250 MK3 caliper nipples

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  1. Do they always snap?

    I’m wanting to change the fluid but I’m scared of snapping the nipples after seeing a few.

    Cars a 2010 250 on 98k.

    Does anyone have any tips?

  2. Anyone?
  3. You just have to try them, spray a bit of penetrating oil on them an hour or so before, if they start to move, tighten and loosen back and forth, don't try to get them out in one go
  4. Always try to tighten slightly first as this can break the hold without putting so much stress on the nipple as slackening tends to stretch the material as opposed to compressing when you tighten. Also might want to try some freeze spray beforehand
  5. Your better off unloosing them with a ratchet and socket than a spanner. I swapped mine to all new nipples. They were tight, I gave a fast smack on the end of the ratchet and that was enough to shock them loose. Be careful on the fronts.
  6. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    This, Work them back and forth, Bit of heat helps as well.
    Never had any issues with snapped nipples on any sets of callipers ive had on mine (3 lol) granted mine gets bled more often than others might do
  7. Cheers guy. I’ll try your suggestions.

    The problem is I don’t know when the last time it was done so I reckon the nipples will be pretty seized.
  8. For what it is worth. I done a brake fluid change on my 2010 45k RS a few weeks ago. All nipples loosened absolutely fine. Did soak them with WD40 half hour or so before doing them. Just gently done them with a ratcheting ring spanner. To my knowledge that was the first fluid change it has had since new. No documents etc saying it had been done before and also the fluid that came out was rank!!!
  9. Thanks
    How much fluid did you use?
  10. Does anyone know the official sequence to bleeds them?

    I know it’s usually the caliper furthest away from the master and work back to closest but some cars are different.
  11. i have just change my front calipers and new lines on with a full bleed i just did furthest away first, but before i undid anything i pushed the brake pedal to the floor and wedged it there so there was no chance of air getting back towards the abs module
  12. You changed your calipers on the trophy? They can’t have been that old can they?
  13. The best penetrant to break through corrosion is a 50/50 mix of ATF/PAS fluid and Acetone.

    I wouldn't use it near painted surfaces though.
  14. I used 4 bottles of Motul
  15. 4 bottles, You sure? looking elsewhere they take less than a litre
  16. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    1l is more than enough
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  17. No they had only done 26k but the last owner must have used a jack hammer to remove the pins and snapped a bleed nipple, I just couldn’t bare to look at them [​IMG]
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  18. Bled mine a couple of weeks ago and the nipples were alright (2010 50K).

    Boiled the fluid so had spongy brakes. Used just under 2 litres to flush out the old fluid. Loads of bubbles came out and the old fluid was brown.... but my brakes are still shit!

    Heard something about the ABS unit causing problems with bleeding.... I used the old fashioned "pump the brake pedal" method to bleed them, whilst keeping the reservoir topped up. Is there another step that I missed or do these just need bleeding more than once?
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  19. Has anyone seen any improvements by just bleeding the brakes?

    Mine doesn't have the stopping power i'd expect they should have so I'm hoping bleeding them will see an improvement.
  20. You have to get it on machine, most garages have them, they need to activate the ABS valves to let the fluid flow through, or you can use "Clip" if you have it.

    A local garage did mine for £20 and that was a full flush they used just over a litre of fluid.
  21. Ah I see, wish I just went to a garage in the first place now! Oh well, we live and learn. Cheers
  22. so if this is true, there's no point in me bleeding them myself no?
  23. No not really, if there is air or a chance of air in the abs block this is really the only way to get it out, believe me i tried and tried and tried.
  24. If you have "clip" then yes you can do it, but easier to get a garage to do it
  25. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Just dont let the reservoir get low, mine has never needed a machine to bleed them and it probably gets bled 5+ times a year

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