Lurius Megane RS 275 Manthey Racing

Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by lurius, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone, this is my tracktool.


    - KW Clubsport (Manthey Racing setup)
    - ATS GTR 17x9"
    - Dunlop Direzza 255" front and 225" rear
    - Stainless steel braided brake lines
    - Endless pads front and rear
    - Lexan windows
    - Fiberglass trunk
    - Lower gearbox mount
    - Milltek turbo-back with race cat
    - Manthey Racing tune
    - Super B SB12V10P-DC battery
    - Wiechers rollcage CrMo4
    - Carbon door cards
    - CAE shifter
    - RRS steering wheel
    - Custom Micro GT seats
    - Schroth harness
    - Weight reduction..

    Next up is fiberglass hood and some more weight reduction.
  2. 419323-3945742.jpg
    419323-3945739.jpg 419323-3945740.jpg 419323-3945743.jpg
  3. 419323-3945744.jpg
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  4. Weapon!
  5. Amazing spec
    Did manthey recomend the smaller width rear tyre?
  6. Thanks, yes they do. The direzza is a very width tyre!
  7. Great setup! :-) How much does it weight?
  8. Thanks! -116kg againts stock!
  9. So around 1340kg? There are differences between the original specs.. Mine is stock 1460kg according to Renault dealer which is quite a lot.
  10. Yes i think so, only the cage is 28kg!
  11. The car weighs 1301kg today
  12. Thats nice! :-)
  13. Hi, what type of intercooler and air filter do you use? Did Manthey suggested any cooling upgrades?
  14. Stock and stock, no need for big IC. Just more weight.
  15. What power are you running?
  16. 300-310hp
  17. Service on the car with sparks, oils, fluids. New high temp dust boots from StopTech and started cooling for the brakes. Also changed the gearbox bolt to 12.9. Now I need new inner fenders, bought aftermarket but they dont fit the RS. Can I buy them new from Renault?

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  18. Now is the cooling ducts finished

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  19. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Oh my!!:fearscream::fearscream:
    What a beautyfull machine and fine proyect!! I take a site in the thread. The weight is one face that no likes in Megs. Lip on rear wing looks nice.
  20. Thanks, yes weight is important :blush:
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  21. 20200424_171839.jpg Ceramic coated and ready for first trackday on monday
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