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  1. Thought I may aswell start one of these threads as I plan on a few changes to the car.

    To start I've always been in to driving amd cars that reward that and have owned 5 tuned r53 cooper s's with the last being 221whp with the suspension, wheels, brakes etc to make it a real weapon. After regrettably selling that I ended up in a mk2 Tt dsg convertible which was actually a lot better then you think but after a trip to the Ring in April I realised that there must be a reason ever other car was a megane Rs so decided I needed on, so the day I got back I bought this bad boy.

    2010 cup
    Rs monitor
    H&R springs
    Ktec intercooler
    3" downpipe
    Milltek exhaust
    Ktec map
    She made 291bhp and 320lbs or torque. Ive not even had the car a month yet and got her a set of genuine enkie nt03 with 235/40/18 Federal 595 rs-r tyres and she's an absolute dream.

    Plans are to get up to rstuning and get Paul to map her, some decent coilovers, better pads, 265 xenon headlights and lots and lots of driving



    Heres the tt she replaced
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  2. Very nice mate, do loved those alloys especially in black, only other thing I'd add to your list it to spray the door handles black IMO of course other than that you know once you've got some xenon's its the perfect mk3 rs
  3. Thats actually on my list of things to do, I have no idea why you would spec silver lol. Yes the Xenons are a must Imo but the car is just so epic
  4. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Silver handles denotes Keyless entry IIRC
  5. Superb! I'm jealous as it looks better than mine :worried:(

    I like the black diamond but think it looks silly black on the rear. Nice wheels though. Xenons are ace!
  6. Thanks for that, does this mean these are prone to theft like the focus rs etc now with keyless entry? That worries me
  7. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Nah i don't think they are, Ive certainly not heard of any being stolen that way mate
  8. That's good news! Been hearing it's because of keyless entry so I bloody hope not.

    I'm trying to find some canards for the front bumper too make her look a bit more agressy
  9. my mates on the TT forum and regonises your old TT, hes said is it the one where you won the wrap competition? Looks mint that TT such a nice colour. Did you not fancy the TTS?

    Back to the megane, really like it mate nice to see something different with the wheels as i think most of the wheels on 250/265 are a bit mediocre.
  10. Haha yer that's me mate lol. Tbh a tts would have been spot on but then I'd always have wanted the rs amd the way this thing goes as it is with what I've been told is a pretty poor map its perfect. For the money these can be had for they must be the performance car bargain, here's a link with me and a stock rs3 which is 3 times the money
  11. Must be mate get it down to Paul asap, im on 270hp stage 1 on a 225 so would of thought by the looks of the mods you have got would be seeing way north of 300hp? circa 320hp maybe?

    nice vid against the rs3 really is a performance car bargain on that basis lol
  12. Paul thinks another 30bhp and 40lbs of torque lol should be interesting then as she's plenty fast enough now
  13. Ovy


    Just be careful with another 40ft/lb that would make you 360ish lot more stress on the drive train for very little difference in drivability IMO
  14. Thought so sounds about right then, decent gains
  15. I'd trust that Paul would map her safely for me. But 40lbs of torque must make a difference in driveability lol
  16. Ovy


    most 250s get around 330-340ft/lbs from a decent map yours is currently 320ish already so maybe more like 20lbs diff but hey you never know? you said your self it feels quick enough.
    IMO your reason to remap it would be because your bhp is a little short of your torque.
  17. Ive got no reason to change map bar the fact almost everyone I've spoken to me has said that the mapper at ktec is no good and Paul is the go too place. I don't know enough about renaults to know what they should and shouldn't make I just listen to the majority of people that do.
  18. Ovy


    sorry Matt didn't mean to offend that was my point the low bhp on your map is due to it being a Ktec map Paul at rs will get you better figures I'm sure mine was mapped by Paul and my car was originally from Ktec so I know.
  19. None taken bro like I say I dont have enough knowledge of these car to know what's what so hoping Paul can sort a better map out which I'm sure he will
  20. Went to brandshatch and managed to get a space on an open pit evening session and the car was fantastic IMG_20150521_214100_zpszrhzrslr.jpg [​IMG]
  21. Cars also booked in for a map at Rstuning on the 9th june
  22. Video from last night brandshatch evening session, excuse the quality of the video I need to edit these in gopro not some useless app
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  23. that Astra has some beastly torque
  24. Astra has 360bhp, proper diff, cage, 6pots, coilovers, r888s so thing the Meg did well
  25. All that and it still can't corner fast
  26. I'd have thought the diff would have helped it a lot. If it were an Astra J with that spec, I don't think the Meg would keep up at all
  27. Those astra Js are a serious bit of kit, my mates has 420lbs torque insane
  28. I'll Deffo be ordering some coilovers though
  29. 17956057826_fe90b79dfc_h_zpshbm8yytn.jpg
  30. As you can tell by the tyres I dipped 2 wheels in the sand pit for good measure haha

    17987720776_185ef2b138_h%201_zpsol6c4ijq.jpg 17826584390_613ff52b11_h_zpst18qiya9.jpg 18014535375_4ccb38c4a1_h_zpspuyjejfw.jpg
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  31. So found out my wheels are a limited edition of the nt03 called NT03RR based on the wheel used on the 2000 n1 24hr Nissan r34 gtr and where sold in limited numbers in Japan only so pretty chuffed with that as I'm sure she's the only Meg in the world with these wheels! That being said they are too nice to be used on track so I'm buying a set of 17" enkeis off an evo8/9 for track days and having these refurbished properly. Only down side to the wheels is they where never made with center caps so trying to source someone who can machine me some.

    Other news off to rstuning on tuesday for a map so see if Paul can improve on the 291bhp 320lbs of torque and offer a better map which I'm sure he will but will be a 8/9 hour round trips a long arse day
  32. Good day today at Rstuning, Paul mapped my car and she made 312bhp amd 353lbs of of all was the gain of about 150lbs of torque at 2500rpm. I also fitted a pipercross filter and wow the car sounds epic now
  33. Worth the journey then :smiley: Great figures mate.
  34. In gear accelaration with that torque will be a hoot on the move. Especially the gain low down in the range. Enjoy mate....
  35. Thanks chaps, I must say I thought the cat was fast to start with but wow it's a lot faster now and in gear is a home haha
  36. IMG-20150610-WA0011_zpsz5vfmmbh.jpg
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  37. Love the wheels! nice results on the dyno too, i bet your chuffed!

    what mods are next on the cards?
  38. Turbo spools loads quicker too, proper map! bet thats a hoot, mines a plenty at 265!
  39. Cheers chaps, next up will be some proper coilovers amd a set of 17s and semi slicks for track days then CAE shifter and then who knows
  40. Wish I didn't read this thread. Was planning on keeping mine stock but I love those wheels.
    Can never decide between Nt03s and RPF1s as my fav wheels ever!

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