225 Megane 2 Mist Style Washer Jets

Discussion in 'Exterior & Bodywork' started by Nickson, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Hi guys,

    I've been looking into alternative 'mist style' washer jets for the Megane 2 for a while now.

    Admittedly, investing far too much time and effort into such a menial problem, but it was something that bugged me about the car.

    There are numerous threads dotted around on different sites, but none of which came up with a solution without bodging something on.

    Firstly, I started looking at Laguna washer jets.



    In comparison to the standards, you can see they are wildly different, with no way in hell that they are going to fit without some serious modification.




    The bonnet stay was a little too short...


    The Laguna washers were tested.

    They provided a good mist spray pattern don't get me wrong, but there was no way they were going to fit without using silicone sealer to attach them to the underside of the bonnet.


    Queue stumbling across this last week..



    It belongs to a Kangoo II, and is the same fitment as the Megane jet, but also the mist spray pattern..

    I couldn't tell from the eBay photo for sure if it was a mist spray pattern or not, but decided it was worth a stab. (The above pictures are mine).

    It arrived earlier today, so I wanted to get it fitted and give it a little test. Looked promising!

    New jet fitted:



    And a quick little comparison of the spray patterns!





    Hope this helps anyone wanting to get rid of the standard washer jets.

    (In the GIF, the spray on the mist is way too low, hence the massive amount of overspray that goes up the windscreen, this needed to be adjusted to get a better spray, this also gave more clearance of the wiper arms).

    The direct replacement jets are from a Renault Kangoo II, part number: 82 00 600 847 at an extortionate price of £36 according to Ads @ Renault Wolverhampton. (I got one for a fiver, so get yourselves down the breakers!).

    (Googling the part number shows it on a number of Russian websites (Google images too), looks like someone found it wayyyyy before, it just didn't show up in any search results when looking for washer jets for the Megane).


    (I'm sad, I know)
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  2. I salute you!
  3. i dont you sad sad sad sad sad man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (im getting some for the clio x)
  4. Will.

    Will. RSM Moderator RSM Moderator

    I love you!

    *Goes off to find some before everywhere sells out*
  5. Very nice mod
  6. I cant see the gif... is it a big difference?
  7. Group buy!?
  8. Top effort on the GIF's buddy, finally some one has found a mist jet!
  9. Markblack@MRS

    Markblack@MRS RSM Trader

    Don't the news skoda fabia ones fit too?
  10. How easy are they to adjust once fitted?
  11. Daz


    I bet they're cheaper that £36 each!
  12. They look 100% better
  13. mek


    Goooood Job!
    For a long time i was looking for P&P mist jets - thanks :smile:
  14. Ash87

    Ash87 RSM Moderator

    Good work, crazy price that!
    Will deffo be nicking some off the next kangoo part x that comes in!
  15. Can someone do all the hard work for the Mk3 too please and share the results? :rolleyes:
  16. mek


    I can have it cheaper but need at least five interested. More info on PM :wink:
  17. PM sent :wink:
  18. Daz


    And the others :wink:
  19. Would be great if someone has an answer to this :smile: Cheers
  20. mek


    They fit P&P :
    - Megane II & III
    - Scenic II & III
    - Laguna III
  21. How much?

    Are they these? 82 00 600 847
  22. Stu


    ^^^ Also interested! :smile:
  23. mek


    £50 for pair including shipping.
  24. Still an insane price for washer jets!

    Shame there isn't an alternative really. Clio II mist jets can be had for what, £6?

  25. I'll go and get a load from the scrapyard and sell them for £30 a set... lol.
  26. I work next to a scrappy so il keep my eye out
  27. Updates in here when found :wink:
  28. Be cheaper to rent a kangoo van for the day and swap them over lol (not that I would go to that trouble over washer jets lol)
  29. I don't think they will come up often but if I see any ill definitely be removing them lol
  30. Stu


    As they say on Dragons Den, I'm out!

    That's a ridiculous price for washer jets, are they gold plated or something?!
  31. That's much better £21.22 for two as opposed to £38 each.
  32. Well done!!!
  33. you cant get that number ive tried
  34. Eh?
  35. Is that link correct?
  36. New part number is: 289308179R

    old number = old price. New number = new price (still same part but cost much more when have old number...)
  37. as above its stupid
  38. What are the 8200600847 jets then? I'm confused.
  39. Lol so new part number is cheaper? What's going on Ad? I'm terribly confused.

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