Megane rs 250 missfire :(

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  1. I can make my car do it on demand. I've just set my shift beep lower now
  2. well went to renault and what a waste of time that was :worried: so brought it back to our workshop (i work at evanshalshaw ford) and a couple of the lads drove it and said it seems spark related so they whipped the plugs out and gapped them to 0.5 and guess what......GONE no more missfire ive just put in genuine plugs so im ging to drive it for a few days and see how i get on,now my car is mapped so is there a better plug i could use rather that the standard renault ones? bosch IFRTX8G are what ive fitted atm.oh and tom how do you lower the shift beep mate?
  3. What happened at renault?

    I thought you said in original post you gapped them?

    If you have the rs monitor you can adjust the beep on the last option
  4. OEM spark plugs are fine on mapped car.

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  5. renault clip picked up no faults but they refused to rev the car to the max?i gapped them to 0.6 but the lads in the workshop have gone a bit smaller ill run it for a bit and see how it is,ive only gone about 5-6miles so ill report back in a few days,nah ive got nav no rs monitor :worried:
  6. Just drove it home and it's still f#@&$!g doing it I've gad enough of this car now!!!!!!
  7. Oh dear. That's dissapointing that renault don't know anything either
  8. There have to be some local specialist who can check it out for you. As this car is having pretty easy engine compared to all new cars (no direct injection, no maf etc.), it cant be that difficult to find the issue. Are you 100% shure you dont have a boost leak?

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  9. I'm going to take the car to rs tuning and let them have a look,i did call them today and explained what the problem was but he did say to me that if you touch the rev limiter in these cars the ecu dumps loads of fuel in and then runs like a bag of spanners for a few seconds which is a bit like mine,so I dunno lol
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  10. Let us know any updates mate
  11. Nothings changed yet bud,sometimes it does it sometimes it don't, think I'm gunna have to live with it as no one know what it could be :worried:
  12. You running 630's?

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  13. Just standard 250 injectors mate
  14. See, mine does this, but I would describe it as a flutter under high load, normally around peak torque. Did a trackday on Tuesday at Cadwell, and literally every time I came over the mountain, 3rd gear, it did it. Anyone who's fitted larger injectors to their 250 have this issue? It feels like a fuel issue to me. My plugs are brand new Renault, and a boost leak would be constant, all gears, all loads. It isn't. For reference, mine is a ktec map, with an intake and exhaust, tempted to put a recirc on, but I get the feeling it won't make a jot of difference.

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  15. Something I noticed recently when I had my diag connected, voltage to obd socket was around 13.6v. I just wonder.......... will have a good look and report back.

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  16. so did you guys found out what was the problem??
    I'm having the same issues. 3rd gear 5000rpm will misfire on max power. full power on 1st to 2nd gear no issues at all.
    my car just 40000km now and just done full Renault service as well.
    I'm on superchip stage 2 map. before it happen on 2nd gear and now it's gone and happening on 3rd gear.
    I rest to stock ecu map and tested few times pushed to limit no problems at all.
    Superchip adjust the map for me 3 times and still happening.
    3 gear 110km ish and misfire .
  17. did you find out the problem?
  18. TimR26

    TimR26 South Central RSM Area Rep

    I had a similar issue on my R26. I can't remember exactly now but it went either after replacing a map sensor or the tdc sensor.

    That sounds like fuel starvation to me. I encountered a similar issue at Brands Hatch on the run up to Paddock Hill Bend when below quarter of a tank.
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  19. I'm having a similar misfire issue from 5000-5500rpm, but it started after having the car serviced at Renault (big service, cambelt + spark plugs changed as well). Brought the car back in last Wednesday, no fault codes logged. They went all over it, rechecked the timing, iginition coils and spark plugs, but to no avail.

