Megane crash test..........

Discussion in 'Megane Media' started by mike_snowdon, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. F*ck me that was a big one :worried:
  2. Ouch !
  3. Holy fuck hope all are okay that was a belter
  4. MBC


    Nasty! Saw this earlier! Monster crash!
  5. Such a bad crash...have to admit worries me a bit as I'm going to the Nurburgring in 2017 for the first time
  6. Just take your time and look in your mirrors. First lap I done on the ring it took 12mins hah
  7. Yeah to be honest im not going there to set a fast lap just going for the experience as long as I get round in one piece I will be happy
  8. That's what I said when I went two weeks ago, 10 laps later I had done my best time of 9 minutes. The old ring fever had crept in!
    Good luck.
  9. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    If you are going and you are not that confidant, get there early and try to be first out, i did my very first lap just after it opened (08.10) and there was a lot less traffic to worry about.
  10. TimR26

    TimR26 South Central RSM Area Rep

    It's worth watching this video a few times before you go, the RSR channel has a few useful videos.

    One thing you don't fully appreciate before driving it is the number of blind crests and corners that look similar.

    Before my second trip earlier this year I learned the Ring by driving it on Forza. It definitely helped with remembering which way the track goes and which gear to be in.


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