Meg 250 to an Evo

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  1. Anyone on here made the change to an Evo from a Meg?

    Looking for opinions from folk that have swapped good and bad.

    9 or 10 preferably.
  2. If it's an evo6 tommi mak then definetly
  3. Deep pickets spring to mind
  4. Think dearsman got a 10 too
  5. Mj has an 8 I think.
  6. Mj just bought a evo9 fq340 and its bleeding him dry! Lol

    too much work gone into the meg to sell it mate.
  7. I know steven but I've always wanted one and need a 4 door for the kids.

    Also looking for around 15k for it so dont want depreciation to hit me hard as Ive been wantin to sell her since the summer
  8. My neighbour is selling his M5 , it's a 2007 in stunning condition updated stainless switchable exhaust costing 2k, brand new set of wheels and tyres, wants 15k for it, he's part owner of wortex supercharges so he's always changing cars.
  9. £15k for the spec your car has is cheap!
    C63 AMG would be my weapon of choice, if you need 4 doors.
  10. What spec is your car hulk
  11. Drove a c63 before I bought my m3. IMO they are both good cars but there is a bit more in the looks dept on the m3 whereas the c63 looks like every other c class.
  12. I had a go in a C63 last week, the noise is fantastic
  13. I really like the look and luxury of the c63, also depreciation seems to be in the favour of the merc.

    Steve, Hulks car is basically fully forged engine, gtx2867 turbo kit, running 400bhp, with all the brakes, etc uprated and built by RSTuning.
    Must be more money in mods than hes asking for the car!
  14. Any links to it mate
  15. Om nom nom! In red please
  16. 1 on ebay forsale absolute minter for about 15k
  17. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Ah was hoping you were gonna be keeping it Michael, Still need to try see it at some point next time I'm down at Willie and Jennys :smile:
  18. I had an evo 8 gsr for a few weeks. Was a great car, super sharp handling and plenty of go, its still personally the best looking car ever made for me anyhow. Only reason I got rid of it was because I couldnt justify owning both it and my R33 GTST, and the skyline always wins when it comes to having fun, not so much if your looking for a family car though.

    But if you wanna have some serious fun at the weekends cant recommend a r33 gtst enough
  19. I am kicking my self for doing it but I need a family car. And it will break my heart when goes :-(
  20. Hi Steve as Steven878 said its had the works done by Rst in leeds and is basically a new car with 11k miles.
  21. Cars up for sale in the sale section
  22. I went from the .R to an E10 mate :smile: Totally different cars, obviously the meg was more fun (and probably not much slower down a dry country lane) but the Evo comes into its own in slippy weather :smile:
  23. Hai there :smile: I haven't been on lately.. what do you wanna know?

    As Steven said, I've got a 9 FQ340. Everything seems to have come at once on mine, service, 4 new tyres. Balance shaft was also out after havng the belts done at a mitsi garage! I had it on the dyno and it was running 386 but really lean. This of course meant a decent map after more mods of course :smiley: 3" decat, walbro 255 and a 3 port boost solonoid were fitted before the mapping. It hasn't been on the dyno since but should be about 400 now :smile: The gearing on the evo seems shorter than the meg so it feels like it's going through them quicker. If it actually is tho is difficult to say but everyone I've took out in it says it's faster than my meg :wink: My meg would torque steer all over the place with 300/300, the evo with the 4wd is perfect, even in the wet.
  24. [​IMG]

  25. Looks a stunner mj, doesn't look like a nearly 10 year old car mate
  26. Cheers Steve. I'm loving it so far :wink: I looked at a few before settling on this one and I'm happy wih my choice. Now most of the bills are sorted i can enjoy it throughout the coming summer without it crippling me! It does drink tho when your on it but it really is an awesome awesome machine!!

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