Megane RS 265 cup white Nacre ph3

Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by Daviej, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. Hello I’m Davy , 30y old and from Belgium

    I bought my megane rs 265cup in germany last year
    From 03/2014 with 48.000km


    Renault R-link with dat nav and rs monitor 2.0
    Cup pack
    Recaro in fabric
    Red seat belts

    Done myself and my friend ( Dixie )

    - Diamond performance black Renault covers
    - Exhaust trim wrapped in gloss black
    - Milltek downpipe 2.75”
    - mid silencer delete
    - Upgraded engine mounts (2 ) and gearbox mount (1)
    - LED H7 kit Night Eye
    - roof wrapped in gloss black
    - Rhino front bumper lip
    - itg cold air intake
    - CAE Ultra Shifter
    - Wagner intercooler
    - Endless cc40 brake pads front
    - Race Studs M12x1,5 68mm with open nuts
    - Motec Nitro 17” 9j et50
    - Federal FZ201 M 255/40/17 235/45/17
    - KW Clubsport
    - Spacer driveshaft left
    - rear wiper delete
    - brembo grooved discs
    - CGR Trophy R look strut with oem sabelt net






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  2. [​IMG]




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  3. Very nice.
    Nice house you've got as well , especially the garage

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  4. I’m thinking about hybrid turbo stage 2 incl 630cc deka injectors and uprated clutch!?

    So the turbo can be fully opened :-)

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  5. Thx! Haha not my house and garage , But Thx

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  6. Looks lovely. Do you have a picture of the back and the exhaust tip?
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  7. That looks great!
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  8. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Hello Davy, Good to see you on here!

    Love how yours sits and looks on those wheels, Properly aggressive! How much camber do you run again?
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  9. Stunning, love how angry it looks!
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. For the moment 2.47 degrees

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  12. [​IMG]

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  13. Really does look good. Was at the 'ring over the weekend, so quite a few on 17" wheels. They just look so aggressive!
  14. Indeed they look more agressive :-)
  15. Looks great!
  16. Thx!
  17. That does look really nice
  18. Thx!
  19. Hi mate, welcome.
    Know you well from Facebook page:wink:.
    Car looks ace!
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  20. Who we have here Thx Thx
  21. Spoke a few times on the RS pages on Facebook mate, and i’m friends with you on Facebook too. Should recognise my car in my avatar
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  22. I know I know ;-) thats why I wrote ‘ who we have here ‘ :-p

    I was allready registered like a month or so, but haven’t got the time to post something here :-)
  23. Best Facelift MK3 out there. Love it.
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  24. Thx!
  25. Why are you considering an uprated clutch, as far as I know the rods will bend long before the clutch gives in?
  26. Because I bought a hybrid turbo and oem clutch can handle only till 540nm :-)

    So the turbo can’t be tuned fully opened
  27. That realy depends on the kind of hybrid you’ve got. A 20T will get you around 500-550nm so standard clutch is fine.
  28. Are You sure? Normaly it’s a 20t fir 360-380hp. When turbo is tuned full open , the clutch will slip i think...
    I know somebody with 363hp and 521nm , mapped just under the clutch max. 378
    Hp and 560nm was to much :-)

    Thats Why I was thinking about an uprated clutch plate
  29. I’m 100% positive. I made 382/530 or something, not much more to be made with a 20T. That’s with 2.05 bar of boost, maxed out. You need a bigger hybrid for more power.
  30. And Totaly No problems with original clutch? Street use or track use?
  31. No problems at all with mine, even after a few launch control clutch drops. Have not driven it on track yet since it's currently being upgraded again.
  32. Ok but that are launch controls... Ok that is also not do verry good for the clutch, But when she can handle that... Is good news :-)
    But race track temperature is longer...
  33. Being spotted at a local cars and coffee meet


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  34. Personally I wouldn't go over 520/530Nm on the stock rods, know of a few Dutch ones that went bang above that.. Clutch will be fine, as the pistons.
  35. Mine snapped a rod at 382/530 so i would also advise to cap it a bit lower.
  36. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Track driving really doesnt put that much strain on the clutch, Your normally well out of peak torque in them on track.

    I wouldn't push it much over 520nm either tbf, Thats what i run and i wouldn't risk any more, Mainly to preserve the rods more than clutch.
  37. noticed you've fitted drive shaft spacer, yet your ride height doesn't look exceptionally low, did you feel needed it as it can be detrimental if gaps too small for the spacer
  38. The spacer is needed when you lower the car more than 30-35mm :-) So the driveshaft don’t pop out ;-). Also driving on -2.47 camber ;-)
  39. you realise the more camber you introduce the more it pushes the drive shaft back into the gear box, your -2.47° is quite strong and a 30mm drop is not a lot, thats why asked if really needed spacer
  40. I know, but it’s how the driveshaft ‘sits’ under that angle ;-)
    Iff You don’t do it , you’ll see Iff you drive sporty, ot will pop out ;-)

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