Megane R26/225 uprated fuel pump options

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  1. @ewan81 decat or sportscat? Mine was running rich when i took it to be mapped rst. Gues the ecu is adapting to driving style? As with upgraded pump u still have standard fpr. And swirl pot with external pump, return with rising fpr is the only forward for moded tracked mk2s

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  2. I have a sportscat, passed the first two years of MOT with no problem and the only change this year is uprated fuel pump with otherwise standard fuel system.

    My next upgrade will be to the fuel system to make it safer for on track work
  3. I have a sportscat. Passed mots no problem, but when for a map, rst was surprised how rich it run. Was down to my driving style. From traffic light to traffic light, rarely seen 4th gear, not to mention 5, 6.

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  4. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    started fitting the relay, just need to save up for the pump now

    36899004903_5e0e5dce61_c.jpg Relay wiring by matt eaton, on Flickr
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  5. Is it the dw pump u going for? @matt e

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  6. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

  7. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

  8. @matt e thank u, not seen it.

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  9. So what do u think about rst solution boys?

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  10. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    Personally I'd just fit a DW65C. But mine's just a road car
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  11. It looks like a good solution, although it's a fair investment and it doesn't solve the problem with fuelling on track.
    Just goes to show how poor the standard setup is though [emoji23]
  12. What about in tank baffles? Sure some cars have them?

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  13. On some Lotus, you can buy aftermarket fuel tanks that are baffled for on track work. The advantage they have is that the Lotus use an alloy tank, whereas the Megane has a plastic tub that's an odd shape!
  14. @matt e

    Just drop your bits into the ultrasonic bath for you.
    Sorry for the delay, worked had moved the tank to another part of the workshop and was waiting to be plumbed into the cold water feed.

    Dropped them in at 60 degrees and will give them 2 x 60min stints [emoji106] aad11afab8734899e5f7ea196d2f0d67.jpg 97677d332082db44d7eb7a672d3d7368.jpg

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  15. All done @matt e

    Everything has come out super clean but I would suggest flushing some fuel through it before hooking it up to the fuel system or unclipping the fuel pipe to the rail into a bucket while cranking it over just incase any cleaning fluid still in there.
    I dropped it all into the hot rinse tank then blew it dry with air so should be ok but better to be on the safe side bud. c02ea3c8fb4868b5c1989004c85104f0.jpg

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  16. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    Can you let me know what's happening with the fuel sender @Trophyboy
  17. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

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  18. Matt, what is your plan with the fuel pump, are you going to run a return line?
  19. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    nah no return line. just the DW65C pump and a MK3 fuel rail and then braided line
  20. Can you put up a little wiring diagram of how you have done the wiring to the pump Matt, I’m filling the same route I think, maybe running a return line and blocking the in tank fpr and running one up front but not sure yet
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  21. What type of fuel line are you using? I’ve read a lot about Teflon lines fuel hose or ptfe line or even rubber, I’m not sure what the best solution is?

    Are you going to have the standard hose connections crimped onto the hose?
  22. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Hi fellas just been reading through theres some good info in this thread.

    As some of you may have seen I am about to install my new fuel system, I can write some more in depth info and progress here if you guys want? Some of it might be useful for others.
    Also able to make checks and note info for anybody thats wants to know anything about stock parts etc.
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  23. That would be great :astonished:
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  24. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    No problem!

    Ill keep it updated then as I go along and probably run into problems :tearsofjoy:

    I have already posted some of the details on my project thread but Ill go over them again here so people dont have to jump threads to find the details. I dont mean to teach anyone to suck eggs but I try to keep info in a form that anyone who doesnt know will understand if possible.

    So Ill soon be running 875cc injectors, which has created the need for the fuel supply to be increased.
    Contemplated a couple of plans and decided on external uprated pump fed from collector, there are a few reasons why I decided to go with this set up, mainly to lower the possibility of fuel surge or starvation.
    So the setup I am going with will still be using the OE pump to lift to the collector, a return from collector to main tank.
    Collector to external pump and then to fuel rail, fuel rail return to collector.

    The nominal injector pressure of the 875's is 3 - 3.5 bar or the same as OE.
    Rail pressure will be regulated following the rail, gone with a Bosch 3.5bar regulator, in a non adjustable housing. Its my opinion that the OE in tank regulator is a poor placement as the pressure cannot be garanteed at the rail.
    Regardless of the line pressure loss keeping the regulator as close to the rail exit as possible will give the rail a more consistant pressure (assuming the pump can keep up anyway)

    The rail I will be using is now going to be the megane 250 / 265 type, undecided on how I will be running it now, going to move the fitting to allow it to fit onto the 225 manifold. Will likely be removing the 250 regulator housing and welding on a -6 fitting in its place, the second plan may be to remove the OE regulator housing, cover the centre inlet, drill holes either end and fit a inlet and outlet with again welded -6 fittings.

