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  1. Hi all,

    New Megane owner bought my car a few weeks ago. I'm from Sheffield and have upgraded from a Clio 200 Cup to a 275 Trophy, the car is a massive step up and I'm over the moon with it. Some people with recognise it as being Gavin_275Trophy's former car, it's a fantastic example that's clearly been cherished.

    Plans are to stick with relatively simple bolt on modifications and enjoy it, I've gone too far on modifying previous cars (Fiesta ST, Clio Cup) and not actually enjoying them so lessons learned.

    Car is it was when I picked it up:

  2. Had first of my modifications fitted yesterday by RickyRPM in Barnsley who does all of my mechanical work.

    Pile of goodies fitted:
    Scorpion downpipe
    Airtec Stage 1 Intercooler
    Bilstein B14 Coilovers with adjustable top mounts(Bought 2nd hand from Gavin who sold me the car)

    Car after fitting:

    Will probably raised the front end up slightly, rear was full of bits so sat slightly lower but not much. I have a set of 18mm spacers on order to space it out slightly.
    Overall extremely happy with the car so far, the noise with the decat and Akrapovic is fantastic :smile:

    Waiting for EFI to get back to me about mapping and then we'll go from there!
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  3. Sits so perfectly dude need to find myself a set of 18s
  4. Looks amazing with the 18s now it's lowered.
  5. Wow, now i want to lower mine. That sits so nicely!
  6. Mapping this Saturday, can't wait :smile:
  7. Lovely car, where are you going for the remap?
  8. Thanks. I'm taking it to EFI, he did amazing work with my Clio and know he'll do the same again!
  9. I've heard really great things about EFI. Your car will be totally transformed i'm sure. Shame they can't do the cup-s :disappointed:
  10. Why cant they map a cup-s
  11. There the same car. Lol
  12. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    The cup-s has a euro 6 compliant ecu
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  13. Had the car to EFI for mapping and all didn't go exactly to plan, first of all the ECU was locked out by RS Tuning which meant it took nearly an hour to get it unlocked, then on the dyno Chris commented that it wasn't spooling correctly, most commonly down to an exhaust or boost leak; we'll find out this weekend hopefully when I can get it smoke tested. Small possibility it could be the turbo but we'll see because if it is a duff turbo I'll get a hybrid and injectors ordered :kissingheart:

    Fitted some 18mm H&R spacers front and rear and got the car aligned because the tyres were scrubbing like crazy since lowering.



  14. Is that normal for tuning companies to do that? Seems a bit naughty. Good to hear EFI managed to get it unlocked. Really interested to see what numbers you get with the boost leak fixed.

    Wheel fitment looks on point by the way :sunglasses:
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  15. I don't know if they lock out the ECU when you go to Leeds and have it live mapped, this car was flashed back to standard with the remote RSTuner device and was locked out.

    And thanks, really happy with how it sits :smile:
  16. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    RS tuning lock all there ecu's, Chris doesn't, also my turbo went after an RSt map, never again will i go there.
  17. Is that not just coincidence. I heard of someone's meg blowing up just after been to efi.
  18. Are the alignment settings the same for all 275s irrespective if they are cup, nav or ohlins?
  19. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

  20. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Another coincidence as well then....
  21. Yes like i said
  22. what top mounts did you fit on b14 kit ?
  23. Silver Project top mounts at max camber with is ~2.5deg
  24. Hi mate! Awesome fitment tbh! Could you share link to 18mm spacers? part number will be ok too
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  26. Had the car smoke tested and sadly found no leaks and so all is pointing towards the turbo being dud. Could be something such as recirc valve but to avoid messing about endlessly trying to fix the boost problem and thinking we've fixed it to then find out it's still giving issues on the dyno, I've ordered the following:

    Engine Dynamics lvl 2 Hybrid Turbo
    Forge Recirc Valve
    630cc injectors

    A bit excited to say the least! and skint.
  27. @shauncr91

    I guess it could be recirc' or actuator

    Did you record any power, torque and boost figures before you aborted the mapping at efi ?
  28. Turbo arrived a few days ago, big thanks to Engine Dynamics for keeping me informed on what was happening because they weren't in stock at the time of ordering but kept me up to date which is better than can be said for a lot of retailers for car bits, who just leave you in the dark waiting forever. It also arrived with all new fitting hardware such as gaskets and bolts which was a nice bonus as I thought I'd just get the turbo and nothing else.

