Mk3 cup dampers set + Cooksport/AST sport lowering springs and Compbrake adjustable topmount.

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    Got this for sale on eBay but will offer it here at a discount of £475 posted for a fellow member to enjoy.
    I’ve had x3 suspension setups in my car since I got at the start of the pandemic and this is the best overall for handling and comfort without compromise if your car is also daily. It’s also better than cheap coilovers out there IMHO.
    My car is only a track car now so I upgraded to the famed/rare Ohlins from the trophy R and I recently got set KW clubsport for a deal so Ohlins will be up for sale. I had them checked by Ohlins and one damper was underperforming so it has been rebuilt and it should be with me this week

    Also got some 20mm PCD spacers, a like new Cup front antiroll bar with Powerflex bushes and some other bits and bobs from my Mk3 250 cup.
    Feel free to contact on 07764221057 deals to be had off eBay..
  2. Would be great if you could message me about the Ohlins when you have a price.
  3. Msg Sent

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