4f5af19e25307e0.jpg 94bb09171faf7053eeec0f2561cdee22.jpg d71a6b4839001694579fcdd305001cac.jpg
  2. Nice, correct way to go, where'd get spacer from ?
  3. i got a Left hand drive one , on which side does it have to go on and what are the dimensions for machining that spacer , out of what material is it made off ?
  4. I had the exact same problem in the mid 90's with a Nova SR with 1.8 lump in it that was very low.
  5. I had it made at my local engineering place. I can send you one but it will be cheaper for you to have one made.

    You need to put it on the drivers side (short shaft) you will need to have it made from mild steel (that's the same as the joint) or better.

    57mm outer diameter
    30mm inner diameter
    8mm thick.
    afbe8761d4db84410610cb2fd919f698.jpg 0f35e9e29f2d8d196d2c6796a85871ca.jpg
  6. Thanks I may need this
  7. superb info right there Mike, great asset to this forum, well done.
  8. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Don't let him take all the credit for it
  9. I've already replaced both driveshafts. I didn't realise there was a potential cure for the issue!

    What's the thought process behind it?
  10. Haha yeah the info has been passed through multiple people but I'll take all the credit for getting my own made and putting up a thread
  11. With the angle of the joint after lowering the cv is stretched and puts strain on the ball bearings inside it. Putting the spacer on pushes the end back onto the shaft so the stress is relieved.
  12. Would this stop the knocking you get from lowering?
  13. I don't get any knocking?
  14. Is the thickness of the spacer dictated by how low you are? Mine used to make a metal clicking sound on full lock, so i raised it up about 5mm & it seems to have stopped it.
  15. Fron what ive read on here, h&r springs and coilovers lowered a certain amount develope a knocking noise which i heard was down to the driveshaft angle.
  16. The coils on the H&R springs touch together causing a knock. Haven't heard of coilovers knocking.
  17. Oh right, i assumed it was the same problem, but there have been a few people reporting knocking from coilovers if lowering too low, and theyve had to higher it a touch.
  18. mie


    May be its a stupid question, does this spacer affect wheel alignment some how?
  19. no...
  20. not directly but as you've had to unbolt hub from vehicles arms to insert the spacer you should neutrally check the geo after re assembly
  21. Why only the one side?
  22. Because it's the shorter shaft it has a bigger angle. The other side doesn't point up as much. I'm going to do the other side anyway as a precaution.
  23. Same sized spacer?
  24. Yeah exactly the same
  25. Cheers mike, think i nay invest in some as ive got sone coilovers to go on.
  26. It was a clever person from Belgium who had the great idea for this spacer :tongueout: I've installed maybe 20 of this spacers on lowered Meganes and no one has ever had a problem with his driveshaft again...
  27. This is true

  28. Guys, does anyone know if this problem appear on mk2 meganes too? I actualy have problem that my car is vibrating when accelerating. I have HR coilovers and lowered it to minimum high. Today i drive with passenger, and when i load it, car starter vibrating. Then my friend left, i drove home, and tryed some load again, and it vibrated much less, a lot less. So i think it might be problem related to some sort of drive shaft, or CV or something like that. Does anyone have any experience with this? Im going to raise like 1cm and hope its going to be better, but if not, could this solve this problem????

    thanks in advance

    btw, seems like guys with other cars have very similar problem solved by this.
  29. Just had 5 sets of spacers manufactured by a local company, many thanks to Mike for providing the measures. I'll fit them to mine along with the new Ohlins coilovers, and send a set to a customer with KW Var 3.
  30. Do these driveshaft spacers take long to fit? Is everyone running two spacers or just the one?
  31. Fitment takes about 1 hour , you only need one spacer (left hand drive needs it on the left side , suppose it's the same as a right hand drive) . You need it on the driveshaft without the extra suport.
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  32. Thank you for useful reply. I just need to source myself a spacer now before buying coilovers, anyone have any forsale?
  33. I have 20 spacers in stock but I live in Belgium....
  34. I got mine from @Pipps310 on here! :sunglasses:
  35. Where are you from? I'll have some in a few days.
  36. I'm getting h&r lowering springs fitted for my 250 next week, and I've been told that the driveshaft spacers are only needed for a lower drop.

    They said that putting a spacer on could cause premature wear to the driveshafts.

    Is this true?
  37. Yes it is, only need spacer if there’s a gap, H&R don’t lower car enough to create that. Fitting with no gap will stress the shaft
  38. @bobsan thanks for clearing that up.

    I've read on here, how a lot of people fit a spacer as a precaution though? I'm assuming this is the wrong thing to do then?
  39. Fitting adjustable coil-overs allows much greater ride height drop, at that point you create a gap because you pull the driveshaft away from gearbox, however if you fit adjustable top mounts at same time as you induce negative camber you are effectively pushing the driveshaft back towards the same gearbox and gap can close up.
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  40. Does anyone sell these? I’m in need of one :smile:

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