    Had the car back to RPM for fitting today, removed the old unit along with Forge recirc valve and found some significant cracking in the exhaust side of the turbo around the wastegate which I reckon was causing the boost issue identified by EFI. Also had new downpipe gaskets because we found a small leak when smoke testing the car originally.

    Car will be going in for mapping once again at EFI on 5th November so it'll kill me driving like a nun until then since I don't want to risk any damage due to it not running properly, can already hear the difference in sound though as you can hear the turbo whistle even at low RPM :innocent:. 630cc injectors will be installed at the same time as mapping.

    I also have 4x Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2's on order because I snagged a tyre today and it's put a sizable tear in the sidewall (Thankfully no wheel damage) and I wasn't really getting on with the standard Pilot Sport 2 that is on there at the moment, I originally ordered the new AD08RS because I was a huge fan of the previous AD08R but sadly I read some reviews which claimed the new compound is a bit of a step back in terms of dry grip :frowning:
  29. On a more negative note, I appear to have a duck pond forming in the storage pocket under the drivers floor mat. The car was parked last night in heavy rain and when I got in this morning I removed around 4 pints of water from in there which is very worrying. Drainage holes under the scuttle panel are clear so I'm sat scratching my head as to where it's coming from, been told it could be the membrane in the door? Will pop the door card off next time it's dry out and have a mooch for anything that looks off.
  30. Damn the 5 minute limit to edit posts on this forum is annoying. my post should say:

    Had the car back to RPM for fitting today, removed the old unit and found some significant cracking in the exhaust side of the turbo around the wastegate which I reckon was causing the boost issue identified by EFI. Also had new downpipe gaskets because we found a small leak when smoke testing the car originally, along with a Forge recirc valve.
  31. With the duck pond issue 99% of the time its due to blocked scuttle drains. Very common not just on the Meg but also on Scenics and various other Renaults of the time. Can be really hard to see and might need a long stick or something poking right down the drains to move any crud. Good video on how to sort it out here:

    No idea if it really helps but i tend to spray some all purpose cleaner (Bilt hamber surfex) down the vents whenever i'm cleaning the car. Thinking here is surfex or any apc should be able to break down large clumps of dirt and help prevent the drains blocking up so easily.
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  32. Thanks for the reply, we checked those drainage points today when it was in bits and they are all clean and clear. It was my first suspicion because it's a common problem on my old Clio 200 also.
  33. Ah sorry mate, that's strange then. As you say must be in the door then.
  34. I had this on my old megane. Took me months to work out where it was coming from. One day was sat in the car when it was raining and could see a tiny stream of water coming in under the door and down into the storage compartment.
  35. just looking at your geo readings shows you've got fair amount tow IN at rear (right direction but too much) and also toe IN up front (wrong way and not enough)
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  36. Thanks, I'll be getting the geo rechecked in the coming weeks once new tyres are fitted because I've since made a couple of changes to the ride height, will mention this when it goes back.
  37. How does the car drive now it has the spacers? I've heard some negative reviews about fitting spacers to the Megane. I would like to order some for my car but was put off by these reviews.
  38. In all honestly for general road use I've not noticed any changes for the better or worse it just feels the same, although I haven't really had much chance to push the car hard in recent weeks due to it raining almost every weekend :worried:
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  39. Had new turbo and injectors fitted, then back to EFI again for mapping. Car didn't pull quite as high a figure as some hybrid turbo cars but I wasn't bothered, we had a few runs around 350bhp but the torque was too high for comfort so it was dialled back a bit, final figure was 244bhp and 252 lbft. Car drives superb now :smile:

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  40. 344bhp and 352 lbft ffs

    Can't edit the post to correct it :rage:
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