Megane 3 RS Wheel Fitment guide.

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  1. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Courtesy of the wheel guru himself, Matt West.

    This is just a guideline
    Let me try some this up

    5x114.3 with a center bore of 66.1

    If you are running stock suspension/H&R springs you ideally want to stick to
    18x8 ET45-50
    18x8.5 ET45-55
    18x9 ET55

    If you have suspension you can adjust the camber on the front

    17x8.5 ET40-50
    17x9 ET42-55 (lower end will need more camber)
    18x8 ET35-45
    18x8.5 ET40-50
    18x9 ET42-55 (as with 17x9)

    No this is obviously a guideline and the tyre style and widths will impact this.

    Personally with about -2 degrees front camber 18x8.5 ET45 with a 235/40/18 is the best fitment.

    On a personal level anything under ET40 feels pretty shit
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  2. Does the 19s sit ok with h&r springs?
  3. Yes.
    Sits that little bit more lower and doesn’t look like you need spacers desperately.
  4. That is a nice bit of info there and will help many like me, good work Matt and Jamie.
  5. Anyone got anything similar for the MK2? Currently on the hunt for some wider wheels!
  6. Cup and H&R springs, with a 8.5J ET45 wheel works OK for me.
    Front is okay up to 235/40/18, but on the limit. On the rear 225/40/18 already rubs with big bumps.

    Personally wouldn't go below ET50 when running 8.5J wheels with stock suspension.
  7. great info. does anyone knows the weight of the stock 18 wheels?
  8. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Around 11kgs for the Cup wheels
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  9. Hey. I need help about the rims. I've been looking for rims for two years but each one does not fit. I decided to ask you in your forum.

    I want to buy 19''. I have a Eibach suspension.

    A year ago I tried to put on rims Oxigin Concave 19'' ET42. They looked amazing but they did not fit. They rubbed rear wheel arch.


    Will the ET45 19 fit with Eibach ?

    Does anyone of you already have such a set?

    Greetings from Poland.
  10. super guide :smile: ta
  11. Regarding wheel sizes, I have OZ ultraleggera 18" Et55 9j on my megane 250.
    Would Ex BTCC slicks in 265/660R18 size be an ok fit?
    Would they need the arch liners removing? Not a problem if so as the car is only used for driving to and from track days.
    Car is on coilovers running -2 deg Camber.
  12. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Should fit ok but tyres are a bit too wide for that rim. Need a 9.5 or 10j for the current btcc sizes, plus you'll need more camber
  13. Cheers, Just found info, 235/640r18 Slick designed for a 9" wide rim
  14. Hi,
    19x8.5 et45 with Michelin Pilot Sport 235/35 will fit?
    I have z-performance zp08 with this parameters, but 5x112 - with special bolt should be fit?

    Thank you!
  15. If you don't have a stock suspension setup, it might fit. Do expect it to rub in the rear with stock suspension, front should be OK.
  16. It means that harder suspension will avoid rubbing in the rear wheel arch?
  17. Additional camber would prevent it from rubbing. On my car 18" 8.5J ET45 with 225/40/18 rubs slightly under heavy use.
  18. What width are standard 250 cup wheels?
    On a cup packed car running H&R’s can I use 225/40/18’s without issue and is the extra cost of tyres worth it to get 235?
  19. Standard wheels are 8.25j (wide) 225 will be fine
  20. What’s the common size everyone seems to get in the TD 1.2 and OZ wheels and have no issues on Hr or cooksport springs etc. Thanks
  21. 8 x 18 with maybe ET50 or ET45
  22. I'm desperately trying to find a set of MOTEC Nitro MCR1s that will sit nice on my RS250. I've been quoted on a set of 9x18 ET50, which is the only fitment that comes close. I have a Bilstein B14 on the way, but didn't originally plan to fit adjustable top mounts. Can I swing that width without adjusting the camber? Guess it'll be too much?
  23. If you’re gonna go as far as adjustable’s I would encourage to fit topmounts, applying camber makes huge difference to handling these vehicle and kinda defeats reason for aftermarket shocks if not going to apply camber plus then you’ll be good with the 9” wheel
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  24. I'm using the car as a daily, so running a lot of negative camber isn't that ideal for me. The reason I went with the B14s, was mainly because I also needed new dampers, not so much because I needed the adjustability. I might just end up going with a set of Motec Ultralights in stead, as they're available in 8x18 ET50. :smile:
  25. Did anyone try H&R Springs on 19" Steev RS wheels 235/35/R19 ? Does it fit okay?
  26. did anyone have 9j wheels with offset 45-50 and with lower suspension ?
    Does it fit okay?
  27. Do you still need an answer to this as that’s the setup I have?
  28. I have some 9x18 ET55 and a Bilstein B14 to go on in the next few weeks - I can send some pictures your way once they're on, so you can see how they sit. I expect that they'll stick out a bit in the front, but will see.
  29. It will be great if you send me some photos.
  30. Got the B14 on last week, and the Ultraleggeras this afternoon. They're 9x18 ET55, and it's lowered about 35-40 mm (not final yet, still adjusting). No negative camber or anything, running stock top mounts. They fit very well! The fronts kinda look too wide from some angles, but they're well under the wing. :smile:

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  31. Offset looks perfect to me but no way is car lowered in those foto’s
  32. Sure is. Not slammed by any means, but lowered yes. Didn't measure the ride height before adjusting it, so not sure how much it's lowered by exactly. It had just come off the lift though, so that might have affected it. This is how it sits: hasle_oz918_05.jpg
  33. Ah yes looks lower in that shot, but not by silly amount so drive shafts will be v happy
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  34. when we need to use driveshaft spacer?
  35. only when going silly low like when tyre is tucked under wheel arch

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