Megane rs 250 missfire :(

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  1. Hi guys I've just bought a rs250 and I love it but it has a small problem,it has a miss fire,now it was quite bad but I have just fitted some genuine renault plugs and it's much better their gapped to now idles ok and accelerates throughout the rev range ok BUT if I catch the rev limiter in let's say 2nd gear and I change into 3rd quickly it missfires for a few seconds before the powers comes back in now I know I shouldn't be banging of rev limiters but it comes in so quick on these cars lol do any of you guys have any suggestions on what it maybe?I'm thinking coils but not 100% sure I will take all comments on board cheers
  2. I have noticed the same some times. I think it is normal.....
  3. Really? :worried:
  4. I've noticed a similar thing. With mine I usually have to lay off the throttle and come back on again to get it to stop. It sounds like its completely riching out, perhaps missing in all 4 with no power being produced. It did it to such an extent once that it never recovered from it, the car was missing in all cylinders and chucking a cloud of un-burnt fuel out of the back. A restart fixed it and its never happened again. The fuel I was using was tesco ultimate, I use shell now and have no issues. I've always suspected the bluefin map isn't great so intend to get it changed at some point. What surprised me was that no fault codes ever came up!

    Some codes I get every now and again are the anti pollution and check injection. The actual fault code says unexpected levels of boost. I guess there could be a coil pack or spark plug issue at play. I also have my eye on changing the crank sensor.
  5. Hmmmm mines got a tank of v-power in and also a rs tuning map think I might change the coils but it's a lot of money if don't cure it lol
  6. Yeah that's the problem with these things, you can be chasing a fault for ages and it can become a real money pit. So many different sensors and components. I looked briefly into coils a few weeks ago and saw that is was around £40 for 4, I may misread this as it does seem quite cheap. They were likely not official ones
  7. £220 for genuine from renault....think I'll have to try em :worried:
  8. Ebay has NGK ones for £20 each.... I would try those personally, save a few quid!
  9. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    These cars are notoriously fussy with parts so i would stick with OEM, Thats speaking from experience
  10. Especially on plugs supposedly, Paul at RS mentioned they were pretty fussy if they were not 100% spot on.
  11. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Yup, I tried the Denso IK24's (?) That people recommended for those running more power and they were wank, even when gapped properly i was still getting a heavy misfire, Swapped out for OEM's and it disappeared.
  12. Yh I'm using oem plugs gapped to 0.6 I wouldn't use anything unless it was genuine lol just annoying me know
  13. Sounds normal to me, mine does it time to time when you the limiter right, mine is mapped thou.
  14. Have you got traction off completely when you are doing this ?
  15. Had this happen once or twice with my 265 also, like you said when you are properly giving it the welly...
  16. I've noticed recently that the misfire counter (torque app) on mine also increases during a drive (is zero when starting the car). They seem to happen on overrun though, and I haven't noticed any driveability issues - don't know if that's normal? (car is mapped)
  17. It was one reason for me to remove the tuning box out of my car, as it felt like a missfire time to time. Now in stock condition it feels much smoother.
  18. Coil pack/s likely issue & ngk plugs are fine
    Should be silky smooth at all times, anyone tell you anything else is kidding. Mine has no shudder judder miss or stutter on idle,part or full throttle.
  19. I had a post similar to this and people told me it was the cold limiter :worried: I've have had this issue twice too but not for a good few months since I've been using Shell V-Power, and the cars also been mapped since then too
  20. This is misfire on the limiter, not the limiter coming in earlier
  21. Doesnt more fuel get chucked into the cylinder on the limiter to cool it down?
  22. hi guys,fitted 4 genuine coils today but ive not had the chance to go for a drive yet so ill update u all over the weekend,cheers
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  23. still the same :worried:
  24. As suggest fill her up with Shell V-Power and report back. Whats the milage on your car?
  25. Only use v-power and she's done 50k
  26. Mines suffering from the same bud. Maybe a second of misfire once you've changed up on full boost. Car does nothing and then comes back

    I'm on 61k with a map 290bhp
  27. Random idea... Try it with traction control switched off... I'm getting strange issue that's similar on mk2 r26 but never happens with TC off.
  28. Mine does it with T/C off
  29. Mine too :worried:
  30. Guy I've spoken to on Facebook says his was doing this too and got worse and worse.
    He had a compression check and got a read back of 150,150,100,40.
    Apparently then he blew his crankcase Seal and fudged a piston due to the low compression.

    Abit worrying if this is linked but I don't have a clue
  31. Those engines are called as bulletproof, as much as i know, especially on stock condition. I dont think that everyone engines are blowing now as one guy had some compression check and faulty readings. Sometimes reading all the forum threads and replys on the internet it feels like your car is fckd up in every way, but actually it isnt that bad at all :smile:
    Is it happening when you hit the rev limiter or is it doing that even if you change the gear on the right rev?
  32. Just read this. Don't know if I am worried or relieved.... I get this now and again, but usually with TC Off.

    The only time I've experienced this is when properly going for it and catching the limiter in 1st into 2nd. I always lift off and it's fine, I've never had the balls to keep my foot planted with the noise it makes! Definitely a complete loss in power though.

    Always run on V-Power Nitro+ or Trsco Momentum 99 - Standard car with ITG panel and mid box delete.
  33. Seems a fair few of us experience this then.
  34. sounds just like mine michael
  35. Are all these cars mapped? I was always thinking it was my map
  36. Negative. Mine is standard with ITG panel and mid box delete.
  37. well thismorning the missfire was awful :worried: as soon as i reached 5k it was popping and banging and sounded like it was running on 3 cylinders,its going into renault tomorrow for them to have a look and we will go from there,ive had the car 2 weeks and had nothing but trouble with it,i bought it from my work and they have said they will buy the car back off me for what i paid for just gunna see what renault say in the next couple of days or so,ill keep u updated guys :smile:
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  38. If it's that bad it could be a boost leak maybe? Speculating without seeing or hearing the vehicle. Hope you get it sorted mate.
  39. Don't think so mate but we will see what they come back with,hope it's a simple fix as I love the car
  40. I experienced this again today, but catching the limiter in second changing into 3rd.

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