Megane RS 250 Cup Superchips Bluefin remap

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  1. Hello all,

    I have recently installed a Superchips Bluefin map to my RS 250 Cup, and to be honest I'm pretty happy with the results; the car feels much more urgent and pulls much harder than before.

    However, there is one circumstance where something is definitely not quite right. If you nail it in second at about 25mph and rev-out to the limiter, it seems to stutter a bit @4000-4500 before continuing to the limiter. It does not do this at any other time, in any other gear, or under any other throttle load, so could be difficult to pinpoint.

    Any ideas? Has anyone had similar problems with a remap? I should probably get it on the rollers TBH...
  2. I'd get it one some rollers anyway to check the map is safe.
  3. Ovy


    I think I read somewhere the air/fuel ratios are an issue with the bluefin on the 250/265
  4. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Runs lean. Get it checked and a "proper" map on it.
  5. I had one on a Astra VXR, and on my old 250 for 300 miles they came off for another reason.
    Did not get that problem. Just massive torque from low down.
    If as everyone says it is too lean or problematic can we have first hand evidence rather than hearsay.
    Or what do Superchips/Bluefin say.
    Have they had a queue of owners with damaged engines asking for money? [Not going to tell us?]

    There are a lot of guys with lots of experience of all of this so wait and see. I know how you feel as there is only a 7 days refund if not happy.
    I know that Bluefin is a one size fits all. So may not be okay
    My query is that the Renno Standard map for a 250 is a one size fits all as well?

    Keep posting as I am interested.
    [PS They came off due to not getting insurance.]
    Cheers Andy

    PS if it does go back you are welcome to try my TMC Motorsport Tuning Box FOC. Jusy pay for it if you get on with it, see ad in for sale]
  6. It's not here say. Someone here has the data to show. Surprised you haven't seen it considering you've been here since 2013.
  7. Thanks
    That's true. No not seen it. I am sure I had a group buy too? [Perhaps off the site]

    I posted a query on one site as I had a starting issue. However it was the normal small misfire/Kangaroo just after starting and setting off.
    Not had it on the 265. Not had a bluefin on it either. Just the TMC Motorsport Box on the 250
    Cheers Andy
  8. zac


    Hi Andy, I just received my TMC Tuning Box but there is no instalation guide. Could you please direct me how to connect it. Thanx.
  9. I’ve managed over 130 thousand miles in my 250 with a bluefin remap no problems with mine
  10. I had an RS250 with a bluefin map too. It felt great, except was very jumpy when cold and going slow.

    New owner for the car dynod and remapped after as it was running dangerously lean

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