Megane 250/265/275 UPRATED ball joints

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  1. Renault Sport Clio III & Megane III UPRATED custom made heavy duty ball joints are finally tested and ready for distribution!



    My colleague has been testing those on a Clio Cup Racer track car for the past 2 race seasons.
    I didn't want to comment on anything until we have tested them out properly.

    TRACK TESTED, daily proven - heavy duty ball joints custom made from the high grade materials.
    During a 2 year test period in the Renault Sport Clio Cup Championship the results are:
    - 1 HD lower ball joint vs 4 original (OCAP is a Original Equipment Manufacturer for the Renault) ball joints per 2 seasons
    - 1 HD upper ball joint vs 2 original (OCAP is a Original Equipment Manufacturer for the Renault) ball joints per 2 seasons
    - 1 HD lower wishbone arm ball joint vs 2 complete lower wishbones (due to the fact you can't buy OEM replacement ball joints) per 2 seasons.

    The prices per ball joint are showed in the picture + £15 for shipping.

    Payment via PayPal as money transfer.
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  2. Do you sell uprated rear lower arm bushes?
  3. I would recommend Powerflex.
    Sold lot's of those here in Croatia.

    I believe you can source them cheaper in the UK.
  4. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    I wouldn't recommend any uprated arm bushes, they are all rubbish and eventual fail
  5. 20 uprated heavy duty lower ball joints for Megane III RS going to Mother Russia. :smiley: 5f720b060e3689057ae0a9a0e56e3e8e.jpg
  6. Hi, what would be the full price for the Megane 3 please
  7. For the whole set of ball joints for the Megane (6 ball joints in total) it would be £350 + £30 for shipping. 5-7 work days, tracked.
  8. Megane 250 Cup getting ready for race season.

    Notice the uprated lower ball joint and the lightweight crankshaft pulley. :wink: fcd34d474bea283769570632a5f5aec4.jpg 37fdc725d7298ab29cd116a2166390b8.jpg a689cfc5674e4d85ae23b57a8c4c960d.jpg

    Updated shipping info:

    The prices per ball joint are showed in the picture + £15 for shipping.
    Combined shipping:
    - 2-3 ball joints = £15 for shipping
    - 3-4 ball joints = £20 for shipping
    - 4-6 ball joints = £25 for shipping

    It usually takes 5-7 work days to reach the UK.

    Payment via PayPal as money transfer ("Send money to friends and family").
  9. Another pair of lower ball joints, along with some other stuff this time, going to a friend with a Megane 250.
  10. One set ot Eibach springs going to Italy, and Clubsports going to a friend along with a full set of HD ball joints. 98f88f05e9fc18894ab31fc635f0c7a0.jpg
  11. Meyle HD (HeavyDuty) stabiliser links and uprated ball joints for the Clio 200 going to Switzerland. Getting ready for the upcoming track days.

    Kugle i spone balans štange MeyleHD.jpg
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  12. Getting ready for Grobnik track day. f6bde49828a0f05511cb139dc1151bcf.jpg
  13. DV8


    Will these give a longer life span on the road?
  14. Yes they will. These are heavy duty ball joints that can take more punishment.
  15. How would you recognize a worn ball joint?
  16. This is OEM ball joint removed from my Clio.

  17. Car is not so sharp when going through corners, feedback on the steering wheel is not so precise, when you turn your wheels in place you can (sometimes) hear squealing (sometimes can be caused by faulty top strut mountings too) and knocking sound when driving on uneven surface.
  18. Can I order a set of front uppers please for the 250 Cup. I already have N4 lower pivots.
  19. PM sent.

  20. Track day in 2 days and counting.

    Uprated ball joints, Powerflex engine mounts and a Milltek catback exhaust for Clio 197 ready to be installed for a customer. ab8ad80e9575a5dcd6342c663ec6549d.jpg
  21. Race season is well underway...time to make some improvements to a customer's Clio 197. 3d33b0a4a2315d7c79d4ffcc7928b026.jpg
  22. Uprated lower ball joints and Meyle HD (Heavy Duty) Megane 3 RS drop links ready for my friend Martin at Ringspares at the Nurburgring.

  23. Uprated ball joints, Textar disc rotors, brake pads, and SNR rear rotors paired with a Motul RBF660 brake fluid, as requested, by the customer for the Clio 200.

  24. Bought some lower swivels from Rene the other week. Great communication and delivery time. Ordered on a Friday to the UK and came following Tuesday.
    The manufacturing in these is second to none. Top bits of kit. Fitted yesterday and the ca has come alive again through the steering. Will keep a note of what mileage they stand up to!

    Thanks again mate
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  25. Thank you Jack, always glad to have some feedback on the ball joints.
    Been selling them all over the world now.

    Hope you'll enjoy yours as I do mine.
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  26. Vacation is over, now it's time to send the ball joints.
    You'll be receiving them by the end of next week!


    P.S. the letters in the pic are MEG - short of MEGANE. The table is too short.
  27. Finally, KW Clubsport for my new Megane 265 Cup paired with my uprated ball joints.


    Can't wait to fit it all.
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  28. A full set of UPRATED ball joints going to Belgium.


  29. Been clearing my desk of Parcel service receipts from past 3-4 weeks and just wanted to thank all you guys for your business. 1f618.png


    Hope you are all enjoying your ball joints and will continue so for a long time.
  30. Hi
    Can you send to Australia? And how can I order?
  31. Yes, you won't be the first from Australia with my parts. :wink:

    Will send you a PM.

  32. Martenr your ball joint set and heavy duty drop links have been sent!

    Thank you. c3e5063394a652e8413cfac0beb4aebb.jpg
  33. Can you send me a PM with a price for the above setup including postage to Scotland please? Cheers....
  34. PM sent m8.

  35. Going to Malaysia along with the lightweight aluminium crank pulleys.

  36. So compared to oem replacement, these are better made and will last longer?
  37. Exactly.
  38. Guys from Holland getting their cars ready for the next race season.

  39. Could you PM me a quote for the above for a MK3 RS please? With and without the droplinks?

  40. PM sent m8.

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