Megane 275 Trophy

Discussion in 'Megane Media' started by AustrianRS, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. Hi, I made a short video of the Trophy of a friend of mine

    It was our first video, so feel free to give us some feedback :smile:

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  2. I like it, but...
    • The first few clips show a road but without the car on it - seems a bit strange.
    • The car was filthy for the close up shots
    • The exhaust sound doesn't match the clips. For example, the car approaches the camera but the sound is from a fixed mic.
    • Doesn't show any sense of speed or cornering ability.
    • No clips 'on car'.
    That may seem overly critical and I don't mean to be mate. It's a good effort, very much so for a first time :grinning:
  3. Love the quality, the close up sweeping / zooming stuff looks nice.

    But agree with the car audio on above, the engine start was cool but it just didn't match after, no idea what ££££££ equipment would be needed to improve it though.
  4. Thanks no problem :smile:
    The hard thing was we just went out and filmed something without a story behind it which wasn't the best idea haha....but it should be better for the next vid :smile:
  5. Made a new one yesterday

  6. i came across your video online a few days ago, thought it was great. Well done, much better than anything i could piece together im sure, keep it up! Cant wait for the next 275 video :smile:
  7. Good choice of car but not sure it's much of an offroader

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