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  1. Hi Guys,

    Its been a long time since I've been on here!

    Looking for some help finding a decent garage in or around Nuneaton. I pulled up on the drive yesterday, switch the car off and my clutch peddle dropped to the floor [​IMG] Looked under the car to see clutch fluid pouring out, so I'm guessing the slave has gone.

    I've got a helix clutch and it's done it before - twice - it's horrible to drive with as an everyday so hoping to get it in somewhere and go back to the standard clutch.

    After previous encounters with some garages I'm hoping someone has some recommendations. The closer the better as I've got to get it there somehow

  2. i had the same problem, mine failed 3 times! once after 2 laps at Spa, fecked the day up that did, turned out the clutch plate had been fitted wrong, bending the tongues, then making the slave over reach and causing it to fail, RS tuning sorted it, its been fine ever since.
  3. Wise to go back to standard. Even a standard R26R dual mass clutch is good for high torque. Smooth drive and uptake.

    Lots of these flash sounding, must have, internet pressure peer group driven mods just cause later issues with additional downstream stressed components.

    Plus a lot of this bolt on stuff is never really fully utilised. Not much use for the shopping or for those odd half arsed cruises around on track days.
  4. Got it picked up this morning, the guy from Beaches Recovery was very good. Car is a bit low but he took care loading it up.
    I've had it sent over to SRS in nuneaton, they seem to have an okay rep. Just waiting to hear back what the damage is!

    You guys are right, the helix clutch was a stupid idea.

    I only went down that route because when ED did my rebuild I was promised mega power with their hybrid turbo and as the original clutch was worn it wouldn't have lasted.

    In the end it turned out that Paul @ RS couldn't get much out of it as the turbo was one he hadn't had much success with. I have a forged engine, with a hybrid that maxes out at ~295bhp... so didn't need the helix at all.. just money down the pan tbh. With all the breakdowns and other stuff I stopped caring!

    If SRS do need to drop the box out to fix the car I will definitely go back to standard, not sure if I'll need another type of flywheel too though as this was updated at the same time as the helix. Could do with having all shocks replaced too... jeez :grinning: $$$
  5. Hindsight - that wonderful thing. 295 bhp is still respectable.

    Some skill is required to get the mods just about right for the required job. Avoiding the herd.

    Check out those track day dudes that bolt on all the expensive bits they think they need when all they really need is some improved driving skills and a bigger pair of plumbs.
  6. top notch trolling, getting a bit worked up no one has bitten?
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  7. expensive business enjoying cars! Most with any mods have gone down the SMF and .R plate, i've got that on mine, no problems since the plate was fitted correctly, and drives really well, i own one so am better placed to give advice on this as some skill is required in filtering out all the bull, avoiding the troll.
    Let us know the outcome and which option you go for, hope it doesn't cost too much !
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  8. So I got an update this morning, does appear that the slave has failed so the box has got to come out. I need to decide what to do. Can anyone give me a bit of advice - As I have the helix and the matching SMF would I need to replace both the clutch and flywheel (guessing I do if I go back to the standard renault kit) or does anyone know if I could get them to fit the R26.R clutch, does that clutch match a SMF? Sorry if it's a silly question but not sure what goes with what :blush: The guy at the garage has admitted hes never touched a helix clutch so want to make sure we don't loose time ordering wrong or unnecessary parts.

    On the plus side it means I get to have all my little niggles sorted from my previous rebuild - missing bolt here and there, missing gearbox oil seal.. you know all those "unimportant" things :grinning: Shocks too, feel like I've been driving to work on a skateboard for the last few months! Every cloud and all that.

    Cheers for your advice guys, I forgot how friendly this place was!
  9. give Paul at RS tuning a call, he will be able to tell you whether the SMF you have would be ok or not to fit a different plate -01132436444, or one of the more knowledgable members will be along soon to confirm.
  10. Cheers Sunny, I gave them a call and he says to go down the R26r clutch route I'd have to swap out the SMF too. Bit of a ball ache but least I know now. ~£500 for the clutch and flywheel. I may have a Helix clutch kit up for sale with ~9k miles on it then!
  11. bugger, hope you can get some cash back from the Helix, i hate to think how much i ended up spending on the clutch until RS tuning sorted it. The SMF and R clutch is a good upgrade if you have a remap etc.
  12. Yeah me too. Anything will be better than nothing!

    TBH I've hated the drive ever since I got the car back from ED, yes more power but just didn't feel comfortable to drive. Lots of people have said their helix isn't that bad so maybe mine was fitted wrong or my left leg is just not up to the job! Bit of a fanny

    Hopefully it'll be worth a few extra quid to be able to enjoy the car again, makes sense to do it now.

    Is there a best place to get the clutch and flywheel kit at the mo or is RS tuning the place to go, will need to get the bits sent over asap.

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  13. not sure who else can supply, i'm sure you could get it elsewhere, are ED not able to supply? i did try my mates with a Helix, it wasn't for me !
  14. I think I'll get RST to ship one out to the garage, had a quick look about and they seem the best price. Plus I trust them!

    I made a promise to myself not to go back to ED..some swear by them but for me it didn't go too well!

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  15. Sound move. Ended up being the same thing I suggested in post #3.
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  16. So I'm on the hunt for an R26r clutch and flywheel combo.

    I've seen the kit on k-tec for £620 which isn't bad I suppose. But I've also seen on here that Adam @ renault used to be able to get the clutch alone for £120.. is this true and, as Adam isn't around any more, is there another contact that does prices like he used to?
  17. Unless you are fitting it yourself you might be better off getting an all in fitting price inc labour from one of the usual Ren specialist that bang them in all the time. Cheaper labour.
  18. No not getting dirty this time, and car has already been taken to a garage near me.

    They have quoted but they seem rather steep on their parts. They are fine with me sourcing the bits if I can find them cheaper. They quoted about 1.1k for all parts which includes all shocks too but I've found everything for 886 quid.

    From RPD:
    R26r clutch + slave £322
    Front shocks £52 each
    Rear shocks £50 each

    From RST:
    SMF to match the clutch £360

    Need some other bits, mostly missing bolts, but I don't think that's too bad really.

    I'll see what they are quoting for the labour shortly

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  19. Yep, I know your car is there, but at least you will have a fitted price for comparison so you know you aren't getting your pants pulled down. The suspension work complicates matters.
  20. That's a good point, I'll get them to quote all in first. Cheers buddy.

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  21. If you search the threads on here, the r26r clutch is the same as 1.9 diesel clutch, the diesel one being cheaper.
  22. I didn't know that! Good bit of info

    The guys have got started on it all today, with all the work and the parts it comes to just under £1500. I think that's not a bad price to get the car back to decent.

    As I am now swapping out the clutch and flywheel I will have the Helix and matching SMF for sale. If anyone wants to make me an offer for it then let me know (personally I'd think your mad for wanting it as it's horrible, but then again I'm not a track man. :tonguewink: Each to their own as they say!) It's got 9k on it, when I receive it back I'll take some pics so you can see wear and list in the for sale section. I've been told it's in v good condition.

    Thanks for all your guidance guys

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