    My car is going back to them on Monday, when they plan to do a testdrive with CLIP attached. Needless to say I'm more than just a little bit pissed off... :rage:
  20. For anyone using this thread for future reference: turned out to be a faulty sparkplug, all 4 were changed under warranty, car runs flawless up to the redline again. :sunglasses:
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  21. Has anyone ever got to the bottom of this problem as was having similar issues at the ring last week ?
  22. It seems to me I'm having the same issue at WOT when changing gears 2-3 and 3-4. It feels like the car is misfiring at high rpm or like you're hitting the rev limiter but you're not.

    And the first thing that comes in my mind are the spark plugs or too rich AFR like the car gets too much fuel at that moment.

    My setup:
    KTR intake
    KTR IC
    KTR Stage 1 hybrid turbo
    630cc injectors
    Akrapovic titanium exhaust
    Forge BOV
    GT Performance silicone intake hoses
    PauRS remap

    P.S. bought the car on Tuesday from a friend.

    And my car is slower than a friends car which hasn't got the hybrid turbo or the injectors. I'm 1.5 length of a car behind him when accelerating in 2nd 50-200km/h or in 3rd gear 100-200km/h. His car pulls a bit better in every gear and has no issues like I do.
  23. This sound familiar, spark blow out, suggest remap and ask tuner to switch off the Renault fuel management that dumps load fuel in at high rpm. With system off the fuel supply is consistent and can be mapped without varying parameters
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  24. Will tell Paul that.

  25. Believe he now does this, depending when was mapped originally maybe didn’t
  26. He sent me the last map couple of days before. Had the same issue.

    And it feels to me like the car is running rich.

    Got to get it on rollers and an AFR gauge.
  27. Might well not show up on RR if Reno Fuel is still switched on, need confirm it’s off. Then do some hard pulls that mimic WOT in real world driving while watching AFR plot
  28. any updates?
  29. Had a car remaped on the rollers. Had no issues afterwards.

    It seems that the issue was with the remap .
    And also,had almost 30bhp less with the same setup.
  30. Did this fix the problem? I seem to also have a similar issue...
  31. Switched to another tuner. Fixed.
  32. s2k


    Spark plugs need to be changed more frequently on a mapped car - make sure they're in good order as can be a common cause for misfires
  33. Exactly this
  34. Sorry to bump this, I have a few issues with missfires, My clio did it something chronic mind, This happens occasionally, Ive got new sparks from ktech, but two of my ignition coils move the, bolts arnt holding them in looks like the housing has snapped off, probably floating around in my engine bay somewhere.

    I picked these up the other day as 1 coil was mad money, I though id get all 4 ignition coils changed, I know F4Rs hate none oem parts. They arrived today they look close enough, at touch different.

    Anyone put these on their car? Think I seen someone have them on r26s. Cheers
  35. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    I replaced mine with aftermarket ones (Delphi) work great no issues and its mapped

    So i don't think there will be a problem with those
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  36. Fair enough. Mines not maped.... Yettt need to convince the wife it's needed for "economy"
  37. Oddly sounds so similar to my issues of late.

    My issue was related to a faulty 02 sensor BUT it didn't throw a CEL. Only happened to throw a pending code testing all the coils and plug combinations. Whilst i was trying ty run down the issue.

    I don't know if any of you have tried this or come across it but it's certainly helped mine. Figured I'd post. It may be of no help but thought what the hell.

    Good luck sorting it out.
  38. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    My 225 260hp ish went from 28-29mpg cruising at 80mph, to 32mpg after being mapped to 320hp, i only did it for the economy :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  39. I always cruse on the motorway at exactly 69.99mph :smiley:

    Well anyway here's an update the coil pack worked fiiine and dandy only thing I noticed was the far left sparky was really brown on the top. They only been in for a year. So I wasn't expecting it to be bad the other 3 look fine. I might be overly paranoid as my 182 shot a sparkplug into the bonnet because the clynder was overheating due to blocked injector.

    Normally I'd be more worried a about the bottom end that's the bit that tells you more. Could that be causing problems? Or am I just being paranoid
  40. I realised that was a poor picture. IMG_20201102_111200.jpg IMG_20201102_111207.jpg

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