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  1. Yes I know the wisdom is that RS tuning for custom maps are the top blokes and Henks maps are the dogs but interested to hear if anyone has done their remap via 'e-tuners'. Download and flash etc. They seem to have a good rep......I assume it's the same routine as when you get one from Henk?
    Any info / feedback ?
  2. I cant get my head around these kind of questions.

    There are two very good , very reliable , well regarded mapping companies that are known but yet some one with out a reputation in the megane world , with little known about them is suggested.

    Stick to what is known.
  3. Hi, i have two maps of Etuners, for My Megane RS 330 hp for now All is well
  4. Very nice. What mods you got?
  5. Only turbo Hybrid
  6. Well, too be fair I haven't 'suggested' anyone ......what I said was that I was interested in hearing from anyone who has had experience of them on their Meg
  7. you say stick to what is known.. that will not help any other tuners that are up and coming get going, thus keeping the few in monopoly and they will start charging more as they have the demand (like ktecs prices).. my mapping wasnt done by any of the 'known' company's but a mate that's also a DNA tuning franchise who specialises in vauxhalls and VAG

    also the travelling needed say for me to go to rstuning would be 200+miles each way so not really viable..
  8. Where did you get yrs done josh and what was the result ?
  9. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator


    People seem to make out that the Megane is hard to map and will blow up if anyone but the hallowed RST map it.

    Fwiw, I won't be getting them to map mine when I put the hybrid on. I have no intention of spending twice the amount when I can get a good map done on it up here, On a RR.

    Each to their own though
  10. Ovy


    I'm on the fence with this,
    in one hand I totally agree that up and coming tuners need a chance and the competition is good for pricing no doubt others are capable of mapping the rs megane.
    when I got my car mapped it made sense to go where the results are consistently what your looking for
    i always go tried and tested.
  11. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Which is fair enough and i can see the argument from both sides. However i have no qualms in leaving it in the capable hands of an experienced mapper, Regardless if they have not done a lot of Megane maps.
  12. Ovy


    Fair play Jamie people like you help the mapper that hasnt done a lot if megane maps to get the experience and grow the rep they need.
  13. Chris with Pembrokeshire remapping search him on Google/facebook..
    Haven't been on rolling road to know exact but around 275-280 mine is..
    We've mapped and done extensive data logging with it on the road and on track with reader, wideband and knock sensor to tweak and monitor..
    havent really pushed it far yet.. Gonna do abit more end of month at pembrey on trackday..
  14. Mine is being mapped by a different tuner..... I'll get the results in a couple of days.
  15. Mine was done with a Bluefin initially, less said about that the better ( which is a shame as it drove best on the bluefin map ). Then I got an RSTuner box from Henk and remote mapped it, had it on a local dyno for boost and AFRs and all reported spot on.
  16. What sort of power/torque you hoping for?
  17. I'm in this boat, I'm looking for a decat and a remap as I'm currently running a crappy one, which was designed to run with a decat but no longer is. Anyway, Rs Tuning is a 3 and a bit hour drive each way for me! Has anyone tried engine dynamics in Essex or know any others near bedfordshire?
  18. It will be maxing out the 19t Hybrid so around 340/350
  19. Should be a bit nippy then.
  20. Still not quick enough though. Cars I'm racing against have near 400+
  21. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Welcome to Time Attack, Where speed and times depend on how deep your pockets are....
  22. Yea and having an uncommon engine choice means it's even more expensive. Hondas and Astras due to the ease of manifolds and big turbos.

    See how it goes. I'm not expecting any podium wins either.
  23. You'll be suprised i was at castle Combe last week and birds megane which he said is around 370bhp, when I was on pit wall watching the times he came 4th and only under half second a lap slower than a near 500bhp new shape scirrocco.. On a softer spring set up more road based than track..
  24. :eek: Its getting mapped today!
  25. maybe somebody know what I need to get for Megane RS mapping?
    what soft and devices I need to order?
  26. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

  27. Would not to touch a box chip with a barge pole, waste of time, get it done on a rolling road
  28. The link above is not for Henk at fastchips. That’s Paul at RStuning product
  29. Yes I know it!! I did not write to Paul but Henk did not get an. answer

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