Megane R26 vs. Clio 182 Trophy

Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by Yorkshire_LY, May 9, 2018.

  1. Both cars have similarites as they are regarded the 'best' versions of their era and both destined to become future classics. Mint versions going for similar money now aswell.

    Which do you think is the better overall car?
  2. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    I have gone from a 182 trophy, to my mk3 Meg. I miss the go kart feel of the clio, and they are good fun, but would sooner have the Meg
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  3. I went from a 182 trophy to Megane R26. The Trophy will probably be more desirable than the R26 - mainly due to the limited numbers and the suspension.

    Both cars are great - the 182 definitely more nimble and direct but I prefer the R26. Partly due to it being LY.

    I cant fault either car. Renault Sport did a cracking job on both. I just prefer the extra power of the Megane (mapped)and the fact it's a little more grown up but still a great drivers car!
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  4. I'm gonna say the Trophy. Came from a 172 to a R26 and whilst the Megane is way better in a lot of ways, it just doesn't put the smile on your face like it's smaller brother can.

    As an only car - the R26 every time - but if you've got something else more sensible, the 182 would be my pick
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  5. Well thats another debate - will the MK3 Megane be ever uttered in the same breath as the two ive mentioned?
  6. I had a phase 1 172 before my R26.
    Tbh I miss the 172, much more fun on a hoon around, even though the megane is a better all rounder, I miss my little 172

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  7. I've still got a 172 Cup. Have driven and owned plenty of 'better' cars in the time I have owned the Clio and, even though it's a bit of a shed these days, it can still put a smile on my face like almost no other car. The Meg R26 is a brilliant car, but I think the little Clio 1*2 is probably one of the all-time greats.
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  8. Agree with @massivewangers completely.

    Love my mapped 225 but the Clio 172 Cup I had before felt more of an event to drive quickly.

    Tbh they're both classics as they are drivers cars.
  9. Only owned an R26 so can’t compare to a clio but it’s mapped and lightened and i don’t miss my Ninja Zx6r so that should speak volumes. :-)
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  10. Feirny

    Feirny RSM Admin

    I've moved from a Trophy to an R26 twice now. The R26 is the more complient car but the Trophy is the better car.

    Meg has more power, and puts it down easier and is by far the quicker car. The Trophy is just unreal, I've had two for a reason.
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  11. Im 'partially' considering going from my R26 to a Trophy in the future if i find the right one. Im very happy with the R26 atm though...i think it depends on your daily commute - if its quite long then the R26 is the much better option.

    Seems to be a very mixed market - ive seen mint Trophys for £10K and absolute dogs on FB for £3K hehe. How did you find yours?
  12. A simple question. Does a well sorted R26 handle anywhere near as well as a Clio 182 Cup?

    The reason for asking is that when I chopped in my 182 for my 225 Trophy I was, I have to say, very disappointed with the handling.

    I've never driven an R26 and I’m wondering whether the diff and anti roll bars make all the difference? (both standard on the R26 I believe?) If it does I might consider modifying the Trophy (which I also love!) or just getting a sorted R26…

  13. Daz

    Daz RSM Club Member

    I found my Megane Trophy leagues ahead of the 172 I had. I also didn't see/feel any benefit of an R26 over the Trophy on the times I was driving them all, not on the road at least.
  14. after a full refresh of the suspension and steering on my R26,its back to rude health.
    on a B road,a R26 handling as it should, is a handful for anything to keep up with.
    Took mine out yesterday for a blast on quiet roads.
    Its just so balanced when you get it all to hook up.
    Still putting a big smile on my face after 11 years!
  15. Thanks guys. Maybe the comparison to a Clio is to subjective...

    What about the comparison between a Trophy and an R26 when driven hard? Is there really not much in it?

    My Tophy is putting out about 270bhp and getting the power down out of a bend can be tricky - I'd like to think that an lsd would vastly improve things...?
  16. Daz

    Daz RSM Club Member

    At 270bhp it would probably help, mines around the 250 mark and it's 'juuuuuust' about ok on decent rubber.

    I've always said a standard power 225/cup/Trophy/F1 doesn't need a diff on the road.
  17. probably right there.
    My R26 is stage 1 270hp and 290lb/ft.
    With the diff,it can put all of that torque down ,without any pulling of the wheel at all.
    Thats what i love about the R26..its a balanced package.
  18. a nicely tuned 1x2 with decent exhaust makes a better noise than the R26 when revved hard , lsd is great in R26 but RS250 is better. its all very subjective as depends on geo, tune, tyres,suspension etc etc, drive both and see which one you prefer
    i had a 172 cup well tuned, and have an r26 and rs250 currently, all three quite heavily modded with the right mods and track focused
  19. yep..these cars need to be looked after to keep them at there handling best.
    For example,accurate tracking and alignment is very sensitive on the R26.
    Just had mine done on a brand new computerized rig after full suspension and steering refurb.
    Wasnt to far out from factory settings,but just a few tweaks made immediate difference in turn in ,and high speed stability.
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  20. Yep to this. V sensitive and easily knocked out I find due to the ridiculously hard suspension!
  21. dont put cooksports on then!..makes it even stiffer.
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  22. If anything I want to put r26r springs on if I can get the car light enough....
  23. Hi mate - ive just had a quote for the advisory fixes for my R26 in order to pass its next MOT.

    N/S/F Rack Bush - O/S Tie Rod £209
    O/S Inner CV Boot £131

    Does that sound fair?
  24. 131 quid for a cv boot sounds steep.
    Does this include tracking if the tie rods being replaced?
  25. Yeah that includes tracking it says.

    Theres also a 'Front Xenon Level Sensor £169' which may or may not need doing,depending it it can get through the test,but they say its not working. This is a trusted Renault Specialist who have done my 182 belts before,but all in all doesnt sound cheap! I just wanted to get an opinion on it.
  26. i suppose this is the problem with any pay for that higher skillset.

    I wonder where they are getting the rack bush from?
    its not a seperate renault part..i had to get mine from Track rally focus.
  27. Not sure - is the rack bush a common problem? Is any of those advisories anything to do the with the famous track rod end?

    Tbh,id rather spend a bit more for a place who have worked on loads of R26s before than some random garage down the street - still very expensive though for an MOT! To be fair though,i havnt spent anything on the car for a full year apart from fuel - hasnt wanted anything.
  28. The rack bush is a common failure..causes play in the steering.
    Normally you would have to buy a whole new steering rack,but various companies do just the bush.
    Still means taking the rack to bits,but a easy fix for someone who knows what they are doing.
    Will make the steering stiffer than before.
    I assume its your track rod end thats worn as well.
    At least when its done your steering should be far sharper than before.
    A r26s rack should be super responsive..

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