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  1. I'm sure most members on here have owned other unique metal previous to Megane ownership & it's interesting to see/read other members car ownership history especially when from a different continent.
    So feel free to post up your past trash & treasure here for all to see (pics are good too).

    Here' some of my more memorable ones from the past 30 years;-

    Current 2015 Megane RS275R, 2.0L t/c;
    IMG_3247[77582] - Copy.JPG

    also current 2010 Clio RS200, 2.0L n/a;
    IMG_3034 - Copy.JPG

    2008 Holden SS ute, 6.0L n/a;
    ve ute.JPG
    ve ute..JPG

    2007 Civic type R, 2.0L n/a;

    2004 Mini JCW, 1.6L s/c;

    1999 WRX STI Coupe, 2.0L t/c;

    1997 WRX, 2.0L t/c;

    1982 Ford Falcon ESP, 5.8L n/a;
    xe 351.jpg

    1981 Holden Isuzu Gemini, 1.8L n/a;

    1973 Ford GT Falcon, 5.8L n/a;
    GT xa.JPG

    1972 Holden GTR XU1 Torana, 3.3L n/a;

    1971 Holden GTS Monaro Coupe, 7.4L n/a;
    454 coupe.JPG
    hq. 454.JPG

    1964 Holden ute, 3.3L n/a;
    eh ute.JPG
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  2. mk1 Fiesta XR2
    2.. mk1 Rs Turbo Escort`s
    Peugeot 309gti
    Peugeot 106 XS
    2..Peugeot 106 gti`s
    FD2 Honda Integra type R
    Subaru Impreza Turbo PPP
    Megane R26
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  3. Some strange buys throughout the years :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:

    Mini special 1.1
    Renault 5 gtx
    Fiesta si
    Escort RS turbo mk2
    Lupo Gti
    Civic type r
    Golf 25th anniversary
    Audi A3 s line 2.0 diesel
    Alfa 147 gta
    Seat Ibiza cupra
    Mercedes e430
    Bmw 330ci clubsport
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  4. Clio Williams

    X2 Ph1 Clio 172

    Clio 182 Trophy

    Megane 225 Cup

    Megane 225 Trophy
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  5. Only had three;

    Lupo 1.4 sport
    Clio 182 trophy
    Meg 250
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  6. vauxhall nova
    mk4 golf v6 4motion
    mk4 1.8t golf Aniversary
    2005 impreza sti ppp
    mk3 vr6
    starlet turbo
    306 gti6
    1998 impreza wrx ra
    legacy twin turbo
    2000 audi s3 x2
    106 1.1 pop
    evo 2
    renault 172
    mk4 Abt racing golf
    I think that's it
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  7. 1963 848cc mini
    Citroen AX GT
    Vauxhall Frontera Sport soft top
    Caterham 7 1800 supersport
    Westfield 1800 zetec
    Westfield FW 2000
    Vauxhall VX220 NA
    LY R26
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  8. IMAG0402.jpg o and a e46 m3 with red wheels that on the goodwood breakfast club website
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  9. Only owned 5 cars and still own two of them !
    mk2 Ford Fiesta XR2
    Audi A3 1.8T sport
    Audi S3
    Audi B5 RS4
    Renault Megane R26
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  10. Daz


    Clio 1.8 16v
    Clio Williams
    Clio 172 ph2
    Megane Trophy

    Look every day for something!
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  11. Renault 12
    Volkswagen Gol
    Peugeot 206 XS
    Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T
    Peugeot 207 RC
    Volkswagen Golf GTI DSG
    Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0T
    BMW 335
    Renault Megane RS 265
  12. [​IMG]





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  13. The strut bar in your 275R comes from factory ? If not, are you happy with it ? were did you ordered it ?
  14. image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  15. audi 100 5c
    nissan cherry
    volvo 340DH
    manta berlinetta hatch
    manta gte exclusive coupe
    vauxhaul cavalier
    mazda mx6
    subaru Impreza turbo (classic)
    Evo 6
    Audi A4 quattro tdi
    Subaru sti type uk
    Evo 7
    LR Disco 3 'S'
    LR Disco 3 'HSE'
    Golf GTD
    Meg RS250
    Audi S4 (mrc stg 2 500bhp and 480lbsft)
    E92 M3
    Meg 275 trophy...

    varied to say the least....may have another change to the bottom of the list this time next week when I get home from offshore...
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  16. 1985 Astra estate 1.6
    1.1 fiesta
    Cavalier sri
    1.8 sierra
    Renault 19 16v charmade
    Renault 5 turbo phase 2
    Jaguar 4.0 sovereign
    Escort 1.6
    Austin meastro
    New Mini Cooper
    New Mini Cooper s
    Audi TT roadster
    Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Alfa 147 GTA
    BMW e36 m3
    bmw e46 m3
    Clio 182 ff
    Megane rs 250 ff
    Had a few different ones ?
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  17. I've had 19 since 2001!

