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    Megane 175 dCi register

    Post your name, reg, spec, colour, location & build number

    Oscar - HN57 XZY - Lux - Black - Oxford - No. 74
    Bulardas - MK57 STZ - Lux (Cup added after) - Black - Warwickshire - No. 83
    L1011 - RE08 MFP - Lux 3dr (Cup added afterwards including mirrors) - Ultra Blue - Glasgow - No. 30
    Ksr-cupra - EA08 LZL - Lux 5 door - Black - Norwich - No. *
    Keithys - RA08 LFR - Lux - Silver - Dartford - No. *
    Phill - MW07UFK - lux cup - Ultra Blue - Wales. No 2
    Andi - HY08 ZGL - cup? - Ultra Red - Hereford - No. *
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  2. Oscar - HN57 XZY - Lux - Black - Oxford

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  3. Bulardas - MK57STZ - Lux (Cup added after) - Black - Warwickshire - no #83

  4. Gavin.

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    Forgive my ignorance... how can you add the cup after. I thought it was the chassis?
  5. The chassis is not different in any way between normal (or lux) and cup. The only differences are the Cup shocks and the Cup springs. Nothing else.

  6. Gavin.

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    Ah maybe I'm thinking of the mkii Clio.
  7. So no standard 175 is a cup?

    Oh and mines number 74... Forgot to add the vital piece of info[emoji848]

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  8. Gavin.

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    I assume some came from the factory if ordered with the cup pack but it's simple to add after as well.
  9. L1011- RE08MFP- Lux 3dr (Cup added afterwards including mirrors)- Ultra Blue- Glasgow- no #30

    Was the reading demo car so had pano roof and Auditorium sound etc.

    I think this explains the late register/low build number.

    RS 175 Lux
  10. Keith - EA08LZL - Lux 5door - Black - Norwich - No. No idea
    Not to much gone wrong with it after 3 years bar the window regs and a front coil spring snap.
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  11. Standard 175 is a Sport. So same approach as a standard 225.

    Different springs and dampers obviously to match the weight of the M9R lump.

    It also had the R26 rear beam and rear brakes/ bearing as standard which are an upgrade over the standard 225. Again to account for the extra mass.

    Unique anti roll bar diameter front and back (although brackets and pick up points are the same so you can pop in many different bars as long as you fit the right bush).

    Then you could spec a cup pack which came with a 175 specific damper and spring. Said to ride better and handle a lot better than the standard sport which is why most have been upgraded.

    Don't think either had an LSD
  12. There is no LSD on the diesel


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  13. Keith - RA08 LFR- silver- lux- not sure on build no. Location dartford kent.

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  15. Great link but I doubt it will be imported over [emoji6]

    Didn't realise they were still selling them on 09 plates...

    RS 175 Lux
  16. Gavin.

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  17. No worries :smile:
  18. Thought I'd share my fuel figures with you over the last 20k miles.


    I did a long run the other day and basically used a tank. Car was fully loaded with wife and baby and the weather was mixed rain and sun but mostly spent on the M6 in the fast lane. Managed to get 48 mpg:


    That shows that whilst my daily commute on the M77 gives me 42ish I'm loosing out due to the B road blasting I'm doing getting to it.

    RS 175 Lux
  19. Gavin.

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    On a recent Eco drive from Manchester to Plymouth and back I got 47mpg, don't get much more than that.
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  20. Phill MW07UFK / lux/ cup / ultra blue (RND) Wales. No 2
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  21. Andi HY08 ZGL cup / red / hereford / build unknown at the moment
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  23. Jay
    FH57 ADZ , 175dci LUX
    BASINGSTOKE, Hampshire
    Not sure on build number
  24. How do you locate your bulid number??
  25. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

    Contact Renault customer services, it’s not really a build number more of what number it was that sold. But looking at some of the numbers we did wonder if they were just picking them out of thin air.
  26. Hi. How do I know if it’s a cup or not? I’ve heard grey calipers and grey wheels. But everyone has done that mod. Should it say cup on logbook.
    Regards David

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