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  1. Thought I would post a video from the trackday at Oulton park on the 24th July

    Maybe a few other people can put some up :smile: , John can put the endurance race up with Josh lol

    Also my first time at Oulton so go easy :rolleyes:

  2. Very good mate I will study the track lay out for a week on Wednesday

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  3. That looks great !
  4. Good going mate. I too will be studying this for next week:wink:
  5. 2.12 your best lap John
  6. Cheers guys , the Renaultsport day should be good now I know where I'm going

    I was just about to time a lap lol .. I think I will get a lap timer app for the next day .

    Is Harry's lap timer any good ?
  7. Grumpytwig ... Is that a clio 200 your in ?

    The Helmet cam gives you a bit more to look at
  8. I've downloaded it and will be trying it out. Seen a few videos on YT where people have used it and looks good.
  9. Yup a 200, brilliant fun, R888s and standard otherwise I was having to back off a lot around the shell hairpin as the tyres were fouling the arches under the load. Will miss it and already do, but I've had the same with all my cars/bikes. Just wish I could join in this year too....
  10. A couple of videos from my last time round Knockhill, need to ignore the speedo and the apex speeds as the iPhone's a bit slow.




  11. My videos were timed with Harry's Lap Timer and although the video quality is ok (apart from the manky windscreen) the HZ rate of the phone is really slow so you ideally need something to speed that up. Theres a few things out there but nothing cheap and cheerful so I'll make do with what I have just now.
  12. Here is my second track day taster (20 mins only) at oulton park,

    Edited this post about 10 times i dont know how to embed the video?? Googled it and tried 10 different ways, here is the link itself

    Scary stuff being on track but anyone considering it, its awesome once you relax.
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  13. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

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  16. Is it true that the Trophy-R is using different cams, plugs and flywheel like the video above tells us? Never heard about that before.
  17. What are peoples opinions on camera placement for track days? I can see a variety of different mounting locations with these videos an im trying to decide on what to go for when im out next.
  18. Here is one in Argentina with my old 250

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  19. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    I'd be extremely surprised if that's true.

    In keeping with the thread

  20. The latter part of this video is quite good, won't be wasting my money on a Cayman GT4 then :blush:
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  21. mie


  22. I also share the love of dubstep although never tried my had at creating it this is a track I will likely revisit often.

    Its quite good I must say
  23. External view:

    Internal view of the same laps:
  24. very lucky to get to drive bathurst dook. very envious
  25. Tell me about it! And it was thanks to COVID I got a spot. With entrants cancelling due to state border closures, I got a placement. Otherwise the best I could have hoped for is a place on the waiting list.

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