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Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by NotaDiesel!!!, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. The other week I could see an M2 coming up behind me in 2 lanes of traffic in town approaching traffic lights.

    I pulled over to left lane & he drew along side me dropped his window and said 'Nice RS'

    Then sped away when lights changed making lots of noise.

    Any other examples?
  2. The Megane RS commands respect wherever it goes, ha.
  3. The bloke at Tesco click and collect said 'nice car' once.

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  4. Only had compliments on the colour so far. Joe public just sees it as a standard renault which is fine by me
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  5. Never really had much in any of my Megane’s (this is my 4th RS Megane).
    When I had my Clio V6’s now they attracted much interest, too much actually.
  6. I get it on my driveway a bit from delivery drivers. As much about the yellow paint.

    I don't like that as much as they know where I live.......
  7. Paddy80

    Paddy80 RSM Club Member

    Had the odd complimentary comment but clearly most people don't know what an RS Megane is. Always get plenty of enthusiasm from the lad at the local Shell garage, he does have an Oyster Grey 250 though!
  8. had an ardent Ford supporter at Bedford, change his mind about the Megane, well its not a Ford RS so not that good is it.

    Got him into the passenger seat and off we went, we overtook a Focus RS after a couple of laps, then he spotted someone he knew in a RS, "that's running 400hp you won't catch that" he said, 1 and a half laps later we were past the Focus, "well your running big horse power aren't you" yes standard 265.

    Thanked me for showing him the Focus isn't that good :laughing::laughing::laughing:
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  9. Focus RS, perfect prey for Megane in Track, ha. I have a trackday coming up in the future with someone I used to work with who has a modified Fiesta ST has got 270bhp I think. Should be interesting, also has an AP racing brake conversion.
  10. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Don't forget that driver plays a huge part
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  11. I had a guy at a track day with a FiST ask me if my car was a Hyundai Veloster.

    I did a diamond sign in front of him and said, “Forgive him Father for he knows not what he’s done.”
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