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  1. Hi All

    I i bought a RS Body complete, and threw a 1.6 engine in there, as I have a 265 already.

    I needed the look but the the fuel consumption, engine mounts and all fit perfectly.

    I bought a meg 3 coupe 1.6 2 door. for the engine, had a head issue valve broke off and went through 1 piston, etc, bad. bad.

    So I sourced a head from a K4M, from an engineering firm someone didn't collect their head so they sold it to me,

    Anyways : 1. i rebuilt the motor, used original sun assembly, but added a non vvt head without dephaser and without a place for the oil contol solenoid. i disconnected the solenoid, did the timing perfectly. the motor turns by hand, scanned for codes found nothing , tried to start but im not getting any spark.

    question 1 : Is vvt necessary for this car? could it cause a non start as its not vvt anymore?
    Question 2 : with the vvt solenoid disconnected can that cause the car not to start? (no spark)
    I pulled the plugs and their are all 4 wet with fuel, I tested the fuel pump all good, so i know I have fuel.

    Question 3 : am i allowed to asked non f4rt question on this site, should probably have started with this question.

    Please some input would be great as to why im not getting spark. new battery new plugs, car started even with the broken valve, before the head job, the original head so bad i couldnt reuse it.
    so i now have standard cams and standard non vvt head from a k4m, fits the same except no hole for the solenoid.

    is there a work around or should get the correct cylinder head.

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