Megane 225 and r26 various parts

Discussion in 'Car Parts For Sale' started by Nick_197, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Few parts for sale, left over from past projects

    I've got -
    a pair of silver/grey wings £25
    225 gearbox in good condition 86k £50
    3x megane 225 rear beams with hubs £40 each
    2x front radiator supports £20 each
    Arch liners (see pics) £15 each
    Mapped 225 ecu (can be used in clio conversions) £80
    Couple of radios £10 each
    6cd changer £10
    Dash board from r26 with airbag £50
    R26 center console (bare) £20
    Drivers side r26 door in black (complete) £50
    Tinted rear lights £20
    Hubs - both lefts (may require bearings) £50 each
    2x Steering rack good condition £30 each
    Left hand front wing in red £10
    4x Front anti roll bars £10 each

    Parts can be sent via courier (apart from rear beams and the door)

    Or collection from preston, lancs

  2. What diameter are the hubs on the rear beams, (25mm or 30mm)?
  3. Hello, I'm pretty certain I've got both sizes :smiley:
  4. Dolphinsfan13

    Dolphinsfan13 RSM Club Member

    Are the radio and six disc changer all in good working order? Have you got the code? Also which red is the front wing in?
  5. Hello, yes they are in good working order.
    I don't have a code but you can get it online using a number on the head unit.
    And I'm not sure what the code is but it's red red not inferno haha hope that helps (same red as the Meg in your pic)
  6. Dolphinsfan13

    Dolphinsfan13 RSM Club Member

    Do they come with wiring? How much would you do all the parts for I mentioned? What’s your postcode
  7. 1 radio sold
    1 steering rack sold
  8. Have you got the r26 arb or just 225?
  9. Hi, I've found 1 R26 anti roll bar, that one is in very good condition, can do it for £40 posted
  10. Could you check the thickness of it for me?

  11. Hi Nick,

    Don't suppose you have any front shock etc do you?

    Also the mapped ecu - is that transferable from car to car, or does it need recodeing?

  12. Hello, no shocks I'm afraid, the ecu, you can just swap the immobiliser chip over from your old ecu (same as how to do meg/clio conversion)
    Or it can be re coded to your car
  13. I've got 20mm and 21mm roll bars

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