    Clio 1.2
    Citroen c2 vtr
    Citroen c2 vts
    Smart roadster
    Smart for two (I've had 3 of these)
    Smart forfour
    Smart forfour brabus
    Lotus Elise
    Punto abarth
    Vx220 na
    Honda integra dc5
    Ford Fiesta :-/
    Mg tf
    Clio f1
    500 abarth
    Meg r26
    Meg 265
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  18. I thought I'd resurrect this thread, as it's always interesting to see what people have had in the past. You will see from this post that I went through a big Ford phase. I haven't included everything, just some of the more interesting picks from my 35+ cars.

    This was my first semi-sporting car; an Escort 1.6 S EFI. Not many of these left now:

    36548039926_7972cf0d5a_h.jpg DSC00210 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    36548040176_1e579301b1_o.jpg DSC00172 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    A lot of people hate the Ford Orion, but I always had a soft spot for it, including this one with an RS body kit and a shiny engine bay:

    36548049286_0dc9b509f1_o.jpg IMG_1880 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    Another Orion was this 1.6 EFI Ghia. I knew the guy that built it. He spent many hours and lots of pennies on it, but I paid £100 for it off a subsequent owner. It was a wreck by that point, but I broke it for a tidy profit:

    36548059126_a188d57591_o.jpg FrontShot by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    36548059066_1630eed89b_o.jpg RearShot by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    Around the same time, I had this 1.8 Mondeo. It started life as a 1.8 LX but a good friend had spent a huge amount of effort turning it into a Ghia X inside and an RS outside. It wasn't that fast but a lovely car. Had 170k on the clock when I sold it and still drove so nicely. The Mondeo really is a great car:

    35758839154_7c708205df_b.jpg DSC01490 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    A couple of cars later was this one, a 1.4 powerhouse. I had been collecting bits to fit a 2.0 turbocharged Zetec but decided to go to university, so sold the lot. Shame, it was a tidy car and would have been rather fun with 300bhp:

    35784915623_6afa8e185e_o.jpg DSCF6510Medium by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    When I got to uni, I should have been sensible and bought a cheap runabout. Instead I bought another booted Escort; this time with a 2.0 Zetec lump under the bonnet and a massive ICE install:

    35758847554_c0b5c4a182_b.jpg P4199195 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    Following a brief fling with a Sierra, I went back to Escorts with an RS2000:

    36425864432_b016e09239_b.jpg SDC10051 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    Then I got offered another Orion; an immaculate, low-mileage 1600E:

    36197696140_417b303277_b.jpg DSC02203 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    35758769734_4784b92dc0_b.jpg DSC02204 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    The Orion was lovely, but I was going to ruin it by using it as a daily. I decided to be 'sensible' and bought a modified 850 T-5. Epic car this. It upset M3s and chattered like a good 'un:

    35758833624_57919a8f6a_b.jpg SDC10320 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    36594425895_7847e92b5b_b.jpg SDC10324 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    The T-5 was cool, but not exactly cheap to run at uni. Afterwards, I had another 2.0 Zetec-powered Escort:

    36594452585_9e9fb95dd7_b.jpg SDC10616 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    To be continued...
  19. After the Escort, I decided to try and be a grown-up and bought a Vectra diesel. It was shit, so I went random and bought a Honda. It was quite fun, albeit a bit chavvy with the bean can exhaust:

    36457177331_f150d6698a_b.jpg SDC11074 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    36594943515_a754dfda69_b.jpg SDC11076 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    The Civic was a laugh, but the boot was pathetic and I fancied another RS2000, so bought this:

    36425873372_a9260abc00_b.jpg 14052011699 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    After uni was done, I decided to be slightly more grown-up again, and bought an ST220 off a friend. Another great car, probably one of the best all-rounders I've owned:

