Michelin Pilot Cup-2 Tyres

Discussion in 'Car Parts For Sale' started by NotaDiesel!!!, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Will be taking these off shortly.

    235/35R19 Cup-2

    4x Used Tyres

    3 Tyres with between 5-5.5mm
    1 Tyre with 4mm.

    These come with reduced tread. Around 6mm as new. And are about £200 each.

    Excellent track tyre but I am after more of an allrounder. Still on car but will be coming off in next couple of weeks.

    £350 Collected from West Sussex.
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  2. Hi,

    Any punctures or track use?
  3. The car is now on 6k. They were on it at 2k when I bought it in Sept.

    No track use or punctures from me. Infact I drive mostly with Wife & Daughter these days so pretty easy life (wasted)

    Car was bought from Renault originally at 680 miles by original owner who was elderly gentleman who unfortunately died. The original dealer was in Scotland the gent in Wales & I bought from a dealer in Harrogate. So most of his 1300 miles was driving between dealers.

    I can confirm depths again & any puncture repairs once off the car.
  4. At least he died driving a decent car, not some biddy mobile. Grow old disgracefully, ha.
  5. What are these like as a road tyre? Was thinking of a set for my stormtrooper

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  6. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    PS4 a far better option for a road tyre
  7. Super sticky when you can get and keep heat in them, rubbish in cold and wet, proper fine weather track tyre, deffo not an all rounder
  8. Tyres are now off the car. No Punctures. Treads as original post.
  9. So all these porsche and m4s I see driving around on them are simply posing then... Think I'll go with ps4s' when I change them next... Thanks guys.

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  10. If going to use in multi weather conditions then by far best decision
  11. This is not turning into a good for sale post!

    It all depends on what you use your car for. If its 50% fast road driving ( in summer) and some trackdays which you need a set of tyres that are road legal to drive to track. The are ace. Since RS cars are sold based on there track prowess I can see why they were an optional OEM fitment.

    If you are just commuting & motorway driving etc. with family in the car & an occasion blast 5% of the time. Then they are not for you. There will be a better balanced tyre in terms of compromise.
  12. bump. still for sale. off the car.
  13. are these still for sale?
  14. Yes they are.

    Although I was tempted to buy those red trophy r speed lines a few weeks back and stick them on them.:grinning:
  15. How much would buy them I am miles away in Doncaster
  16. Drop me a pm with an offer and how you plan on collecting.

    Had a few people interested but the have all been to far away to follow through.
  17. what's ya postcode so I can see how far it is
  18. I am in worthing. So as far away as you can get.

    Worthing to Doncaster... 255 miles.

    Another buyer was looking at paisley freight for £40 if I remember. I would not be keen for wheels but It must be pretty difficult to damage a tyre!
  19. Are these still available?
  20. Are these still available?
  21. Yes they are.
  22. These sfs?
  23. Still got them.
  24. Sold.

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