Megane 275 Trophy Official Register

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  1. Hi all, I've noticed this forum doesn't have a 275 register, so I thought we should start one.
    Please post your name, location and car number and I will update this thread systematically every few days.
    Please keep all posts in relation to the subject at hand.
    Mods, if you could make this sticky it would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Name: Tom Location: Kettering Car: 474, Arctic White

    Name: Tom Location: Milton Keynes Car: 921, Ohlins, 19's, Camera, Dimming Rear View Mirror, Arctic White
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  2. Name: Tom
    Location: Milton Keynes
    Car: No. 921, Arctic White, 19"s, Reverse Camera / Dimming rear view mirror
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  3. Name: Chris Location: Mid Wales Car: 459, Arctic White
  4. Name Carl
    Location Hook (East Yorkshire)
    Trophy No 1017

    Diamond black (GNE)
    19" wheels
    Folding mirrors
    Reverse camera
  5. Name: Alex
    Location: Whalley, Ribble Valley
    Car: #0932, Oyster Grey, Tibors, decals, folding mirrors, reversing camera & autocromatic rear view mirror

  6. Name: Danny
    Location: Huddersfield
    Car #1133. Liquid Yellow, 19s, reversing camera.
  7. Name: Kirsty
    Location: Central Hampshire & South London
    Car: #006
  8. Name: Jimmy
    Location: N. ireland
    Car: Trophy-R #83 of 250. Liquid Yellow.
  9. Name: Stefan
    Location: Sofia,Bulgaria
    Car: 481
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  10. If i where you lot id just be adding the location as your county like some have
    the worlds a different place and criminals do use the net to find cars they need for orders
  11. You do have a point. Car thiefs are the reason I got a fancy aftermarket system that sends a message to my phone whenever my door is opened or engine is started. It really helps me sleep at night :smile:
  12. Just for the record I have sold the car to a dealer. Moving on to Lotus. Loved the Megane but just fancied a change.
  13. Steve
    Trophy-R #61 of 250 (50 in Australia)
    1 of only 2 in Australia in true Nurburgring record spec. (no stereo/no air con/no satnav/etc).
    Pearl white.
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  14. We have two 265 Trophy's at work, they are used as driver training cars. I'll get the number
  15. How many 275 trophy are there ? what do build numbers run to ?
    mines 1439, pearl white,camera,monitor,pan roof etc
  16. Yes, this was the press car used in Australia. It suffered some damage in the hands of a journo. It has certainly been driven as intended. Audio, A/C and SatNav add less that 10kg. Plus the R-Link is great for data acquisition.
  17. 96 were registered in UK.

    No idea about the build numbers as they are so high. Maybe worldwide numbers, possibly with UK cars being high numbers due to RHD so built later?
  18. Scott


    275 trophy #876, diamond black, decal, rear camera, dimming mirror, tibors
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  19. Name: Simon
    Location: Herts
    Car #1297. White, ohlins, akrapovik, recaros, cam, cup 2’s
  20. This has now been sold on to make way for the 300.
  21. Name : Dave
    Location : South Yorkshire
    Car # 1216
    White pano roof. 18’s.ohlins. (now removed) and some very tasty upgrades
  22. Are you selling the ohlins ?
  23. Name: Chris


    Car: megane 275 trophy no 006 liquid yellow
    Speedline 19 inch.
  24. No sorry
  25. Name: James
    Location: UK
    Car: Trophy-R #44 of 250.
  26. Name : Octav
    Location : Romania
    Car # 1477, Liquid Yellow, Recaros, Akra, 18", Pano Roof

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