    36197830120_a34d4a3899_b.jpg 2012-08-12-660 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    36548149076_f34d68e33d_b.jpg 2012-08-12-662 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    After the ST220, I bought a Volvo V70, which turned out to be something of a problem child. I was feeling somewhat fed up and immature, so bought a Clio 172 Cup, as I had always fancied one. I still own this as I can't bare to sell it. It's a bit of a shed now, done nearly 140k, a few track days and a friend put it into the wall at Snetterton. It just won't die though:

    28990327346_135bbae917_b.jpg WP_20160108_14_51_27_Pro by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    28405690373_6dd0c20166_b.jpg WP_20160108_14_52_56_Pro by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    Although I loved the Clio, I was getting a bit bored of older cars, so decided to go newer. I thought about buying a Megane at this point, but got distracted by a good deal on a new Golf R. These are really excellent cars. A supreme all-rounder; fast, endless grip, nice interior and reasonable running costs. I had it a year and, while it was very good, it was a bit understated for my tastes and not the most exciting drive:

    31658514065_867a374469_b.jpg WP_20160311_14_43_24_Pro by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    31658513995_7778afa600_b.jpg WP_20160311_14_43_53_Pro by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    That brings us up to date, as the Golf was replaced by my Megane 265. Nice car, but has been a bit problematic so far:

    32874801103_d251610cc9_b.jpg IMG_20170325_165809 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    33647302386_fefd25cefa_b.jpg IMG_20170325_164545 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    So, the fleet currently stands at the indestructible Clio and the Megane. But, I still have a Ford thing and am also quite partial to rallying. If you've looked at my avatar, you will have probably noticed the yellow peril, which is one of my Escort RS2000 rally cars. It's undergone a somewhat elongated rebuild over the last few years. Nearly done now and should shakedown over winter:

    30295688991_b99e3597cb_b.jpg WP_20161014_15_21_41_Pro by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    30381726885_dd0f6d475d_b.jpg WP_20161014_15_43_58_Pro by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    35377769492_98df9a98d1_b.jpg IMG_20170624_193951 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    34704011954_f3d97fee88_b.jpg IMG_20170623_171232 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    Of course, two Escorts is better than one so, a few years back, after a lengthy obsession, I bought myself a pukka ex-works Escort F2 Kit Car. Once upon a time, it looked like this:

    [​IMG]C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_willonionsss6small_zpsd698e2d9 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    [​IMG]kit car20 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    Unfortunately, when I bought it, it looked like this lol:

    28383244813_1216b9f7de_b.jpg IMG_6234 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    29000501025_4d8126c5a0_b.jpg DSC_9335 by Jon Scoltock, on Flickr

    The shell is currently being painted back to the period white, while the rest of it is being converted to tarmac spec. It's a long road with that one though.

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  20. I have a few years on many of you guys
    Had a few will try to remember them
    Cortina mk3 2.0 gxl
    Toyota Celica 1600gt
    Ford escort mk3 1.3l
    Toyota corolla xe
    Mitsubishi 1.2
    Cavalier sri
    Mini 1275
    Austin allegro
    Ford Sierra ghia
    Toyota corolla
    Corolla 1.6 gti fwd
    Vauxhall Astra
    Vauxhall belmont
    Corolla 1.6 gt rwd
    Metro city 1 0
    Metro turbo
    Fiesta 1 1
    Fiesta 1.3 sport
    Sierra 1.6gl
    Cavalier 2.0 cdi
    Peugeot 605 sri
    Cavalier gsi 2000
    Cavalier 2.5 cdi
    Corolla estate
    Datsun estate thing
    Renault 19
    Volvo 440
    Discovery 200
    Discovery 300
    Discovery td5
    Shotgun lbw 3500
    Bmw 728
    Jag xjr supercharged
    Xkr supercharged
    Bmw 740 4.4
    Saab 2.3 turbo
    Celica gt 2000
    Hyundai atos . ..tow behind motorhome
    Bmw m330d coupe
    Bmw 740 4.4
    Bmw 330 conv
    Bmw 535d touring
    Civic type s
    Mini Cooper s
    Porsche rs60
    Porsche 911 3 8 4s
    Bmw x5 40d
    Clio cup 172
    Mini clubman.

