Megane rs monitor oil and intake temp higher than guideline?

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  1. Dunno if I’m posting in the right bit but yesterday I noticed on my rs monitor the oil temp and intake temp go above the little line that’s marked on there which id imagine was a guideline for max it should be?

    Was running for around an hour with some spirited driving and sitting in traffic.. not noticed it go over the little line mark before so just wondering if normal or anyone had the same?

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  2. I thought those lines show the maximum value so if your temperature got to 50 then dropped there would be a line at 50
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  3. Ha ha ha, that little line is the max that has been reached, will reset when ignition is switched off and on again.

    My mk2 would reached 105 deg C on track and not go above, air intake must have been when you were sat in trafic.
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  4. Oh okay that makes sense. I just assumed that line was set there as a max I’ve not paid much attention to it before Cos it’s always been under when I’ve looked previously. I’m quite new to the car and don’t use that monitor much but thanks for clearing that up Ian and James
  5. No problem Sean
    don't worry it took me weeks to find that on mine :sob::sob::sob:
  6. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    According to AWM the RS Monitor reads a fair bit higher than his actual oil temp gauge so take it with a pinch of salt.

    20 degrees or so higher than real Temps
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  7. So there’s no actual oil temp sensor on these vehicles the figure displayed is an algorithm of water, engine load and speed so never going to be that accurate, can’t imag why reno just didn’t fit proper sensor in first place
  8. Hi,

    Recently got an RS 265 CUP with full Scorpion exhaust and map to 300 hp.

    Drove it hard a couple of times, did not notice anything out of the ordinary, the car was running very well and Oil never went above 100C / intake never went above 45C

    Yesterday did the timing and service. Timing is OEM, replaced pink coolant to yellow.

    For service used MANN filters all around and Motul 8100 x-cess 5w40.

    After a couple of highway runs, while driving, oil temp sat at 105c and intake at 50c

    Drove it hard more - hit the red line a couple of times - and when I pulled over the temps went to 130-oil and 120 intake - STOP dash light was on / engine failure hazard on.

    Stopped the car completely, first attempt, errors were still there, after 5 minutes no more errors.
    However the car is behaving completely different. After a 1h drive in medium traffic, oil goes to 105 and the intake over 50
    Went to service, errors read were translated to "temperature too high"

    Previous owner used Millers racing oil and pink coolant.

    Should I consider going back to racing oil ?

    Is the 5w40 such a bad choice ?
  9. I have a 265 cup, i run mine on Elf sport 9 5w40, i have the standard yellow coolant and in all the trackdays i have done in the last year the max oil temp was 108c, coolant temp never moves, never had a warning light about temperature not even on the day it was 32degs on track.
  10. E-A


    Did he put the temp sensor in the sump?
  11. I had a sandwich plate with a sensor in that on my 225, 108deg C max on track.
  12. Quick update.

    An electrical conductor that was activating one of the cooling fans went bust.

    Changed it and now car runs fine.

  13. E-A


    I know nothing about Megane II. Did RS225 have an oil temp gauge from factory?
  14. No, none of them do, i bought a sandwich plate and fitted a temp and pressure sensors into to it, was on the 250 engine but basically the same principle
  15. E-A


    I read somewhere that RS Monitor is pretty accurate so Dixie's comment surprises me.
    Is your experience the same, that it can distinguish 20°C between the RS Monitor and the temperature measured at the oil filter?
  16. Only had the sandwich plate on the 225, not fitted one to the 265, the 225 doesn't have a monitor so not able to compare.

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