    The pump I will be using is a Bosch 044, provides 300lph, which is still greater than 4X 875 injectors running 100% duty (not that they would be :tearsofjoy:) so I am more than happy with the flow.
    Had some problems and mix up with pumps as you may have seen, was send a Walbro 255 by error but decided to go with the Bosch and thats now been sorted out.

    For now I will be running one inline filter only post pump, if I stick with the OE lift pump it will still have the micky mouse gauze filter so will at least protect the Bosch from any possible debris.

    The swirl pot is 2l, maybe overkill but never bad to have the fuel on hand.

    Lines will be mainly / all AN-6, I have gone with push fittings, which I may decide to upgrade later althhough not really needed at 3.5 bar.

    Have a load of other fittings and lines on their way now so can keep updating the progress as I go!?

    Some of the problems I still need to look in to and overcome are mainly the return line from collector to tank, and getting the mods done to the rail.
    Fairly sure Ill be fitting the system in the spare wheel well, only thing putting me off is in the case of being in a rear end shunt, I do not particularly want it all on display but may change my mind and fit it closer to the centre of the car.

    Anyway couple of photos, sorry nothing special at the moment but will keep updates regular if anybody is interested! Would love to hear feedback and thoughts from anyone as always!


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  25. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    Lots of bling there mate :laughing::laughing::laughing:
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  26. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Black spray paint? :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
  27. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    Could be a good option :sunglasses:
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  28. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Just measuring up what needs to be adapted on the mk3 fuel rail, took some photos for my reference so thought they could be useful here too. So as your looking at the rail from the manifold side the left bracked fits and the right needs to move left by what I make to be 6mm, this one in slotted which is convenient too.
    I have now decided I will be going to fit a new inlet and outlet and be removing the original inlet in the centre. Plan is to use the right side as outlet and fit my regulator straight to the rail.

    Couple more shots of the mk3 rail fitted on mk2 manifold.



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  29. Nice pics, keep this updated!
  30. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Thanks and I will do mate, going to be a lot to put up over next few weeks hopefully!
  31. I am looking forward to the updates Big Uno, thanks for taking the time to do a write up. I have started to revise the fuel set up on my track car. I have an external swirl pot, Bosch 044 pump and external filter to go in the rear but I was unsure what to do at the rail end. I will be following this closely.

    I was also looking at putting a new Walbro in the place of the stock in tank pump as mine is now 10-11 years old.

  32. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    No problem at all mate!
  33. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    A small update, so I had a load of fittings arrive today, along with my fuel lines.

    Im now swimming in blue and red things, clamps, hose (not the nylon type dont get any ideas) and jubilee clips :tearsofjoy:

    So chucked together my pump assembly roughly how it will go. Got a check point to test the pressure between pump and filter, switched from push fit banjo to -6 banjo off the check valve.
    All thats missing here is the hose connections.

    Also put my two rail assemblys together, one is a simple push fit to bend and -6 male (that will fit to the rail) that will be the inlet.

    The other is the regulator assembly, have a steel -6 weld on attached (to the rail) this ones just a spare I have stainless for the rail.
    Again check point following rail before regulator, this will test regulated pressure.
    On to the regulator housing, dont want to fit the actual regulator until the final fitting but its there in the background.
    Out to -6 push.

    Also sent my rail now along with the -6 fittings to be welded, remove the old regulator housing and cover the inlet for that. And move right side mount over 6mm. Took it to a local fabrication shop in the end, quoted £60 for the work which is reasonable.

    I will make a full list of parts I have used once its installed and working, this will definitely save somebody alot of time and trouble if they want to run a similar setup!
    I did order AN adaptors for the filter above but got the wrong type on the other side, so now need to sort that.
    The pressure check points also will not be in use for driving they are for test only :laughing: just incase anyone was wondering about the gauge bouncing around in the engine bay :smile:

    And of course some photos below.


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  34. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Got the rail finished... or so I thought, unfortunately its had to go back as the welder moved the bracket 6.5mm the wrong way :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy: so had to take it back to get it moved again.
    The fittings are on though.


  35. Some nice tidy welding done on that [emoji106]
  36. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Unfortunately its some nice welding on the bracket too :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy: not sure how hes going to get it off :sweatsmile:
  37. Probably the good old grinder [emoji23][emoji23]
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  38. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Dont care if it fits afterwards and doesnt blast fuel everywhere :sweatsmile:
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  39. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    Or a big hammer :laughing::laughing::laughing:
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