Megane Powered Twingo..

Discussion in 'Other Projects' started by Coneyy, May 3, 2018.

  1. So thought I’d introduce my little project to you guys! Currently running 252bhp and 272 ft/lbs. mapped at EFI, stock engine with decat, custom exhaust and intercooler system. Running the megane brembos at the front with adapters. Took me most of last year to get the whole car together, only really worked on it at the weekends. Car was resprayed in alien green before I got it and I think it suits the body very nicely...

    Got some future plans for it that included a forged engine possibly and breaking the 300bhp mark, along with a diff in the box after also.

    Few pictures attached

  2. I’ve already seen this before but still awesome none the less!

    Something i’ve been thinking about of doing but think i’ll boost the 1.6 instead :smile:
  3. Very nice, colour ain`t bad either.
  4. Very, very nice car.I run a 250meg Clio, and the meg twingo looks a good conversion.
  5. That's amazing! How much does it weigh do you know, and does it have some suspension mods as well?
  6. Thanks guys

    I think stock weight with original engine is either 1040/1050kgs. Can easily get the weight below 1000kgs I think with seats etc. Not sure how much is added by the meg engine and box. Suspension is stock cup at the moment.
  7. Ooooh, I bet that is so much fun! I loved my little Twingo but it really lacked power, I always wondered what it would have been like with a better engine.
  8. Also, get the strip behind the number plate painted black, they look mean like that!
  9. Yeah I done that on my other twingo. I’m waiting on a rear diffuser and then I’ll paint them at the same time, makes more sense that way. The car is pretty fun though!
  10. Did the megane gearbox fit in ok? No modification to the chassis rail needed etc?

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  11. Not a straight fit by any means, have to take a notch out the chassis leg on the gearbox side.
  12. Ah so no easier than a 172/182, then.
    Ive got the parts to do a conversion just unsure what to drop the engine/ box into, 172 / twingo or 197!

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  13. Easiest by far would be into the 197
  14. That looks awesome in AG. Bet it goes like stink too!
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  15. Daz


    Sell it to me!
  16. I think I’ll hang onto it for now plus I’d have no idea what price to put on it!
  17. Daz


    Ok, you can keep it for now, but I want it afterwards!
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  18. This would be the only sort of thing, that would tempt me out of my meg Clio.
  19. Can someone translate this guys and girls?.
  20. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Just fucking spam mate...
  21. I did wonder, but at my age,Spam was something I ate during the Second World War!.
  22. At least the spam has brought this little beast to my attention!

    I love it!

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