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  1. Not a clue how that works for lap timing - looked in the manual but nothing about it. Looked online, nothing.

    Going to Spa so how do I time the laps there ?

    Download from somewhere ?

    Surprised the info is so hard to get
  2. I think you have to manually start and stop the clock, but it will record a few laps worth.

    Better to have a SD card in the slot and set that recording then you can upload that the Monitor site and it will overlay it on a Bing maps image with all the data. You can basicly re-run your laps as viewed from above.
  3. Sack it off and use something else ... Loads of apps for the phone that you can leave running and then have something to review later

    Temptation with a timer is that it's running infront of you, and it won't be that detailed
  4. RS Monitor will do more than an app I think. Below, cut & copied from my own post but all the links seem broken for some reason now hence not linking to it here.

    RS Monitor Replay.

    For those that don't know, this is a basic telemetry recording system built into the car as standard. It records:

    • time
    • speed
    • throttle %
    • GPS coordinates for lat. & long.
    • G-Force in lateral & longitudinal values
    • temps for external air, intake air, coolant & oil
    • yaw-rate
    • steering angle
    • brake pressure BAR
    • boost pressure BAR
    • torque NM
    • all 4 wheel speeds (but not sure on the units)
    • revs
    • power PS
    • distance KMs
    • gear
    Once you have selected the RS Monitor app on the screen, you can start recording the various parameters as long as you have a USB stick in the drive. It will carry on recording for as long as you want seemingly, or until you turn the ignition off. 20 minutes driving was <2MB. Once you have this file, you upload it to

    You can also export the data as a CSV file to use in excel, should you so wish. Doing this obviously allows you to sort the data high-to-low etc. which if you're a geek like me could be hours of fun.

    Like I said, this is the first time I've used this feature and I've got to say it's fantastic. There is another aspect of this that can be used in car for the track-day enthusiasts and that involves uploading a GPS map of the circuit to the USB stick in car, which will then allow you to time laps using the built in stop-watch. It's seriously impressive for a geek like me and really was a significant 'pull' to me buying the car over anything else. I understand that it's not on a par with a proper motorsport data logger, but to me, this is Nissan GTR/F1/Sc-Fi stuff, in a Renault that I can afford, and I love it.
  5. Hmmmmmmm....!

    Totally did not know about the USB recording ability. Does it record automatically to USB? Haven't seen any option for that on the monitor itself

    Have you used it on track? is there a link anywhere to pre-made GPS files for UK tracks?

    It looks better than what I thought then. I have a Garmin Virb and OBD-II reader, and had a video vbox previously. This looks like GPS plus OBD2

    Imagine if Renault did an optional video hookup out the box. That would be epic
  6. It doesn't record automatically but all you have to do is tell it once to start recording and it will continue until stopped or the card fills up. I haven't used it on track, no. Can't afford to risk binning the daily.
  7. The site is broken.
    In order to use the replay upload you have to register. When you click the link to register it takes you to a page that says that page is unavailable and tells you to return to the rsreplay page.
    I've sent them a request to tell me how to register but no response at all.

    Not impressed as I'm off to a track day tomorrow and hoped to use it....:angry::angry::angry:
  8. You can still use it assuming it works at some point in the future.

    Make sure that you set the USB stick to record and you can then upload it at a later date.
  9. Thanks, Xanda.
    Yes, I figured that. I'd hoped support at might be better....

    '15 Megane 265 RS, Recaros, 19s, Capsicum Red.
  10. For anyone with an iPhone or android I would have to recommend a 3rd party app Harry's Lap Timer

    Supports all sort of external hardware - Go Pro, EDBII, High Res GPS ETC has 150+ tracks gps mapped with Start & Finish points, I think all UK tracks and most if not All Euro Tracks, and you can also map your own route for testing or "just because..." for those who want to check a daily driver regularly. Not the cheapest app but not exessive IMO :wink:
  11. Is the rs website down permanently?

    just picked up a new track car with the r link - but can’t find a way to download the circuit maps.

  12. Another one for me on the r-link - has anyone managed to adapt the r-link to better reflect the true output of their car? I have the hybrid turbo and the torque / power still reflects std. presumably it’s based on a set level of parameters that can’t be retrospectively adjusted? Thanks
  13. You can edit the bhp/torque values, but it has to be done by editing the r-link firmware chip, in a similar way to enabling the RS Monitor on cars that didn't originally have it. I'm not sure about changing the shape of the graph
  14. Has anyone got or point me towards where I can get some Circuit GPS files for the RS Monitor V2 please? Seeing as the Renault Sport website seems down permanently now.

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