Megane 250/265/275 UPRATED ball joints

Discussion in 'Car Parts For Sale' started by Raptor6767, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. When i had my wishbone ones go last year I had two garage struggle to get them off to the point where I just bought new wishbones instead
  2. The wishbone ball joints are a real pain in the ass to replace.

    The rest are (a bit) easier.

    Just take care of the rubber seals when pressing them in.
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  3. Hi what price would it be for 2 wishbone balljoints be delivered to the UK thabks
  4. £145 including tracked shipping.

    PM me for details.

  5. How long will the shipping take as I need one asap?

  6. 2-5 work days
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  7. Getting another group buy ready for shipping.


    Updated ball joints, lightweight crankshaft pulleys and Meyle HD drop links are on their way!
  8. Another group buy from the guys in S.Africa. Didn't realise there were so many RS cars in the SA.


    Sending lightweight crankshaft pulleys, anti rotation links, track rods, and of course uprated ball joints.

    Tnx guys for your continuing support!
  9. Hi there. Could you drop me a PM please? Looking to fully refresh the suspension on my RS250 Cup. Thanks.
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  10. PM sent!
  11. There's a lot more RS cars in Hong Kong that I've imagined.

    This is probably the 10th time I'm sending uprated ball joints and Meyle HD drop links.
    This time no lightweight crankshaft pulley though.

  12. Sending the uprated ball joints to Israel on regular basis now.
    Sometimes I find myself surprised how many of RS cars are there in some of the countries that I thought had none.

  13. Had a lot of inquiries for the nut and circlip for the upper ball joints so we made a kit.



    88110c3a9ccabcb64dbddef56d7ac599.jpg 2f64ca576328afca625167dac53a9a61.jpg

    £9 per ball joint if sold separately, £61 for upper uprated ball joint, nut and a circlip.

    Thank you all for your business!
  14. Full set of ball joints, upper ball joints top hats, nuts and circlips going to Luxembourg.

  15. Full set of uprated ball joints, mounting kit and a lightweight crankshaft pulley going to Australia.

  16. Full set of UPRATED ball joints with the top hats, nuts and circlips paired with Meyle HD drop links, Powerflex updated bushes and a Bilstein B14 coilovers.

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