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Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by c6mby, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. hi all

    Does anyone have a Megane dci 175 in the fareham or Hampshire area I could please come and have a look round and ask some questions about.

  2. what type of answers are you after?
    can we help through the forum in the first instance as those vehicles are quite rare nowadays
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  3. Hi thanks for the reply

    I’m looking to find out what there like to live with? Any common faults, and ideal I’d like to experience one to see if they tick all the boxes for me

  4. I had one, if it was a 3 door one then i would have kept it, my wife had it in the end but after 8 months of town driving it didn't like it.
    I have the same engine in my Espace and that has done over 180k hard miles, it was mapped just after i bought it running around 200hp and a great increase in torque and after 7 years its still going strong.
    No cambelt on these engines to worry about the main reason i bought the Espace.
    If your not doing reasonable miles a day or week then get the dpf removed as they block fairly easy, it will need an Italian tune up once a week :laughing::laughing:

    I did track the Dci at Abingdon, all standard apart from decent pads and some semi slicks, very pleased with the way it performed, don't think the owner of the Audi RS4 avant was impressed when i left him behind :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: and it still managed 22mpg on track, my 225 returned 8.8mpg at the same track.
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  5. Lower swivel bearings are common on mk2's and as the engine is 70kg heavier than the f4r engine they might need checking more often, it will have a mk3 gearbox in it so the short shift mod is an easy one to do.
    It will all depend on what you are going to use the car for, as a daily on a reasonable run 40+ mpg easily, as a track day car it's a bit heavy on the front but still very enjoyable.
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  6. mine got 197k on clock, totally standard, torque is good it will go far if you maintain it well, mine is serviced every 6k turbo has no play whatsoever.
    Window regulator and scuttle drain are an small issue sometimes but does not ruin the enjoyment of the ride for me anyway. You have to remember it is a Renault not a rolls Royce, so if you can leave with little nigly things then you will be fine.
    Otherwise car is great even though the lump in front is heavy the car Handles really well and still a competitors to newer and more expensive cars IMHO.
    Make sure you research well before buying to avoid buying a lemon. Best of luck in you search
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  7. Had my Silver , 2007 , 64k mile 3 door cup chassis for 4 yrs . Got it for the wife so she use the M3 . Fantastic car , no problems . Drove it down to the south of France . Mrs kept it when we split up , she sold it for £2500 last year . A guy from France bought it , he said they sell for for €6k Over there!

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  8. Thank you so much for the great reply’s I really appreciate them, the car will be mainly for commuting but with a few tracks days a year too, I’ve had an r26 previously I wish I’d never sold it to be honest but needs must. I like the idea of a short shift mod, overkill maybe but does anyone know if you can fit cae or alike shifters to the dci’s?.
  9. The gearbox in the DCi is a mk3 box, so if you really want to fit a CAE shifter sure a mk2 one will fit, i did my DCi and it was really a great improvement.

    I think you will be better getting it mapped as the extra torque and power is addictive :sunglasses:
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  10. Short shift is really really easy - way easier than the petrols.
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  11. Thank you I’ll try and look into it
  12. This is what the part looks like

    Sorry pic wont load
  13. No problem thank you for trying,
    I went to see one this weekend just gone, unfortunately it needed a lot of work, it’s advertised on eBay so if anyone if going to view or bid please be aware it needs work, it was lacking power knocking both swivel hubs needed doing its had 42 stored fault codes the list goes on and on, it could make a nice car for someone with a lot of work.
    Anyway my search continues although I have been put off somewhat at the moment, if anyone local does have one please can I come and have a look and have my mind put to rest.
  14. I had to trade my DCi in against the 265, as i couldn't get any viewings, it was 08 plate, 5 door, with 66k miles on it, should have kept it really, if it had been a 3 door it would have stayed.
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  15. Deffo a buyers market for them, glad you got the car you wanted now tho
  16. The mk3 is okay, but i think the mk2 is a better track car, the 265 driving to tracks and back is a very nice place to be, but i like the way you can abuse the chassis of the mk2 controllable lift off over steer and you can feel exactly whats going on under the wheels.
  17. CJ_RSport

    CJ_RSport RSM Moderator

    Had my Dci 6 years nearly, far from stock now but wouldn't ever sell. Theyre a great car when looked after. Not many realise how good the m9r engine actually is. one of the best diesels of its day hence why its used in loads of different cars and vans.

    Common issues are easily sorted and tend to be Boost leaks, EGR and DPF related issues. As long as its been serviced regular with the correct grade oil (dpf dependant) then it should be sweet.

    I've seen many tuned to produce good figures, I managed 226hp and 353ft lbs just from a map air filter and modded R26 IC

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