Matts Red 250 Cup

Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by odinson, May 18, 2015.

  1. Did you have the bolt that ktec sell or something similar before?
  2. No mate I sourced an M12 12.9 tensile bolt local. Fitted the mount etc all back up.

    I've also made another purchase....the KW clubsports that where actually on the car when I sold it which is a touch as I've had them from new and also have the raeder spring rates etc on so gave them a clean up and ready for fitting 899699dacc1e8ac593f59c925a9a55d5.jpg 54c6c6cad67583db25751f1b885ba3ae.jpg

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  3. Ahhh ok. I’m going to do this I think as a precaution. Read about this before I got one. KW’s what are they like on the road?
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  4. Following as well.. how do they compare to AST 5100 series

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  5. Great. I have them in my Meg.
    They are as good as you want them to be depending on your setup.
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  6. how would you compare the KW clubsport vs the AST 5100 ... track/road ?

    p.s. my concern is , if the rear transformation of a coilover given by AST, provides better results than the standard setup by KW-OEM one ? both road and track
  7. Never tried the AST so I can't be objective.

    I found the Clubsport so good on my 197 that I bought them for the Megane even before I knew which Megane I'm going to buy.

    And if you want a more track oriented setup go to Raider motorsport for their tune up. I'm using the Meg mostly for road and got it setup great for my kind of use.
  8. That's dedication mate :smile:

    - Can't really say it yet 100%, but I think I'll be using meggy 65/35 road/track
  9. Was really impressed how Clubsport performed against the KW V3 on my 197 and I knew I wanted them on my 265 Cup.
  10. I think they are great, my only worry with the AST is the amount them that need servicing or rebuilds. I know a few who have had them fail and need a rebuild after not much use

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  11. So another month and another set of wheels...this time SSR Type F 18x8.5 et48 absolutely perfect for Megane. I also got this drawing done by a chap on Instagram who I met at autosport which I'll be having done on a big canvass for the garage e4ccf7bce3979af8a7357e39cd478305.jpg a0195114b6e6012f36f8c18dae6f3649.jpg

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  12. Matt, it says 5x100 ??? you getting them redrilled :confused:
  13. Jdm wheels often have the wrong pcd stamped on
  14. Looks awesome, can't wait to see them on your car. Getting them repainted?

    Would a setup like that - 18x8.5 ET48 - work on a 250 without camber adjustment on the front?
  15. Thanks, I'm torn between a couple of colours but maybe like my original enkeis a dark shadow chrome. Erm yes you'll be ok, it's very close to running 20mm spacers on stock wheels which many do

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  16. They are for the load ratings of 4 and 5 stud but for what ever reason the Wizards in Japan decided to out x100 haha is common on ray's wheels etc too

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  17. Ladies and gentlemen the SSR Type F in black chrome...18x8.5 et48 c089d9dd0d778ca0eed3b2bb75eb957e.jpg

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  18. Yep I'm happy ba8b36a21ca16afcb6aa89030e6c0750.jpg

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  19. Stunning!! Were did you get them from?
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  20. These came from Russia

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  21. Hate to ask :laughing::laughing::laughing: how much :sob::sob::sob:
  22. So done track day at Donington 2 weeks ago and had an epic time although it was wet and very very slippery. New discs and a nut and bolt check done ahead of my track day at spa on Friday and TF laps at nurburgring on sunday 9d88c122459f6d9e04bc4fffa41255c9.jpg a0ce36b629e8346c1c0f8fd8b64bfd82.jpg f367a9ba30fe84fbefe88b1c401f4c17.jpg

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  23. Another successful weekend at spa and nurburgring e65b40e2ceb3a6346628b589b0825be1.jpg bbd20adf9e8d9effb0b24c4e026b3f13.jpg bfcfa8293569387cf444ed506581a71f.jpg bdb9fe831d9b07f160a345efa85e1454.jpg f279e42ed5b8f70136b6bdead0aaabba.jpg 89f6731f73809b05f22ab0b3877dadeb.jpg 3b09c7d6ab2ec57de234597b7ae03d05.jpg a9f1ce8288906e0afe8a0c406346b2bf.jpg

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  25. Nice warm up lap Matt :laughing::laughing::laughing:
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  26. Bastard minis holding me up haha. Bloody quick on the straight but bends not so much, he just needs some seat time in it I think

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  27. Have you not got bored and fancied selling it yet. The TT rs and m3 didn't last long.
  28. Funny you should say that it's gone to a new home now, money in the bank for house stuff and a nice 360bhp dsg gti to piss about in fa53868da060b88062bec99bb24848d8.jpg 5d2cc25d069ac788dcb972f8d593024c.jpg 5df8f9742e7f1c989aab432eeda153bc.jpg e9ce3b30096f7d74cd8827b661069eee.jpg 648c4b2cea9516b8f68043a2b1c262e0.jpg e46d3fbef821832eab7c48c574ed6d1e.jpg

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  29. I just couldn't stay away 9fc9741f1611f6c6559362864382b4ee.jpg a3a1fa874d1f77dd02baa059073c860e.jpg

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  31. That didn't take long! :tearsofjoy:

    Any fun plans with it?
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  32. Only a few months ago you said "Been there done that" when i said get another Megane on insta. Whats the deal with this one and an engine?
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  33. It's got most off my red car
    Pro alloy intercooler.
    Ray's prodrive wheels ad08r
    Superpro rarb
    Superpro bushes
    Vibratecnic mount
    Braided lines
    Forge Recirc valve
    ITG intake
    RS tuning map
    Miltek turbo back
    BC coilovers

    Engine was already blown in it when I bought it but I'll fit new one and get her out on track

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  34. New engine arrived today alone with a box of parts from Renault Parts Direct and as usual epic service. Built up the new lump and done Cambelt, waterpump, dephaser, aux, plugs etc just need to fit new clutch then it's good to go. As you can see the old lump is toast d7f05e6d9bc58ae4623ec405ba5c01dd.jpg 47aa7b1cb6e8d208047fb7817bfa6500.jpg ca97a5bf787c515e4c93cd2243946033.jpg 3531ce4500af1e4087435d926d291644.jpg

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  35. Knock knock...
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  36. Looks better than mine did, apart from the hole in the block
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  37. What power was that old engine running? any ideas why it went bang?
  38. Was mapped by engine dynamics, was bout 310bhp but no clue looks like its been over revved

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  39. I should probably stop twatting the limiter then... not on purpose i must add. 4 years if 8.5k na goodness is hard to forget
  40. Mate my red one used to be bounced off the limiter and was perfect

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