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  1. Yes four wheels, not mine but the same car look 1 minute in :sunglasses:
  2. If you don't own it it doesn't count. ;-)
  3. Ohhhh i do own :sunglasses:

  4. Nice.
    My commuter bike is still quicker 0-60 tho (this could go on all day ;-).
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  5. No it can't as i am off to Thruxton :sunglasses:
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  6. Trackdays. I remember those :-(
  7. need more HP in ya bike matey
  8. Nope. Too many bike crashes. Commuter bike plus money pit hot hatch. ;-)
  9. Had a few briefs but the best have been
    IMG_20171027_151249_099.jpg IMG_20171008_093604_983.jpg IMG_20171118_080917_323.jpg IMG_20171206_074440_267.jpg IMG_20171227_161114_405.jpg IMG_20171227_161237_391.jpg IMG_20170828_085530_464.jpg IMG_20170828_085445_335.jpg
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