Megane R26 - Glacier White - Immaculate -£6450

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  1. Hi all

    I am looking to sell my beloved Megane R26 in the near future as I’m fortunate enough to be getting a new company Car (Volvo XC60 -D5 ) which I will be allowed to take home with me and at weekends.
    This unfortunately means that Megan The Megane will be up for sale shortly. I was trying to weigh up all my options in having 2 cars for myself, but I need to be sensible.

    I thought I’d test the water on here first, as I’d really like her to go to an Enthusiast, rather than someone who wouldn’t take care of her.

    The main aim was to find a car with great service history and plenty of paperwork to back everything up.
    I wanted a Glacier white spec, lux pack wasn’t important to me and after months of looking I found Megan!

    Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of lower mileage specimens out there, but they either lacked the paperwork or enthusiasts touch that I was after.

    It didn’t phase me that Megan has slightly higher mileage as I knew that mechanically she was in tip top condition and was very well looked after by her previous owner.

    Megan is garaged during the week and only comes out at weekend or when it’s sunny. I bought her more for a weekend toy.
    She has never been tracked in my ownership.

    Anyways enough said..please see below a accurate and honest description of the car. I am always as forward and honest as can be , when describing the condition of my cars, as I would feel bad to hide anything from potential buyers.

    Megane R26
    Glacier White
    Non lux pack
    Mileage 95,5XX – will rise ever so slightly
    Mot – April 2020 – no advisories

    Cambelt, Aux belt and waterpump changed by Alex @AW Motorworks – basically the Megane Guru on here and a ex mechanic of Engine Dynamics – 1st August 2019
    Remap by Engine Dynamics – 260bhp 280lb-ft
    New Febi Bilstein Top mount
    Forge Motorsport Silicone Hoses
    Induction Kit
    Serviced by myself 200 miles ago with all invoices and receipts on hand.
    Service included: Oil&oil filter, NGK spark plugs (the proper ones) Gearbox oil and cabin filter
    Always run on Shell V-Power.

    Clio 197 wheel
    Updated headunit
    Carbon inserts throughout cabin
    Fully LED’d throughout cabin, including the Sun visor mirror light and Boot light.
    Recaro are in great condition
    197 floor mats
    No spare wheel.
    Interior is in excellent condition.
    I’m a non smoker and the rear seats by the look of them have never been sat in.
    No warning lights on dash, even with it being a decat.
    All electrics work as they should.

    R26R rear spoiler
    Full Scorpion exhaust system
    New discs and pads all round
    Henko wind deflectors
    Uprated Dipped beam lights – Osram night breaker Laser – A right pig to fit, as we all know!
    New Windscreen
    2x New Michelin PS4’s
    New track rod ends
    Got the tracking done same times as the above were fitted.
    Pressed plates
    Smoked indicator inserts
    LED reverse lights and number plate light
    Alloys are not mint, got a few small scuffs on them, I’ve tried to lacquer over them, but it’s really minor.
    Bodywork is straight, with the smallest 2 scuffs on side. You wouldn’t notice them unless I pointed them out to you.
    New aero wipers

    All the work listed above was carried out this year, with most within the last few weeks. ALL invoices kept.
    Car has been services every 5k miles.

    Thinks that’s the majority listed.
    Sure I’ve missed something out, but as you can see by the extensive work the car is ready to go to a new owner with all major bits sorted.

    I have a folder full of receipts and invoices, even the original sales invoice from new!

    Please don’t be put off by the mileage, I can assure you the car is mechanically sound with ample of service and paperwork present and has been meticulously looked after regardless of the cost
    It’s tight with no crunches or iffy noises.

    A future classic in my eyes!

    I’m in my 30’s now, so like to think I’m a mature driver.
    Car is always warmed up fully before a spirited drive.

    Like I said, it’s had everything important done to it and is ready for a new home now.
    I’m in no rush to sell and if it wasn’t for the new company car I’d most definitely keep Megan!

    Viewings are possible after 4pm weekdays and via appointment at weekends, only as I might be working or busy.

    Car is located in the SouthEast/Kent area.

    I’m asking for £6450

    It's 20190811_102645.jpg 20190811_102731.jpg 20190811_103102.jpg 20190811_103310.jpg 20190811_103321.jpg 20190811_103338.jpg 20190811_105953.jpg strong money and I’m sure there are cheaper examples out there with lower miles on them, but I can assure you not every one is as well looked after as mine, plus it has pretty much every invoice from new.

    Happy to answer any more questions over phone or email.
    More pictures on request.

    Mobile: 07969870698



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  2. P.s - looks like the Front Bumper has stone chips on it...They are little flies that clearly took a fancy!
  3. New car is being delivered shortly.
    Could do with the space.

    Happy to listen to offers
  4. Open to offers
    Someone hit me up.
    New work car has arrived
  5. These seem to struggle to sell, this looks nice too.

    I think price wise it would need to be around the 5-5500.

  6. I can vouch for this meg. It's my mates old one and it's very clean

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  7. Couple of pics with mine 285d626829c06edb7c90e434f861a1c6.jpg e96ef078be7c2c495bf4bb465f0fa8ec.jpg 506f151a19b003ea8f665cc797067960.jpg

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  8. Reduced: £5750
    Really surprised it’s not gone yet.
  9. Mileage is probably bringing its value down, as well as the perceived ceiling for these cars of 5k. Very nice example, mildly tuned, but 5k is probably it's true value. It's a shame, as where else can you buy a 150mph car that has looks to die for and makes most Porsches look daft!! Good luck. I love my rs 225 lux and would never sell it.
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  10. Yeah id tend to agree with above.

    The 250 prices are coming down alot which won't help either.
  11. Reduced: £5500
  13. @imprezaworks finally?
  14. As if.
  15. SOLD

    Can mod please update or remove, thanks.
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