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  1. So I’ve been here just over a year now so thought I’d start one of these. Bought the car stock apart from braided front hoses and a stage 1 map from a company I’ve never heard of, so hoping when I go to get it properly mapped my ECU isn’t locked or if it is EFI can unlock it. Purchased just before COVID last year so haven’t really done mega miles in it so far, although I don’t daily it. By far the most fun car I’ve had when pushing it (some track days pending), although it feels like a quicker version of my JCW which was also a very capable car on an B road. Future plans are to go “club sport spec” and to do some track days. Specs so far;

    All belts/fluids changed/thermostat
    KTR induction kit
    Airtec intercooler (waiting for fitting)
    CLM racing boost hoses (waiting for fitting)
    Forge recirc valve (waiting for fitting)
    CGR downpipe (waiting for it to come back from France!)
    Miltek non res catback
    Upgraded gearbox bolt
    ATS gtr 17” with PS4
    BC coilovers
    ZPO shifter
    Recaro pole positions (waiting for insurance to finish)
    Sw half cage (waiting for insurance to finish)

    Further to this need to get some better pads in there and to get it mapped once parts have been fitted, but here’s some pics so far.

    What insurance companies are people with and how are they accommodating for mods? A70DC348-B356-434E-A8FF-DE8E4EC7969D.jpeg 71916866-0B01-4C3B-80A5-68B936BF715A.jpeg 40D3A3E3-23B2-4DD9-95A7-E5147759E090.jpeg 0C4D50A6-E25D-4924-A3C5-B35A48134230.jpeg 5B82F4D3-31B9-4001-B723-635CE2B62C4D.jpeg F6739F79-8162-4EBD-99CC-440CF48199C6.jpeg C9E4074C-C948-4C8D-A8AD-CE4F89BE6775.jpeg
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  2. CDCE8921-5A39-416C-899B-B3A5EF259268.jpeg Another piece to the puzzle, cgr downpipe finally arrived after going on tour out to Paris. Parts will get fitted very soon and then off for mapping!
  3. Hi man! Nice toy have you there, and can see you have good plans for it. I hope you enjoy a lot and I´ll take a seat here waiting for the progress.
    Cheer up!
  4. Thanks man! It must be doing something right keeping if it’s keeping me from permanently looking on autotrader. Slowly but surely getting to where I want it to be
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  5. Bit of an update, intercooler, downpipe, boost hoses, recirc valve, and repair to miltek front pipe as bracket has sheared off, all fitted down at select motorsport. Ran into problem of the studs snapping on the turbo to downpipe, but heli coiled and all sorted.

    Has anyone got a decat downpipe and a non-res miltek, just wondering how many decibels it’s giving out and weather it would be allowed on track or not
  6. I have a decat & non res Milltek fitted & have never had any issues with noise ( Castle combe, Donington, Snetterton).
  7. As above, running decat milltek and full non res exhaust on my mates track car, only place which you may have problems is thruxton as the limit is lower there.
  8. That’s good to know was debating to get a centre res or not. Cars booked in for mapping next month so hopefully all goes well.

    Mocked up the seats yesterday in the rain, so no before anyone asks no pics:tearsofjoy:. I’m 5’8 and with the pure track side mounts I’m struggling to put the clutch in on the closest setting. So I’m thinking I’m going to have to go down the subframe and rails route

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