Mechanical difference between RS265 and GT220

Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by dinn, Sep 3, 2014.

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    There's a £1,700 price difference between the 220 and the Renaultsport. I don't think it is really worth the hasstle
  2. What is the difference?
  3. Mind +80bhp is a hell of a claim!!!!

    Don't think the GT will have Brembos or the full RS suspension set up, trick hubs etc!
  4. I am aware of Brembos. However I am interested about parts mentioned above such as injectors, spark plugs, turbo, intercooler etc.
  5. Is it even an F4R?
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    It's 100% F4R with slightly different CR to the RS. The injectors will most likely be the same but the turbo will be smaller.

    Interior wise it gets split trim/leather with Renault Sport analogue clockset and GT/RS dash trim.

    Exterior gets a body kit, nice 17" wheels, better brakes (over standard) and stiffer/lower suspension (I don't believe it's got the swivel hubs).

    I heard it was only available in Estate/Sport Tourer but I don't know how true that is. The Focus ST Tourer is brilliant so this will have some big shoes to fill.
  7. It is now available as Coupe, too.
  8. Engine (turbo, injectors, spark plugs etc.) are same. Gearbox: PK4 018 in Meg3rS (with diff, 019 without) and PK4 017 (in GT). GT have shorter gears, same clutch and flywheel, you can't disconect ESP, suspension is little better than standard Megane and breakes are sama as standard Megane

    Engine have only different map so You can easy make 300BHP after reprogramation
  9. The turbo wont be the same
  10. Turbo in GT220: MHI TD04L6-15t so is same as in Meg 250 / 265 / 275 :wink:
  11. Judging by the figures on the web site I'd say the turbo may be the same, both the GT and RS both state 300bhp after the map
  12. So basically identical engines but the GT has lower gearing and smaller brakes etc? Theoretically faster in a straight line then, post remap.
  13. Shame it wont be able to put the power down with no lsd, or corner at speed with bogo suspension!
  14. Well I know it becomes pointless at some stage to spend so much money on it over just buying an RS but nothing stopping you fitting a quaife and coilovers if your really after a sporty estate.

    Id like to see a GT220 estate with RS bumpers and wheels.
  15. As You wish :smile: :


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  16. The engine is exactly the same as the 250/265RS. Everything.

    The guys at BR-Performance have mapped 220GTs already and perform exactly the same as the 250/265RS.
  17. That actually looks really decent
  18. It is shame Renault hasn't done 5D hatch and estate RS. It could fit me better.
  19. Yeah that does look well I reckon that'd sell well going by the amount of estate STs I see about, obviously a market for it.
  20. Wait till the new model. If Clios anything to go by that's exactly what you'll get :worried:
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    I'd have bought it - The only reason I went with my GT was because it had rear doors (and I'm so anti-Ford/GM). I tried like bugger to get the wife to sign off on a 250 but she said no.
  22. Hi guys,
    I know it's old topic, but I'm curious...
    What do you think, can the original ecu map from R.S. 250/265/275 be used on GT220 ?

    Let's say I don't need whole 303PS or so, I would be happy with some reasonable upgrade... 50+ PS on top of 220PS I already have.
    BTW: Does anyone here owns remapped GT220 ?

  23. You cant use the map directly, you can maybe transver the indivudual map parameters and thats only if they are the same size.
    Dont even try to load a map made for the rs as you will most likelly brick your ecu.

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  24. I'm not trying anything, I'm just gathering informations, but thanks for warning. From what I learned so far, the engine in GT220 is completely the same as in R.S., just de-tuned, only gear ratios are different... I guess maps cannot be used 1:1, but with some modification it's could be possible... That way I would still get some reserve space, not topping the engine output to max. 303 PS...
  25. Afaik it's just the compression that's 9:1 vs 8,5:1 on the RS. Can easily be mapped to 300 though!
  26. -Jamie-

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    Yeah there is a GT220 up here that was mapped by the same place mine was, IIRC its around 300
  27. Where has yours been mapped mate? Still waiting for a proper spec write-up and dyno sheet
  28. Hi,

    May I ask where you guys get the information about what engine/turbo/gearbox on GT220 and full fat RS? Always a lot of discussion, but never saw it properly documented in order to prove/disprove any claims.
  29. The only difference is the gearbox really, it’s the same, just has a bit shorter ratio’s
  30. Do you know if pk4 018 with LSD will bolt straight in to a gt220? Or will need different driveshafts and hubs?
  31. Will bolt straight on :smile:
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