Megane 230 review - unbiased

Discussion in 'General Automotive & Motorsport Media' started by ginge191, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. [video=youtube;b4jTFKSa2VM][/video]

    So my friend has been doing car reviews alongside his brand for a little while now. I gave him my keys to see what he thought.

    What do you guys think; a fair review?
  2. Very good review, I'll watch some of his other stuff, did he say it was mapped from 230 to 228 though? Did he mean 258?
  3. Well, standard there 226, it's been mapped but has a dodgy MAP sensor AFAIK so it's putting down 228bhp at the moment.

    but yeh, a fairly pointless comment to make :tongueout:
  4. Good review though, I like those unbiased reviews of normal cars. Fairly rare to see on YouTube! I've watched a few of his videos and he's driven some really tasty cars!
  5. Yeh, there are some nice cars around here!

    He has done some awesome reviews
  6. he's too annoying to watch anymore :smile:
    lovely LY Meg btw
  7. Lol how come? He'd like constructive feedback :smile:

    And thanks :smile: x
  8. Nmp


    My constructive feedback would be to cut out the swearing.
    love your car ginge ,best colour.
  9. I know what you mean, lacks professionalism in that sense.

    And thanks, it's a tricky colour to keep clean and tidy though :worried:
  10. Feirny

    Feirny RSM Admin

    Can't watch that sorry, the editing isn't good at all. Too many one second clips stitched to create commentary. 50% of a good review is the camera work and editing.
    For any basic static shot he needs to invest in a tripod with a fluid head.
    If he was close I'd help him out.
  11. 1:25m in and I've had to stop watching, apex spring as standard, mapped to 228 ect and as feriny said to many one second clips.

    Did you not give him a list to say what's standard or modded ect?

    Otherwise car looked good.
  12. Too much chopping about made it awkward to watch. Don't mind his actual review loose the swearing and it'd be great. You'd be better off with some more creative fluid shots and have commentary over the top.
  13. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator

    If you're doing a video a review at least get the vehicle facts right.

    280hp mapped to 228hp.

    Running on Apex springs.

    I don't like the split second clips stitched together, also needs to loose the swearing.

    Keep at it though, practice makes perfect... apparently!

  14. the swearing really and trying to be too funny I suppose.
  15. dru


    Why no arm rest? Lol
  16. Yeah not a fan sorry. Think I got to a minute and had to switch off

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