Martin1977 's 'CUP' Adventure

Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by martin1977, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. Afternoon folks,

    with the clocking ticking on for 4x years past my last 225 affair ... (A MINT ph1 Trophy 'MH05 CCF'...)
    A number of other marquees have followed until today's return to the eccentricities of French living...

    2x Mk5 golf R32's..... An E61 535d.... A C63... A VW Amarok and now...
    A slightly rough 57' plate 225 cup.

    Before picking up the car, I'd already test driven and worked out that a bit of ££ is required to get this back to an acceptable standard... I will try my best not to make this ££££££ aka- 'wallet opener'.

    With the car being bogo standard, the following are my immediate areas of focus.

    - timing belt change (77K miles means this is overdue). Rentec Edinburgh doing the honours.

    - fog light smashed but a new item came with car

    - shreks ears... NOT my thing, Carbon dipped items to resolve

    - cover missing from keyless entry (near side)

    - wipers - blades all worn to excess

    - side light / number plate bulbs blown (LEDS to resolve)

    - exhaust blowing- perhaps KTec / milltek replacement

    - tracking (needed)

    Other than the above superficial items, not bad for a 9yr old car.. Drives well, handling is pin sharp. Great interior... HIDs ... And Brakes well.
    For the cash paid... It has potential

    Looking forward to seeing how I get on with this and improving with some subtle additions.

    f2b6461cdad187a0b5f815560ee88705.jpg a1aa301c977c2b52a67b520665471113.jpg 7c026b2c2f072acf2c3129ae3ce522d1.jpg da52d39439e338d901d911cfc2b3622b.jpg ec095599de778ad8bcd68592bb03e6a4.jpg
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  2. Looks like a decent project. I love a good fixer upper thread.

    what was the previous owner thinking with those green wing mirrors?!
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  3. Spent 30mins removing the parts for carbon dipping this week.. (Mirror Caps and front / rear badges). I'm sure the IP rating of the wing mirrors is fine, but a quick mask up with some plastic just in case...

    Having pulled the top of the bumper off to get access for the front badges removal, I now understand why there are no 'headlight washers'... Neither item plumbed in... Further, the OS unit has half the parts missing.... Quick phone call to RenaultPartsDirect come Tuesday should resolve...

    Once I have all materials for the washers, I'll remove the bumper completely and sort the smashed fog light at the same time.

    Only casualty to report for the day was the OS wing mirror glass which now sports a hairline crack.... FFS.

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  4. MBC


    That green is a mental colour! Car's gonna look mean!

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  5. Ho[FONT=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]w do the mirror covers come off buddy, want to paint/or carbon dip mine? [/FONT]
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  6. On the passenger side, I essentially just yanked it off..... Not easy as the clips firmly hold it in place...
    Driver side, I popped the mirror out first, then undid the clips.. Drivers side was easier, but I then inadvertently cracked the mirror pushing it back into place...
  7. New vinyl logo appeared today... Bit of fishing line to remove the old, clean up of the old glue with white spirit... New logo applied.

    This bad boy turned up also...


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  8. New milltek cat back fitted today...


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  9. Today's work involved Pioneers' SPH-DA120 Apple Play, some cutting, swearing and an eventual 'win'....
    Also (thanks to RENPARTS) sorted the missing keyless entry cover... 9f4bd0ac6238f79694ba19b27ad5dc8a.jpg

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  10. Where did you get your head unit from mate ?

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  11. Today's deliveries saw the return of the 'Kawasaki green' mirrors and chrome badges...
    This time, in a pleasing gloss black carbon.


    New mirror glass installed at the same time.


    1d62af563e8e79e85767c5f46342a664.jpg to thank for the carbon dipping / prep work.. Finish looks to be SUPERB.

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  12. Updating the cars lights today:

    As standard..

    - LED sidelights (OS completed Vs standard NS for comparison)

    - New fog light lens
    HID fog lights with yellow LAMIN-X

    Back together..


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  13. Timing / aux belts changed today along with a new water pump, courtesy of RENTEC Edinburgh. Superb service.... Truly first class.
    Going back in a few weeks to have the swivel bearing replacement undertaken.

    Tried all new bits on this twisty en-route home.. Those belts have added at LEAST 50x horses... 0af6665f86b8f549a5ae37b69983ee53.jpg

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  14. MBC


    That's some nice looking road!

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  15. Keyless entry had been working on all doors except the Near Side...
    Ordered the offending part online after stripping the door and replaced the main 'sensor' which I assume had been suffering water ingress when the sensor cover had been missing...

    Now working a treat.

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  16. Today saw the replacement rear disks and EBC yellow stuff pads being fitted...
    Off with the old.....


    And on with the new....

    Red grease on the brake slider pins... Copper grease on all nuts... Lithium grease on the wheel bearing.


    Also replaced the hub nuts (torque these to 175nM on a phase 2) and further, the pain in the ass calliper (E16) retainer bolts with new 18mm hex head items from Renault


    The rear brake Pistons rotate CLOCKWISE to get them to re-seat.

    Will let the pads bed in now and will check all nuts after 100miles

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  17. Good work - coming along nicely.
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  18. You got a part number for those caliper carrier bolts? Think my E16s will resist coming off. A straight hex swap would be great.

