Mégane 265 MK3 Grab Handles!

Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by Ben Clarke, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. Hi does anyone know where I can get both passenger and drivers side inside door grab handles? Apart from Renault, can be second hand as long as in good condition.thanks
  2. Can't buy grab handles from Renault apart from clip on cover you have to buy the whole door card at 400 pounds each
  3. I have a mechanic who is a magician
    I have a magician of a mechanic who can sort this without buying the whole card hence the question, surely if somebody's breaking a Mégane they would sell the handles?
  4. Yes i just replaced my drivers door grab handle pulled it off shutting the door bought a door card from eBay was from a non rs megane 34 pounds delivered
  5. Same part number for handle as the rs
  6. Do you know the part number
  7. Sorry can't remember part number can't see it now as handle is fitted
  8. Ok cool

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