Megane 3 RS Trophy-R 2014-LI Battery

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  1. Guys,
    I would be interested in the Lithium Ion battery of MRS3 Trophy-R ( it was stock on this car to my info). I´m not entirely sure if the Trophy-R was known and available in the UK (RHD??) It was lightened by 100 kg, red wheels, Titanium exhaust, Aluminium brake rotor hats, no rear seats...aso First what brand the battery is, and - most important - what capacity. I`m thinking about switching to a optional one (what might be less expensive) to compensate the added weight of my Wagner intercooler....
    Could anyone who owns a Trophy-R put some pics to the forum (battery area)? Would be furthermore interesting if the stock battery carrier is kept or modified - if so, in what way? Please put as well a photo of the battery connections to the LI, what kind of terminal they are using…. Thanks a lot mates !
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  2. My mates got one and yes they were available in the uk, see if I can get him to send me a pic.
  3. Brilliant, I´m really curious - Thanks a lot !
  4. 51217489d95e684653afb28f4dfe6aad.jpg

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