Megane rs 250 brake issue

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  1. Juso muminovic

    Juso muminovic RSM Club Member

    I’ve got a problem with my brakes, I’ve changed discs and pads all round with genuine ones I’ve had them bled but after 3 or so days my brake pedals drops to the floor, I’ve had the abs system bled too and pressure bled but still after a few days I lose my brake pedal and the car BARELY stop

    help plz because I’m really running out of patience with this car

    any suggestions will be great

    thank you
  2. Assuming fluid is not leaking onto the floor, then the fluid is not holding pressure, and leaking back to the cylinder, thats often the cause, so maybe a new cylinder.
  3. Juso muminovic

    Juso muminovic RSM Club Member

    Sorry forgot to mention I’ve already changed the cylinder too and still no luck
  4. Have you looked at the pad disk area, is the fluid level in the reservoir still ok?
  5. Juso muminovic

    Juso muminovic RSM Club Member

    Yes fluid is at the max line where it should be no leaks anywhere I’ve checked absolutely everywhere

    I’ve had 3 different garages look at the brakes and everyone says it looks fine and the first one to bleed them was k-tec who I’m sure would have noticed something wrong it’s really annoying me now
  6. If pedal is going to floor after a few days. it's losing pressure in the line between master cylinder and the calipers. IF there are no visible leaks of fluid, it is bleeding back to the master cylinder. It cannot be anything else. Send a message to Ianplymouth on here, he will know more than I do. Keep us informed, hopefully Ian will solve this for you.
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  7. Juso muminovic

    Juso muminovic RSM Club Member

    I will do, thank you

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