    F10 M5
    X5M 50D
    X5 40D
    HYUNDAI I10 for behind motorhome
    Mini clubman Cooper s

    I have probably missed a few..... some crap in there haha.....I used to buy odd cars to turn a profit
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  21. congr
    congrats on owning some of the worst cars ever produced like the cortina,metro,belmont and allegro!
    my old man had a last of the line cortina was horrible to drive,and rocked on its suspension after you had stopped it for 30 secs!..a boat on wheels.
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  22. I dont get through many cars :tongueout:

    1.2 Nova x2
    1.6 meg Coupe 98
    2.0 meg Coupe IDE 2000
    182 Trophy
    and my Meg 250 :tongueout:

    in 20 years of driving :tongueout:
  23. I knew someone would be impressed..haha
    Metro turbo...purchased for 500..put in new battery for 45 quid and sold for 1300
    Belmont purchased for 3500 and sold for 4500
    Allegeo purchased with knackered engine for 350. Recon one for 165 from Heathrow engines and sold for 1100
    Cortina was my first car.. purchased for 650...sold after 2 years for 895 but was mint when I had finished with it.
    Best was a fiesta 1300s bought for £50 off wife's friend. New wing 17 quid front panel 9 quid and a few new bits from the scrappy then I did a total respray on it and new pinstripes sold for 1350. When the woman who had sold it to me saw it after i had done it up and sold it.....the stupid woman wanted me to give her some of the profit...fat chance
    What fun days haha

  24. Nowt wrong with a Cortina. An icon of it's day.

    The Allegro is questionable though lol
  25. All agro was comfy over bumps in a straight line. I must admit I was not a big fan of British leyland
  26. my old mans cortina was a horrible car to drive..floated and wallowed its way down the road.
    i had a mk1 xr2 at the time,so maybe thats why it felt so wayward.
  27. I probably have pics of them somewhere in the attic......obvoiusly not digital
  28. if only i kept that mk1 xr2 in sunburst red,
    or the 2 series 1 Rs turbos i had.

    seen a series 1 RS go for 50k not that long ago.

    The second one i had needed a new bodykit after a bodged repair by the previous owner.
    I had a mate who worked in fords parts department who managed to find me the last kit in the entire country!

    Would be utter gold dust now.
    It even came fully sprayed from the factory in diamond white.
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  29. I've only had 8 but pretty potent between them (excluding the first two lol)

    1.3l mk4 escort 5dr, full RS turbo replica with whale tail, resprayed ford imperial blue, owned 18months.
    1.6l mk4 escort 5dr GL, 4 month gap filler.
    Phase 2 Renault 19 16v, fully built engine from prima racing 190bhp (loved this car), 5.5yrs.
    ST205 Celica gt4, red and carbon 290bhp/310lbft, 1yr
    Evo 3, lightly modded to 290bhp/280lbft, but bit of a problem child, 15months
    ST205 Celica gt4 in silver, modified everything, 318bhp/340lbft, another love, 11yrs overlapping previous 2 cars.
    R35 GTR, stage 4.25 modded 492bhp@0.5bar 644bhp@1.3bar/610lbft, absolute animal, 18months, house purchase forced sale (still cry myself to sleep sometimes about selling it lol).
    R26 Megane, lightly modded circa 250bhp.
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  30. The ST205 GT4 is a car that I have always really wanted to drive. They have a real appeal. Maybe it's Sega Rally lol
  31. Lol, Sega rally was part of the reason I bought one too, didn't want the reliability issues of an integrale, though I love the cars.
    Gt4 is an underrated car, gone up in value since I sold mine too, much rarer than a scooby or Evo too.
  32. Only played on this the other day!

    I couldn't believe it when I saw it in the corner of the arcade - straight away to my Mrs "hold my drink (read pushchair) and watch this"


    Edit, I even took this picture as I was so excited! Ha ha.
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  33. Won't bore you all with a huge list, but here are a few pics from the last 6 years IMG_0009.JPG IMG_0024.JPG IMG_0072.JPG IMG_0509.JPG IMG_0244.JPG IMG_1559.JPG IMG_3488.JPG :

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  34. Just the one - a moneypit R26 owned since April.

    Owned a 2010 ninja zx6r from new before this and that makes me quicker than all of you :-)
  35. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    :laughing::laughing: :laughing: Don't think so
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  36. Right! I'm getting in my time machine just to prove you wrong. ;-)
  37. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    So your ZX6r does over 200mph and there was me thinking that it was only Yamaha's that had race tuned speedo's, i know someone that has an R6 and that does 190+ mph :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: that's what he tells me
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  38. Sorry to clarify - anything with 4 wheels litre boy ;-)

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