    RS 175 Lux
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  19. Sure do buddy... The larger bolts (RHS) are the calliper retention bolts. The smaller items (LHS) are the calliper slider bolts.

    Big tip for removing the E16 items is to buy a 'ring spanner' as opposed to a socket.. Makes it a million times easier.

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  20. That's great!

    Ring spanner? E16?
    I can't remember. Does one of the two bolts not get obstructed by something meaning an impact is difficult to get on? I'm sure the last time I had a go I had issues with alignment.

    Thanks for the part numbers!

    RS 175 Lux
  21. Yes E16 ring spanner!! eBay is your friend here... There are 4x E16 bolts on the rear callipers. You need to remove 2x of these to get the calliper off, Fortunately the 1x bolt that is partially obstructed does not need to be removed.

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  22. That's right. Inner and outer ones.

    I was jut going to go onto them with the impact gun. I've got impact E sockets too.

    Nae spanners though and I always like an excuse to fill up the tool chest

    RS 175 Lux
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  23. With a spare hour this morning I fitted an Apexi induction kit to the Megane.
    Went in no problem and seems the perfect size for what I want.

    Note- the 'ESR / ESP Deactivated' warning will display once you reconnect the battery. This is simply a system check following battery re-connection and will reset after going above 15mph or so.


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  24. Quick overnight visit to Edinburgh as Car is in at RENTEC today to have the following fitted and rectified:

    - Swivel Bearings
    - Inner Steering Arms
    - Link Stabilisers
    - Tie Rods
    - Ball joints
    - Wishbone (front and rear) Bushes.
    - Exhaust Mount

    As always, service was truly first class from this Renault specialist.
    Steering and handling transformed and now back to its very best.


    Tomorrow will see 4(of) 235x40x18 Michelin PS2's fitted courtesy of NickFrog to replace the quite frankly terrifying Chinese tyres I bought the car with.

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  25. Did you change to poly on the wishbone bushes or standard?

    I've done all this myself bar the wishbone bits. Car felt better for it.

    Out of interest what is rentecs hourly rate? I need someone with clip to look at my aircon fault.

    RS 175 Lux
  26. I kept all parts standard. My car is 100% road use only and the additional cost of the poly bushes would have been wasted effort for my needs.
    Best to phone up RENTEC and ask.. They're super busy so best to book in advance.

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  27. As part of the cars ongoing, continued (and never ending) maintenance...
    brake fluid has been flushed and changed out to ATE Super Blue.


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  28. Another day, another fix....
    The headlight washers had frustratingly never worked since I purchased the car. Last time I had the bumper off I noticed that the NS washer was broken in half and that the pump was bypassed and disconnected from the electrical supply. Having tested, the pump was also found to be faulty... A quick call to Renaultparts Direct had a new bumper sprayer on its way and a kind supplier from Lithuania had a new pump delivered for under a tenner.
    Also purchased some now 7mm/5mm tubing and clips to ensure nothing else would fail...
    30 mins later....
    All back together and working a treat.


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  29. Nice! If it's on the car, it should be in working order! :grin:
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  30. If only that were true!!!!
    Delighted to say that with the exception of a good detailing... my car has now had all faults rectified and is back to 100%.....

    (Until next time)...

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  31. Pouring through my cars MOT history, I'd noticed a previous advisory on a broken HID adjuster. Quick look beneath the car confirmed the linkage arm was crudely cable-tied in position.
    Armed with the guide available on the forum to retrofit a new linkage arm.. I set about resolving (note I changed the parts from an M8 fitment to M5 which work a LOT better...)


    And assembled together..


    On closer inspection, my existing arm was fine, simply that the plastic socket was no longer gripping...


    Quick heat with this to deform the plastic and provide a much tighter fit,


    All back to 100%... It does however mean I have a spare linkage arm.... FFS


    While I had the wheel off, I touched up the chipped paint on the calliper using Ferrari Red brake paint....(?)



    MUCH better.


    Next job was to replace the existing seat decals, never was a fan of this when I bought the car...


    Quick blast with the hairdryer and some white spirit...


    New decals (Matt grey) courtesy of LeBay...

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  32. Away for a few days with the family, One new roof rack with modified bolts and fittings for the 225.




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  33. MOT test today.

    That'll be a 'pass' with no advisories.

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  34. Nice pad

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  35. Was tempted to ask this every time i saw the picture as subscribed to this thread. Like from a fairytale

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  37. Try cutting the fookin grass... you'd soon change your mind!!!
    Lived there for around 2yrs now.
    Kids love it, Mrs loves it... Happy team = Happy life.

    Best part with it being semi-rural.... Some empty and epically good roads on your doorstep. Take the Megane out once/twice per week to take full advantage

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  38. Quick yearly fluid change yesterday with goods supplied from OPIE OILS. May have been 3K miles early... But another box ticked. 326f712f993ea4120008b2b8ca8cf22e.jpg

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  39. Can't go wrong with frequent oil changes. I do it my self every 4k miles and i am not tracking the car(but will do soon).

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  40. And the grass!!! Can imagine that, only have small back yard and thats a pain in the backside

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