Megane 250 oil temp low? RS monitor

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  1. I have had my Megane 250 for a few weeks now.

    Since playing with the RS monitor I have noticed that my oil temp seems lower than expected.

    A lot of the time it will sit in the low 70s, sometimes even dropping back to the '>70c' reading. When driving harder I have maybe touched 82c a couple of times.

    Does the way it will sometimes drop back below 70c suggest thermostat being stuck open and needing replacing? I understood the thermostat (mine doesnt have a low temp thermostat) opened was supposed to open at 83, so I wouldn't expect the oil to be falling much below this temp?

  2. Where is your water thermostat sitting on the dial? Remember oil temp is only calculated
  3. I will double check and confirm when I next drive but maybe 1/3 of the way up. Certainly not halfway
  4. for the 250 the gauge should stay at 3/8, (just below the middle), anything lower means the thermostat is broken.
    265 and 275 stay at 4/8
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  5. The gauge is at 2/8 most of the time and only occasionally gets to 3/8 - today when sat idling in traffic it read 85 oil temp and hit the 3/8 mark just. That is the first time i have seen it hit 85c temp in 800 miles of driving it.

    So thank you, thermostat booked in.
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